What are the rules for re-transmitting traffic rules from 2021 after being imprisoned for drunkenness?

Do I need to retake the traffic rules exam after being disqualified?

Yes. This condition is mandatory for all deprived persons, regardless of the specific article under which this penalty was imposed. Even if the period of deprivation is short (at least 1 month), the traffic rules will have to be retaken. According to Part 4.1 of Article 32.6 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (quote below), retaking the traffic rules theory is mandatory for all disqualified persons, in contrast, for example, to obtaining a medical certificate, which is required only under the article for “drunkenness” and 2 more articles (12.8, 12.26, 12.27 of the Administrative Code, respectively ).

Thus, it is necessary for all deprived persons, without exception, to pass the traffic rules exam after deprivation of their rights, regardless of the article of the code. And you only need to retake the theory of the traffic rules exam - those disqualified do not need to take the motordrome and “city” exams.

Also, all drivers without exception will need to pay all traffic fines (see the loophole when you don’t have to pay).

4.1. After the expiration of the period of deprivation of a special right for committing administrative offenses provided for in Article 9.3 and Chapter 12 of this Code, a driver’s license or a tractor driver’s (tractor driver’s) license seized from a person subjected to this type of administrative punishment is returned after checking his knowledge of the Traffic Rules and after payment in the prescribed manner of administrative fines imposed on him for administrative offenses in the field of road traffic, and for the commission of administrative offenses provided for in Part 1 of Article 12.8, Part 1 of Article 12.26 and Part 3 of Article 12.27 of this Code, also a medical examination of this person for the presence of medical contraindications to driving.

How many mistakes are made when passing the theory test at the State Traffic Inspectorate 2021?

By law, the driver is required to undergo re-examination at the traffic police department where the violation was recorded and a case was filed to withdraw the license. But you can take the re-examination in another department (including those not based on registration). To do this, you must notify the traffic police one month before the planned delivery date. A sample document can be downloaded from the official website of the traffic police or received at the department in person.

If you successfully pass the exam, a driver's license is issued at the traffic police department where the test took place on the same day. In case of discrepancies in the place where the violation was recorded and the actual retake, the address for issuing the certificate must be reflected in the application.

To restore a driver's license after deprivation of rights, a re-examination according to traffic rules is required. It is carried out at any traffic police department and has nothing to do with registration. Medical examination is required only for certain categories of offenders.

You can retake the exam as many times as needed - testing is free. The issuance of a certificate of the right to drive a vehicle requires payment of a fixed state fee.

Any car driver must know that driving a vehicle (vehicle) while drunk, as well as transferring control of a car to another drunk person, is severely punished - deprivation of rights for a long period (at least 18 months). In order to get your license back in 2021, the would-be driver will need to pass a theoretical exam at the traffic police. In addition to successfully passing the exam, you will have to provide a medical certificate, which was issued no earlier than 1 month before the end of the period for which the driver was deprived of his driver’s license (hereinafter referred to as a driver’s license). Such requirements are aimed at minimizing the number of drivers who received their car licenses in an illegal way and, already having a license, are registered with a narcologist.

Now, regardless of the period of deprivation and the article under which the driver was deprived of the right to drive, it is necessary to pass a theoretical exam to be granted a special license to drive vehicles.

The same applies to persons who have been deprived of the right to drive vehicles as a criminal punishment. Article on the topic: Thus, any driver deprived of a driver's license as a punishment must retake the theoretical exam on traffic rules. Note. In case of committing a violation punishable by deprivation of rights, it is not required to take the theory test until September 1, 2021 on the basis of Art.

Next comes the passing of the exam, but 15 days before the end of the term, although you can apply for the exam even on the day of deprivation of rights by the court. If the exam is failed, a retake is scheduled after 7 days. As for attempts, the law does not limit their number.

Oksana, First of all, the driver should send an application to the appropriate traffic police department. Let us remind you that the division is appointed by the court. A motorist can write a statement to have his license redirected to the traffic police department at his place of residence.

When can I retake?

According to paragraph 4 of the Rules for Returning to a Military District, retaking the exam is allowed after exactly half the period of withdrawal of rights has passed. Even more precisely, according to the law, the start date of this period is the next day. That is, it is correct to divide the period of deprivation by 2 and add 1 day - it is from this that you can legally take a retake for knowledge of the rules.

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Where to retake?

As of October 10, 2021, the edition of the Rules for the Return of Rights has changed. According to the new legislation, relevant for 2021, after the changes, you must pass the traffic rules at the place of deprivation.

According to paragraph 2 of the Rules for the return of a license, the exam must be taken at the traffic police department at the place of deprivation:

2. The confiscated driver’s license is returned to the person subjected to administrative punishment ... who has successfully passed a test of his knowledge of the rules of the road in the unit of the State Road Safety Inspectorate at the place of execution of the court decision in the case of an administrative offense ...

This means that you need to choose the traffic police department in which area of ​​the city you were deprived of your license. For example, if the court was in the Vakhitovsky district of the city of Kazan, then you need to take the exam on knowledge of traffic rules at the inspection unit for the Vakhitovsky district. However, you also had to submit your driver’s license there.

Retaking the traffic police exam in 2021

In order to return your license after deprivation, you must contact the traffic police department to which you submitted the document.

You can pick up your driver's license only after the full expiration of the sentence.

Currently, the early return of a document is not legally provided for, except in cases where the decision of the district court has been appealed and overturned in the Supreme Court.

If, after the expiration of the deprivation period, you want to return your document to another traffic police department, you should take care of this in advance. 30 days before the end of the punishment period, you must send to the inspection where the driving license was handed over, a statement about the need to send it to another place. In this case, you must indicate the forwarding address. The application can be submitted to the traffic police in person or sent by mail.

And now a few words about when you can retake your license after deprivation. The traffic rules exam can be taken before the full expiration of the period of deprivation of rights. However, regardless of the reason for the punishment, you will be able to confirm your knowledge only after completing half the term of deprivation. Even if the tests are successfully passed, the document will be returned only after the penalty period has expired.

Citizens deprived of the right to drive a vehicle, unlike beginners, pass only a theoretical exam on knowledge of traffic rules. There is no need to confirm your driving skills on the race track or while driving on city streets. The exam is not just for show, so you need to prepare for it seriously. Even an experienced driver can forget some things that he doesn’t encounter all the time.

The retake of the theoretical exam takes place in the traffic police department to which the VA was passed after the court ruling was issued. If this was done in another city, you have two options where to retake the traffic rules:

  • go to a famous city, successfully pass the test and pick up the document;
  • send to the traffic police department where the document was submitted an application with a request to send the driving license to the inspectorate at the place of your actual residence, and then take the exam in your city.

Is it possible to sign up for a traffic rules exam through State Services?

No. As of May 22, 2021, such government services are not provided formally. You can only sign up online to issue a driver’s license for the first time and return it after the entire period of deprivation has passed.

However, according to unverified data, you can sign up through State Services by selecting a slightly different item - “Replacement of license upon expiration.” But be careful, payment is required here, and the government service itself is completely different. The data has not been verified because this is the official response of the traffic police, and although it has official status, there is neither responsibility for its unreliability, nor, moreover, the obligation to register you using incorrect data.

Here's the answer:

How to sign up?

In fact, you can absolutely and absolutely sign up for a re-examination directly through a direct contact with the traffic police. To do this, you can select the appropriate service in the terminal, which is installed in almost all branches for 2021, and also by submitting an application by filling it out directly at the branch.

How is the recording going?

After registering at the terminal, you must wait in line when you are called to write an application. You fill out the last document and at this moment you find out the date for retaking the traffic rules. And on this date, just come for a retake.

What do you need?

When registering online, you only need to know SNILS to register on the portal.

To register for the exam in person at the MREO, the applicant must have:

  • passport;
  • application according to the AR Appendix 2 model (handwritten, typed on a computer or printed);
  • medical certificate f.003-В/у new sample;
  • a copy of the decision on deprivation of rights and a certificate of surrender of the certificate.

The last two documents will be required to confirm the “deprived status” and calculate the date of admission to the exam.

Sample medical certificate f.003-B/u:

What documents are needed to retake the exam?

Only a civil passport. You will need it 2 times:

  1. when registering for re-examination at the traffic police department,
  2. when directly passing the exam.

No more documents are needed.

Do you need a medical certificate?

No. Despite the fact that a fresh medical certificate is required when returning to a vehicle after deprivation of a license, it is not required directly for handing over traffic tickets to deprived persons. If inspectors ask you for a medical certificate at this stage, then they are doing it illegally. The entire list of required documents is limited to the passport. This is approved by the Rules for the return of property after deprivation.

Do I need a medical certificate to retake my license?

In clause 4.1 of Article 32.6 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, as well as in clause 7 of the Rules for the return of driving licenses, it is stated that in order to return rights withdrawn for offenses related to “drunkenness”, which I will talk about in more detail in the next subheading, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination , based on the results of which a medical report will be issued in form No. 003-B/u. It is necessary precisely to obtain rights after deprivation. You can take the exam without it, but it is better, just in case, to get a medical certificate before passing the traffic rules test and take it with you to the traffic police for the exam.

If a driver's license is confiscated for other offenses, passing a medical examination and obtaining a medical report is not necessary either when passing the exam or when returning the license.

If deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle was applied as a criminal punishment, in order to obtain a driving license, a medical certificate will be required, as in the case of “drunk” offenses.

The medical certificate is valid for 1 year. Therefore, it is necessary to receive it in such a way that it is valid by the end of the deprivation period.

There is a fee for undergoing a medical examination; the price varies by region and individual medical organizations. It should be noted that a psychiatrist and a psychiatrist-narcologist can only be seen at a state medical institution at the place of residence. The rest of the checks can be carried out by specialists from any licensed medical clinic.

If your license is revoked for drunkenness, a medical certificate is required to return your driver's license.

Article on the topic: How and where to quickly pass a medical examination: step-by-step instructions + validity period and price

How is the traffic rules test carried out?

Everything is done quite quickly and with a minimum of formalities, in flow mode.

  1. you come on the appointed day with your passport,
  2. the examining inspector checks your identity,
  3. You sit down at the computer and a random traffic ticket opens in front of you with 20 questions that you need to answer correctly.

Among the questions, everything is the same as if you were taking the exam for the first time. The questions are aimed at testing knowledge of the traffic rules itself, as well as the basic provisions for admission (vehicle malfunctions), the Code of Administrative Offenses and fines.

How many mistakes can you make?

As of May 22, 2021 (we monitor changes daily), the allowed number of errors is two. At the same time, for each mistake in the main 20 questions, 5 additional questions are given, the answer to which is no longer possible.

We strongly recommend that, in addition to traffic rules, you learn the tickets themselves and the answers to them, since sometimes the correct answers, to put it mildly, do not clearly correlate with the points of the Rules.

What if you don't pass the first time?

In this case, you will have to re-register for the traffic rules exam after deprivation according to the instructions above - through the terminal with a visit to the traffic police department. You can do this immediately after leaving the exam retake office, but they will register you no earlier than 7 days later, this is stipulated by law.

Unfortunately, the maximum period is not regulated by anything, but according to the very principle of the legislation of the Russian Federation, it should be reasonable.

The number of attempts to pass, however, is not limited - you can retake the exam an infinite number of times until you pass it successfully.

What category of rights will the tickets be for?

According to the (“oldest” of all the ones you have) that you passed when you received your license. If you have several categories, this does not mean that you will take each one separately.

The retake occurs as follows:

  • if you have category “B”, then you will take the traffic rules exam in this category,
  • for “BC” categories, delivery is made using tickets of “CD” categories (a single set of tickets for this category),
  • for the “CE” categories, you retake the exam with “CE” tickets, respectively,
  • motorcyclists with category “A” retake only this category if they do not have “B”, otherwise only the last one.

For reference, also remember that management rights are being deprived as a whole, and not certain categories.

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What happens after a successful retake?

If you correctly answered all the necessary questions of the theoretical part of the exam, then based on the results you will be given an examination sheet, which must be carefully stored until the end of the period of deprivation.

When applying for rights after the deadline, you will need to present this sheet to the document acceptance window (administrative practice) along with other documents to return the rights. You will receive a score sheet along with your certificate.

Retaking the traffic police exam after revocation of a driver's license

To test knowledge of theory in the field of traffic rules after deprivation, you will only need:

  • Application for passing the theory.
  • Identification .

As additional paper, some confirmation of the start of the countdown of the deprivation period may be useful, for example, a court order with a record from the traffic inspector that the vehicle was handed over on such and such a date. This safety net in case of failures in electronic databases will help you prove that half of the deadline has passed and you can already pass the test.

If you are imprisoned for articles related to drunk driving, when visiting the traffic police, it is better to have a ready-made medical certificate with you.

At the appointed time, you must go to the registration and examination department (MREO) of the traffic police with the originals of your passport. The traffic inspector will accept the documents and indicate where the test is being carried out. If it is successfully completed, the results are entered into the Traffic Inspectorate database.

If you fail, you will have to find out the date of a new attempt, which can only be set in a week or later.

The traffic inspector must accept and check the documents, as well as the information specified in them, including in electronic databases. This takes no more than 15 minutes. If no inconsistencies are found, a decision is made to allow the driver to take the test. Those wishing to take the exams are informed of the place and time of the tests.

Preparation for the exam takes no more than 20 minutes. At this time, the examiner instructs the person wishing to take the exam and also establishes his identity. The theoretical exam is a test on a computer with special software. All equipment together is called an automated workplace - automated workstation.

Before the exam begins, information about the person wishing to take the exam, as well as the number of the set of tickets, is displayed. All equipment must be in good working order; if incorrect operation is detected, the examinee is provided with another workstation. If a malfunction is detected during the test, the test result is not counted and the procedure begins again.

The exam lasts 20 minutes. The test includes 20 tasks, which are divided into 4 blocks, containing one for each of 5 topics. For each question, 2-5 answer options are offered.

Each ticket consists of questions on the following five topics:

  • rules
  • Ensuring road safety through the actions of Traffic Inspectorate employees and the proper condition of vehicles.
  • Legislation of the Russian Federation regarding road traffic.
  • Fundamentals of safe vehicle control .
  • Providing first aid to victims of road accidents.

In one thematic block, you can make only 1 mistake, and the total number of incorrect answers for the test should not be more than two. For each mistake, another block of 5 questions will be added, and with them 5 minutes to solve them. The third mistake is failing the exam. The questions may not be answered in order.

At the end of the exam, information about its results is displayed on the monitor. Based on this information, an examination protocol is formed and an examination sheet is filled out, which is shown to the driver for review and signature. On the screen you can also see comments about the correct choice of answer.

It is important to know!

In conclusion, we present a number of subtleties that are best known and read just in case by everyone who is deprived of their rights.

  • Pay close attention to the documents confirming the surrender of your license after deprivation to the traffic police (or to the court); Recently, there have been frequent cases when, due to errors in the traffic police, there is no information about the surrender of the certificate, as a result of which the period of deprivation is interrupted (in fact, the period begins when you hand over the license or write a statement about the loss).
  • To pass the exam, you do not need to pay all the fines you have, but only when you return your license. We have a separate article about the illegality of demanding payment of fines.
  • All of the above is presented with reference to the legislation in force for 2021. Any other data and exceptions are nothing more than a myth... Even if they supposedly come from the traffic police officers themselves. Remember that employees are the executive branch, not the legislative branch, and they are required to follow the regulations of the current legislation.

Traffic rules 2021 online exam in Russia

To return your license, you will need to contact the traffic police department where the license was handed over. You can receive documents at another office of the organization if you write an application in advance. The action must be completed 30 days before the expiration of the deprivation period.

When contacting the traffic police, you must take your ID with you. You will need to write an application at the department. If your license was revoked for driving while intoxicated, you will additionally need a medical certificate. A traffic police representative will check the submitted papers and search the database for exam results. If no violations are found, the certificate will be returned.

Officially, no marks are placed on the license after deprivation. However, traffic police officers can apply subtle markings, thus transmitting information to each other. Marks are placed in the form of dots in certain places in the document. The information characterizes the driver. This allows you to understand in advance what can be expected from the motorist. Marking is done with a needle or pen.

If a person did not manage to pick up the document in a timely manner, there is no need to panic. The certificate is kept in the traffic police department for another 3 years. When the period ends, the rights will be destroyed. The citizen will need to obtain a new document. If the deprivation is for drunk driving, a medical certificate is required. At the time of receiving the certificate in hand, the medical certificate must be valid.

The list of required documents is as follows:

  1. statement;
  2. passport;
  3. confirmation of successful completion of the theoretical exam;
  4. receipts for payment of fines (in case of difficulties in obtaining data from automated information systems);
  5. a certificate of acceptance of a driver’s license for storage at the traffic police department or a court order with a corresponding note;
  6. medical certificate in form 003 v/u.

It is permissible to apply for the return of a driver’s license in the following cases:

  1. A complete package of documents has been collected (depending on the article of the Code of Administrative Offenses, according to which the driver is deprived of his license).
  2. All traffic fines have been paid (there should be no active debt in the database, including those with an expired statute of limitations).
  3. The sentence set by the court has expired. The period is calculated from the date of entry into force of the court decision on deprivation. If within 3 days the driver’s license is not submitted to the traffic police or a statement of loss is not written, the countdown is suspended. And it resumes after the specified actions are completed.
  4. Successfully passed a theoretical exam on knowledge of traffic rules.
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