How is a car body restored after an accident? Recommendations from professional locksmiths
"Antique Cars" is a company specializing in services related to vintage cars: sales, investments and
Sealing machine
What to do if the purchased car is seized
What does the concept of “vehicle seizure” mean? The seizure of a vehicle is a type of imposition of sanctions on property.
How to withhold a traffic police fine from an employee’s salary
We are taking the path of appeal. In relation to “automatic” fines, a special procedure has been established for appealing decisions. The basis
What could be the reason for a traffic police fine of 500 rubles in 2021?
Unreadable license plates Drivers and motorcyclists should note that their plates must always be legible.
Traffic police inspector talking to a driver in a car
How can I find out the reason for the seizure of funds using the order number?
Why can a car be seized? Seizure involves imposing a ban on the disposal or use of
How do speed cameras work?
Speed ​​in free-flowing conditions In free-flowing conditions, when the road is relatively empty and you
“There is not enough information to pay this fine” - what to do?
What to do if the fine is paid, but the payment did not go through If a problem arises, you should adhere to
Can a judge rule on the collection of a fine in double amount on the basis of Article 20.25 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, if the fine is paid at the stage of enforcement proceedings, after its completion?
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What does category M mean on a driver's license?
Why do you need special marks on your license? Special marks on driver's licenses set restrictions on
Error in PTS: how to correct incorrect data, what to do if a typo is made, who should make the corrections, can the traffic police refuse to change the erroneous entry and will the document with
How could a mistake be made in the PTS? An error could be made in the vehicle passport