Vehicle maintenance
Which motorists are required to have a technical inspection? Current fines for lack of maintenance.
The need for technical inspection If you carefully study the traffic rules of the Russian Federation, you will notice that the list
Kazakhstanis will be fined for not having the “Spikes” sign
Penalty for Spike Sign (Cancelled) Every time winter comes, the first thing motorists take care of is
The purchased car was pledged 2021
Finding a program for buying a car on credit is not difficult. It’s more difficult to pay large payments every month later
Dealers reported the exhaustion of the limits of preferential car loan programs
For many people, buying their first vehicle is a daunting task. It happens that there is not enough
What if there is no room on the title for the new owner of the car?
Why doesn't the car dealership have a passport for the car? When choosing a salon, you need to ask
Certificate of acceptance of car transfer sample at the enterprise
Sample act of handing over the car to the driver. Samples of Acceptance and Transfer Certificates (cars, apartments, property)
The need to draw up an act of acceptance and transfer of the car to the driver arises in several cases. This document must be prepared
Documents to be presented to the traffic police officer
Updated TOYOTA warehouse! Cars available with title
Information about the introduction of electronic PTS appeared back in 2015. However, with the implementation of the project
replacing state number
How to change the license plate number of a car? What is needed for this, all replacement options.
○ In what cases is it necessary to replace the license plate? The obligation to replace numbers arises due to
New rules for transporting children by bus from 2018
New rules for organized transportation of children from January 1, 2021
New rules for transporting children in 2021 Details Category: Traffic rules Published 12/28/2017 The government signed
When buying a car on credit
How to get 13 percent back on a car purchase: income tax refund when buying a car in 2021
Drawing up a VAT return First, decide on the total amount of tax payments to be reimbursed.
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