First aid kit in the car. What should a new set of medical care products consist of?

Requirements according to the law of the Russian Federation

The availability of the kit and its corresponding configuration should be taken care of by the driver himself. Not only his life, but also the lives of passengers depends on this fact.

The main direction of the document is to indicate the list of necessary components in the first aid kit, the frequency of its updating and penalties for non-compliance. The fact of entry of foreign drivers into the territory of the Russian Federation is also stipulated by the regulatory document - the kit must be present in such a car.


According to the provisions of Part 1 of Article 12.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO), for insufficient transport with such a set, the driver is warned and then fined 500 rubles.

Without a medical first aid kit equipped with the vehicle or if its validity has expired, you will not be able to undergo a scheduled technical inspection.

first aid kits


A 2021 first aid kit approved by Russian order “Order No. 697n” must be present in the vehicle interior today. It was signed in September 2009, and the law came into force on July 1, 2010. The main idea is changes regarding the configuration of the car first aid kit made to the previously existing Order No. 325 of 1996.

The composition of all kits approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation is carried out in accordance with the Technical Specifications - closed standards that are the subject of intellectual and commercial property of their developer.

Punishment for not having a first aid kit in 2021

Article 12.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Russia establishes two possible types of punishment for the lack of a first aid kit: a warning or a fine of 500 rubles.

Considering that a new first aid kit costs on average 300-500 rubles, there is no point in risking a fine and abandoning it. Moreover, it may turn out that you are risking not only a fine, but also someone’s life. Perhaps your own.

Moreover, the following circumstance should be kept in mind. The Russian Criminal Code has articles 124 and 125, which provide penalties for failure to provide assistance to a patient and leaving a person in danger. If a situation occurs in which you were supposed to help someone, but were unable to do so because you did not have a first aid kit, you may well be charged with a criminal offense. And this is no longer a 500 ruble fine, but fines of tens of thousands of rubles, forced labor or even imprisonment for up to one year.

Car first aid kit 2021 – 2021: composition according to GOST of the Russian Federation

According to the requirements of current legislation, kits, just like a fire extinguisher and an emergency sign, must be included in the equipment of a transport unit traveling on the roads of the Russian Federation. A separate item is a list of items that a car first aid kit should include for 2021 - 2021.

Along with the name on the box you will find the composition and the GOST conformity mark

The composition of the kit, according to GOST, provides for the content of products that allow the provision of first medical aid.

Airline car first aid kit

What should be in a car first aid kit?

From the table below it is easy to find out what must be in a modern car first aid kit.

NameRegulatory document (GOST, ISO)Release form (dimensions), cmQuantity
Hemostatic tourniquet10993-991
Non-sterile gauze bandage1172-935 m x 52
Non-sterile gauze bandage1172-935 m x 102
Non-sterile gauze bandage1172-937 m x 141
Sterile gauze bandage1172-935 m x 72
Sterile gauze bandage1172-935 m x 102
Sterile gauze bandage1172-937 m x 141
Sterile dressing bag1179-931
Sterile gauze wipes16427-93No less than No. 10 (16x14)1
Bactericidal adhesive plaster10993-994 x 10 (at least)2
Bactericidal adhesive plaster10993-991.9 x 7.2 (no less)10
Roll type adhesive plaster10993-991 x 250 (not less)1
Device for artificial respiration “Mouth-Device-Mouth”10993-991
Medical gloves10993-99, 52238-2004, 52239-2004, 3-88Size no less than “M”1
Recommendation for the use of the products contained in the first aid kit1

There are often situations when the standard equipment of inexpensive kits includes low-quality products: scissors with dull blades, bandages made of insufficiently dense fabric, etc. Drivers complete such medical kits on their own, purchasing high-quality products on their own.

Additional recommended equipment

A car first aid kit may contain additional items not specified by the approved order. Such products include painkillers, medications that stop bleeding and eliminate inflammatory processes of various types.

The list of medications for a car enthusiast is different. Additional medications are selected and purchased by the driver at his own discretion.

Having decided to retrofit a transport medical kit with new drugs, the driver must know how to use them and monitor the expiration date of the drugs.

What should not be in the first aid kit

It is important for every law-abiding driver not only to have information about what is included in the car first aid kit 2021 - 2020, but also to know what should not be included in it. The set of new medical kits for transport does not contain medications. Their absence is due to a number of reasons, namely:

  • the majority of people who are the first to provide assistance to victims of road accidents do not have medical education and do not know the exact use of medicine under certain circumstances;
  • many people have contraindications to certain medications, so using them without the appropriate knowledge and experience will be harmful;
  • the car interior, where significant temperature changes occur, does not provide appropriate conditions for storing medications;
  • Medicines in old-style kits are not intended to provide emergency medical care.

car first aid kit MIRAL

According to statistics, the majority of deaths after an accident are associated with the loss of a large amount of blood by the victim, so the new first aid kits focus on tools that help to quickly stop it. The new medical kits do not contain pharmacological drugs, ammonia, iodine or brilliant green.

New list of car first aid kit

What is now the list of products that make up a car first aid kit in 2021?

The advanced emergency first aid kit includes:

  • Disposable medical - 2 pcs.
  • Medical gloves, size M and above - 2 pairs
  • Device for artificial respiration - 1 pc.
  • Tourniquet to stop arterial bleeding - 1 pc.
  • Medical gauze bandage measuring at least 5 m by 10 cm - 4 pcs.
  • Medical gauze bandage measuring at least 7 m by 14 cm - 3 pcs.
  • Rolled fixing adhesive plaster measuring at least 2 by 500 cm - 1 pc.
  • Sterile gauze wipes measuring at least 16 by 14 cm - 2 packs
  • Scissors – 1 piece
  • Case - 1 piece
  • Instructions for first aid in case of an accident - 1 piece


If you bought a first aid kit before the new order came into force (01/01/2021), then you can use the old first aid kit until the expiration date, but the deadline is until 12/31/2024

This is the composition of current car first aid kits; there really are no medications. But this does not mean at all that the car owner does not have the right to add to his travel first aid kit those medications that he considers necessary. You can add painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and drugs that stop bleeding. It is important not only to finish off these funds, but also to know how to use them, otherwise they will only be useless.

Rules to follow when providing emergency care (using a first aid kit):

  • Under no circumstances should you panic; you should try to calmly assess the situation and begin to act. Someone's life will depend on the coordination of actions.
  • Before you begin providing assistance, you must wear medical gloves. In order to protect yourself and the victim if he has any damage to the skin, mucous membranes, etc.
  • If there is no breathing, it is necessary to perform artificial respiration using the means that are in the first aid kit.
  • If an open fracture occurs and arterial bleeding begins, you should press the bleeding vessel to the bone or muscle and use a tourniquet.
  • The tourniquet should be applied above the bleeding area, not on the bare body (soft material, it can be anything).
  • An important point is that it is necessary to indicate the time of application of the tourniquet.

If the victim has wounds, it is necessary to apply a pressure bandage. Germicidal patches can serve to protect minor damage from the external environment.

Shelf life of a new car first aid kit

The shelf life of the new car first aid kit has almost tripled and is 4.5 years. A significant increase was achieved due to the exclusion from the composition of medications that became unsuitable for use. After the expiration date, the car owner is given six months to replace the kit.

It’s easy to find out when you need to change the first aid kit for your vehicle. The necessary information is indicated on the front side of the case. Plasters and tourniquets have a minimum period of permitted use (5-6 years) in the updated first aid kit.

Expiration date for medical first aid kit 2021

Looking at the composition of the first aid kit, it is clear that it has a long shelf life. Since there are no medications in a modern first aid kit, its shelf life is limited only by the shelf life of adhesive plasters, which lose their beneficial qualities over time.

One way or another, the general shelf life of the first aid kit is 4.5 years.

For another 6 months you have the right to use the first aid kit, but during this time you must exchange it for a new one.

Recommendations for using a car first aid kit

When purchasing and using a first aid kit, the driver should know:

  • Products included in the list of mandatory items for a first aid kit cannot be replaced with others chosen at your own discretion. You can supplement this set yourself by purchasing the necessary medications.
  • Do not use products with expired expiration dates or damaged labeling.
  • If some of the items from the first aid kit are used, it should be retrofitted as soon as possible.
  • You should purchase the item at pharmacies or dealerships.

The suitcase is divided into several zones for ease of use.
Basic recommendations for use during an accident:

  • Wear the medical gloves included in the kit.
  • If a victim in an accident has arterial bleeding, apply pressure to the wound with your fingers and secure the tourniquet above it. Then apply a tight bandage of bandages and napkins to the affected area. Important: you must remember the time when the tourniquet was applied in order to inform the ambulance workers .
  • If the victim is not breathing, try to restore his breathing using an artificial respiration device.
  • Apply tight pressure bandages to lightly bleeding wounds to prevent dust and dirt from entering.
  • Cover small wounds and abrasions, if they are present on the victim’s body, with a bactericidal plaster of a suitable size.
  • Call an ambulance.

Law regulating car first aid kit

By order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the composition of the travel first aid kit was changed, as a result of which many medicines that were previously considered necessary were removed from it. So, in today's driver's first aid kit you cannot see: validol, ammonia, nitroglycerin, aspirin, analgin, brilliant green and activated carbon. Instead of these products, the first aid kit now contains universal medical dressings.

There is a lot of controversy about the former and current composition of the first aid kit, but one thing is certain: in a critical situation, both the products that have been removed from the composition and those that replaced them may be needed.

Where to buy and how much it costs

Today there are a limited number of places where you can buy such a set. Before purchasing a kit, we recommend that you pay attention to both the quality of the products included in it and the case itself. You must be sure that the car first aid kit is complete. Prices on the official website and on other sites vary greatly, which is explained by the difference in the quality of the products.

Prices for first aid kits start at 160 rubles, but you should think carefully about the quality of these. The cost of reliable kits produced, for example, by the well-known company FEST, starts from 300 rubles.

car first aid kit FEST

It is important for drivers to know!

Every driver needs to remember that:

  • You should not use medicines that do not have an expiration date or if they have expired.
  • You cannot replace standard first aid kit items, but you can supplement them!
  • It is necessary to ensure that all necessary supplies are always available.
  • A travel first aid kit must be purchased only at pharmacy points, this guarantees that it is properly equipped.

And here's another thing. Police officers do not have the right to demand that the driver provide a first aid kit, but this in no way means that it should not be available. Having a first aid kit is a must! You shouldn’t neglect this, so you don’t have to regret it later. Everyone is obliged to think about how to protect themselves and help others in difficult life situations, despite the fact that this is not prescribed anywhere.

First aid kit contents

Most car owners are stunned when they are asked to list the names. If you don’t want problems with the traffic police, read our article.

A few months ago, a story happened to Sergei from Moscow. The traffic cops stopped him and asked him to show him his car first aid kit. The employee was clearly inexperienced, so he began to ask why there was no nitroglycerin for the heart. Sergei replied that the first aid kit was sold in the store in this form, he did not even open it.

Several years ago, medications such as aspirin, nitroglycerin, brilliant green, validol and some others were excluded from the first aid kit.

Now there are a lot of dressings and bandages in the composition. They should help stop bleeding or tighten veins in the event of an accident. Other medications, such as heart medications, are expected to be carried and monitored by the driver himself. In addition, in these cases, medications must be prescribed by a doctor.

Many medications that were previously included in the composition had special storage conditions. You cannot store them in a car, as the temperature can be minus 30 in winter and plus 50 in summer.

This inspector wanted to draw up a report, but decided to call his senior comrade. As a result, the driver was released, since the composition of the first aid kit had been changed several times in recent years. And Sergei just had a new type of first aid kit.

Here is a list of medications that should be in a car first aid kit according to the new rules.

1. tourniquet 1 pc. 2. gauze bandage 5m x 5 cm 2 pcs. 3. Medical gauze bandage, non-sterile, 5m x 10 cm, 2 pcs. 4. Non-sterile medical gauze bandage 7m x 14 cm 1 pc. 5. Medical sterile gauze bandage 5m x 7 cm 2 pcs. 6. Medical sterile gauze bandage 5m x 10 cm 2 pcs. 7. Medical sterile gauze bandage 7m x 14cm 1 pc. 8. dressing bag 1 pc. 9. gauze wipes , no less than 16 x 14 cm No. 10 1 pack. 10. Bactericidal adhesive plaster , at least 4 cm x 10 cm, 2 pcs. 11. Bactericidal adhesive plaster, no less than 1.9 cm x 7.2 cm 10 pcs. 12. Rolled adhesive plaster, at least 1 cm x 250 cm, 1 pc. 13. Device for artificial respiration “Mouth-Device-Mouth” 1 pc. 14. Scissors 1 pc. 15. gloves 1 pair 16. Case for first aid kit 1 pc.

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