Category Be on a driver's license: what is it?

What does a new driver's license look like?

Appearance. The first Russian licenses were yellow-pink, of two types:

  • paper 148×105 mm;
  • laminated 85×55 mm.

Since 2009, new laminated licenses 85.6x54 mm have been issued, they are pink.

Driver information. Here's what's in the document:

  • photo,
  • last name, first name and patronymic of the owner;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • date of issue and validity period of the rights;
  • the department that issued the certificate;
  • Document Number;
  • the region where the driver lives;
  • open categories - in Latin letters;
  • signature.

On the front side of the license there is basic information about the driver

On the back there is information about open categories and a large license number. The AS mark allows you to drive a motor vehicle with a seat and handlebars like a car.

Practical exam for category M

Then a practical exam is conducted at the traffic police to obtain category M. During it, the ability to move away, maneuver, and use rear-view mirrors is assessed. Other knowledge that a person must have to use a vehicle is also checked. The whole set of exercises consists of 3 parts. If a person has completed all of them, he is considered to have passed the exam. Persons who have not completed the exercises are sent to retake.

The test does not involve driving in the city. The test is taken after a person has completed training at a licensed driving school. Self-preparation is unacceptable. A category M driver's license is issued only after a person has successfully passed all tests.

Decoding a new driver's license

Category Kind of transport Trailer weight
M Moped
A Motorbike
IN Machine up to 3.5 tons and up to 8 seats up to 750 kg

more than 750 kg, but less than the weight of the car without load. The total weight of the vehicle with trailer is no more than 3.5 tons

WITH Truck weighing more than 3.5 tons up to 750 kg
D Bus from 8 seats up to 750 kg
Tm Tram
Tb Trolleybus

Category M rights with category B

In accordance with Article 25 of Federal Law No. 196, a person who has received category B has the right to drive cars whose weight reaches 3.5 tons. In this case, there cannot be more than 8 passenger seats in the car. If a person has received the above category, he has the right to drive a scooter without additionally opening category M. This rule is reflected in paragraph 7 of Article 25 of Federal Law No. 196 of December 10, 1995.

Category M does not always automatically open if you have category B and higher. Individuals may have contraindications to driving vehicles of this type. In this case, during the medical examination, a corresponding mark is made.

Subcategories of driving license

Category Kind of transport Trailer weight
A1 Motorcycle with an engine not exceeding 125 cm³
IN 1 Tricycle or quadricycle
C1 Truck weighing from 3.5 to 7.5 tons up to 750 kg
C1E Truck weighing from 3.5 to 7.5 tons more than 750 kg, but less than the weight of the car without load. The total weight of the vehicle with trailer is no more than 12 tons
D1 Bus for 8-16 seats up to 750 kg
D1E Bus for 8-16 seats more than 750 kg, but less than the weight of the car without load. The total weight of the vehicle with trailer is no more than 12 tons

Quad and cycle are low-power vehicles. Unlike a bike , it has seat belts, gas pedals, brakes and seats, like a car. Quadra and cycles are registered in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, and quadr and cycles are registered in Gostekhnadzor.

Cost of training for license category M

Tuition fees can vary significantly depending on a number of factors. The price includes theory and practice, as well as subsequent support at the traffic police. A person has the right to receive additional hours of training. Three main price categories:

  1. 7000-10000 rub. Allows the driver to receive only theoretical training. The duration of the course varies from 1 to 2 months. All additional services are paid separately.
  2. 16000-26000 rub. The student will be able to receive theoretical and practical training. Additional services are not included in the price. The duration of the course is 1.5-3 months.
  3. 24000-30000 rub. This is the price for extended training for category M. Practical and theoretical courses are provided. The school has its own exam. They help a person prepare for certification in the traffic police. They accompany you until you get your license. The need to pay state fees and a medical commission disappears.

Cost may vary depending on region. You can find out the exact price by contacting the educational institution directly.

How to open a new category of rights

Reach 16-21 years of age and obtain the required experience. A driver of a certain age and with the required driving experience can obtain a license - there are no other restrictions. The conditions are:

Category Condition
M, A1 from 16 years old
A, B, C, B1 and C1 from 18 years old
D, Tm, Tb and D1 from 21 years old
BE, CE and DE driving experience with categories B, C and D - one year
C1E and D1E driving experience with categories C, D or C1, D1 - one year

Take training at a driving school. The knowledge and number of hours of training differ for different categories. For example, training for category “A” takes about 130 hours, and for category “D” – almost 300. Training for category “B” will take 190 hours.

Depending on the category, the price of training varies: the more complex and larger the equipment, the more management skills you will have to master. Plus the cost of fuel - a motorcycle will consume less fuel per hour of training driving than a KAMAZ with a trailer. Here are the average prices for training in Moscow:

Category price, rub.
M 8000
A 22 000
IN 19 000
BE 18 000
WITH 40 000
SE 20 000

Pass the traffic police exam. The exam consists of three parts:

  1. theory - knowledge about the structure of the transport that the cadet plans to drive, about the rules of the road, road safety and first aid in case of an accident;
  2. playground - a set of exercises that simulates real situations on the road. For example, avoiding obstacles, entering a garage or parking. This set is constantly being improved. From April 1, 2021, it is planned to remove this part from the process of obtaining rights;
  3. driving around the city with an inspector.

If the student passes all the tests successfully, he will receive his license on the same day.

What categories of rights are opened automatically. If a citizen has already received a license of category “A”, “B” or “C”, subcategories are automatically opened for him. This is possible if the driver received a license before the introduction of subcategories - before November 5, 2013.

Category The subcategory opens automatically
A A, B1 with motorcycle seat and handlebars
D D1
C.E. C1E

Normative base

The need to obtain a license to drive a moped and scooter arose in the Russian Federation on November 5, 2013. On this day, amendments were made to Federal Law No. 196. It is recommended to pay special attention to the following articles:

  1. Article 25. Basic provisions regarding admission to driving vehicles.
  2. Article 26. Defines the basic conditions for obtaining rights.
  3. Article 28. Grounds for termination or suspension of the right to drive a car.

The new category was designated by the letter M. If a person does not comply with the order and drives a moped or scooter without a license, he will be held accountable. Punishment for driving without a driver's license is imposed in accordance with Article 12.29 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. The person will have to pay a fine to the traffic police.


  1. Since November 2013, additional categories have been in force in the new driver’s license: “M”, “A1”, “C1”, “D1”, “C1E” and “D1E”.
  2. You can open a new category from 16-21 years old; for some categories, you must first obtain driving experience.
  3. The license contains information about the driver, the open category and the traffic police department in which he received the document.
  4. To get a license, study the theory and practice of driving in a driving school and demonstrate your knowledge in the traffic police exam.
  5. If the category of license does not correspond to the vehicle the driver is driving, he will receive a fine of up to 15,000 rubles.

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Special marks

Next, we’ll look at what the special marks on the new driver’s license mean. Their mandatory use was caused by the operation of new types of vehicles, as well as changes in traffic regulations. For example, quadricycles began to appear on the roads, and to drive a scooter or moped you need to pass an exam at the traffic police and obtain a driving license.

Special marks are not numbers on a driver’s license, but special abbreviations using letters of the Latin alphabet. Each such combination hides certain information that applies only to the owner of the document. Failure to comply with the requirement for special marks is regarded as driving a vehicle without a license, which is punishable by a fine of 5-15 thousand rubles.

Driver's license: categories and appearance

Driving a car or other means of transportation without the right to do so is punishable by law. The imposed fine can range from five to fifteen thousand rubles. This is a very significant penalty, so it’s worth finding out what’s what and what standards need to be observed in order to remain a law-abiding citizen. To do this, today we will look at what information should be contained in the driver’s license and present material by category of driver’s license with a transcript to eliminate any misunderstandings.


Anyone who received a license to drive a vehicle before 2015 or is planning to do so now will find it useful to decipher the categories of a new driver’s license, since some things have been seriously changed. At this time, there are only five main categories, as well as several auxiliary categories, which it wouldn’t hurt to know about in advance when figuring out what to choose in each specific case.

Vehicle categories must always be appropriate, that is, a person who was preparing to ride a motorcycle should not drive a bus, and a tractor driver should better give up the idea of ​​driving a car or truck.

Features of the new VU

Before you figure out what automobile categories of rights exist in general, and we will give them a detailed explanation with a description, you should understand that today your license can be used as a full-fledged identification document. This document contains a lot of personal information about the driver, and also has a current photograph, which will have to be changed every ten years, due to the need to change the driver's license due to its expiration date.

  • First name, last name, and patronymic of the driver.
  • Photograph. If you have vision problems, you are allowed to be photographed wearing glasses, but on the condition that the glasses are not tinted (darkened). Headdresses are also allowed for those who adhere to special cults and religious beliefs, for example, hoods and miters.
  • Personal signature of the owner of the VU.
  • Date of birth, as well as the date of issue of rights and their validity period.
  • An indication of the traffic police department that issued the license, its number and series.
  • Owner's region of residence.
  • A category of rights that allows you to manage a specific group of vehicles.

There may be not one category of license, but several, and it also happens that the driver has all of them open, which indicates his versatility. Then you can ride motorcycles, heavy trucks, buses and cars, without any fear of any penalties.

The reverse side of the new model rights is occupied with a brief decoding of all categories. Current fields will be marked with a special mark. There is also a barcode that contains information about the owner, the validity period of a particular category and additional information, for example, the holder’s driving experience.

Who is eligible for Category Be driving license?

In practice, category Be rights may be needed in the following cases:

  • You use a trailer to transport hunting and camping equipment;
  • A special boat trailer is used to transport a compact vessel with a rigid hull;
  • The trailer is used for delivering construction materials, lumber, etc.;
  • You are using your vehicle to transport a camper trailer for an outdoor recreational activity.

If you use a small trailer for rare transportation of crops from the dacha or other needs and its weight does not exceed 750 kg. in equipped condition, it is quite possible to get by with a class B license and there should be no complaints from road inspectors.

Thus, the need for category Be licenses may arise for people engaged in hunting, fishing, professional camping, and construction. Such certificates are in greatest demand among lovers of country holidays using caravans, vans on wheels and other means of living in nature.

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