What if there is no room on the title for the new owner of the car?

Why doesn't the car dealership have a passport for the car?

When choosing at a dealership, you need to ask the manager if there is a title for the selected new car, and if not, how long to wait. The lack of a title for a car should not be scary; there may be several reasons for this:

  1. Car dealerships take cars from the manufacturer for sale, since the purchase requires a significant investment from the dealer. In this case, the passport remains with the manufacturer as collateral until full payment for the received car.
  2. Dealers can use loan funds to purchase a car from the manufacturer. In this case, the bank keeps the title of the car until the loan is fully repaid.
  3. The PTS of the selected car is located at the dealer's main office (usually in Moscow). After paying the cost of the car, he sends the passport to the regional salon.

What is a vehicle title?

The meaning of the abbreviation is known to all drivers. PTS is an abbreviation for vehicle passport. It is a document with detailed information about the machine. To some extent, PTS can be called an analogue of a Russian citizen’s passport, but not for a person, but for transport.

When buying a car secondhand, you should pay special attention to its passport. Many people believe that it is enough to inspect the condition of the car itself. They run the risk of being scammed, which can lead to a host of problems. Therefore, before making a transaction to purchase a used vehicle, it is important to study the pictures with the title so as not to stumble upon a fake. To check your passport, it is recommended to use a magnifying glass, which will show the clarity and naturalness of the printed letters. If you have any doubts, you can go to the nearest traffic police post, where its employees will check the documents against the database and tell you whether they are original. If the seller is unscrupulous, then he will most likely refuse this method of verification altogether.

Important! If the car was purchased on credit, the title can be kept in the bank until the debt is fully repaid.

When purchasing a car, the new owner receives a vehicle passport, where he is entered as the new owner. If the car is new, then he will be the first or second person in the documents. When purchasing an old vehicle that was owned by other people, all former owners will also be indicated in the title.

Information about fake PTS and how to protect yourself:

You can get a passport for a car in several places:

  • from the former owner;
  • at a car showroom;
  • from the manufacturer;
  • at the customs office.

When transferring or selling a car free of charge to another person, the previous owner puts an appropriate mark indicating the loss of rights to own the car. You can see it in the photo of the PTS of cars that are not being sold for the first time. If a transaction occurs without the involvement of lawyers or a notary, there is a high risk of stumbling upon scammers. The former owner transfers the documents to the new owner along with the car immediately after payment. Re-registration will only be possible if you have the original PTS.

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When purchasing a car at a car dealership, the new owner of the car receives a passport from its employees. He will also need to be registered on site as the owner. Sometimes the previous owners may be indicated on the title of a brand new car. There is no need to worry about this, since even legal entities selling cars are included there.

Another person who issues PTS is the manufacturer. The average buyer will not be able to get it there. The factory transfers the passport for the car only to the dealer, who will later sell the car. The only exception may be foreign manufacturers who have adopted different standards.

You can obtain a passport for a vehicle when importing it from another country at customs. If the car and its new owner pass the necessary checks, and the import of the car is declared legal, then the employees will issue all the documents. The new owner will be entered into the passport, after which he will be able to continue his journey.

Is it possible to pick up a car from the dealership without a document?

A new car must be registered with the traffic police within ten days , and this can only be done if you have the original PTS in hand. You have the right to drive a car without state registration and license plates only for the specified period if you have the original PTS and the purchase and sale agreement. A copy of the car passport, which is usually issued at the dealership upon purchase and conclusion of a contract before receiving the original from the manufacturer, is not an official document.

By picking up a car from the dealership without the original title, you assume full responsibility for compliance with the laws in the field of driving a vehicle. If there is a delay in issuing a PTS, you will not be able to register the car in a timely manner and will be held administratively liable for violating the registration deadlines. In addition, when checking on the road, traffic police inspectors will hold you accountable for driving a car without documents and may take your car to an impound lot.

Where and when is a passport issued when purchasing a vehicle?

How long does it take to get a document for a car and how long do you have to wait for it?
If you urgently need a vehicle, then it is better to choose one for which there is already a title in the salon. You can immediately pick up the car with documents on the day of purchase and register it with the traffic police. If the selected car does not have a title or is located in another city, then when making an advance payment, and even more so when paying in full, it is necessary to draw up an agreement that will spell out the showroom’s obligations regarding the deadlines for issuing the title and liability in case of violation of these deadlines. For security reasons, the original passport does not arrive at the salon along with the ordered car, but is delivered by courier a few days later. The delivery time for vehicle title from reputable dealers is usually 3-5 days. When the passport arrives at the salon, the manager contacts you and agrees to sign the car acceptance and delivery certificate with all the documents.

After carefully checking the PTS data and thoroughly inspecting the car, you sign the document and receive the car and documents. The car's passport must indicate the registration date and year of manufacture. The invoice must indicate:

  • number of purchases and sales;
  • the place where the purchase was made;
  • terms of sale;
  • description of the new car and information about the car dealership.

In the cabin, you should check the VIN code of the car, as well as the body and engine numbers. This will save you from the troubles that the buyer may encounter when registering the car with the traffic police. Don’t forget to take out an MTPL policy before driving your new car out of the showroom.

Who issues the document?

The buyer of a new car at the showroom receives a vehicle passport from the manager , who formalizes the transaction and enters your data into the title.
You should not be embarrassed by the fact that your name will be recorded by the second or even third owner. The manufacturer will be entered first, then the dealer's data may come if he bought the car for himself. In addition, a new car can be transferred into ownership from one legal entity to another. You will still be considered the first owner of the car.

If the car was manufactured abroad, then its passport will be issued by the customs authority when importing it into Russia and passing through customs control.

Is it possible to sell a car if there is no space left on the title in 2021?

The vehicle passport contains all the technical information about the car, as well as about its owners. Without it, it is impossible to carry out state registration of a vehicle with the traffic police.

But the number of entries in the owner section is limited to six lines, and as a result of their frequent changes, they may all be filled out. In this case, upon subsequent sale, you will need to replace the document with a new one. Only then will it be possible to register the owner there, who will register the car.

Accordingly, if there is no space in the title for the new owner, then you will not be able to sell the car.

What to do if paper is not provided?

The car dealership must transfer the new car to the buyer along with all documents in accordance with the terms specified in the contract. Without a vehicle passport, a car cannot be registered, and therefore cannot be operated.

What to do if car dealership employees delay issuance or do not hand over the paper? If you cannot reach an agreement peacefully, then you should turn to the law. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation protects buyers from unscrupulous sellers : in Art. 456 it is determined that the seller is obliged to transfer the goods to the buyer with all the documents for this product.

Is it possible to buy a car without a title, is it worth doing so, and what are the risks of transactions of this kind?

Purchasing a motor vehicle usually means that the buyer will receive not only the vehicle itself, but also its documents.

Although the last condition is not always met.

You can often come across offers to sell cars without a registration certificate. How acceptable is such a deal, and what troubles can a buyer expect with such a purchase?

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Is it possible to buy a car without a title?

By law, the purchase of cars and other vehicles without a vehicle passport is not allowed. However, there are several types of such transactions that are recognized as legal. We will talk about them later.

Purchasing cars without a title is not recommended for several reasons. One of the main ones in this case is that the buyer will not be able to register the purchased vehicle. A vehicle registration certificate is drawn up and issued upon availability of a vehicle passport.


There is no fine for driving without a current PTS. As long as the car has both license plates, registration with the traffic police and a registration certificate (STS), the driver will not be fined.

But you will still have to obtain a new registration certificate, at least if you need to add a new entry to the “expired” passport when selling the car.

Driving without a vehicle license may indirectly result in a fine of 800 rubles. This is due to the fact that without a current registration certificate it is impossible to obtain an MTPL insurance policy. And the fine for driving without compulsory motor insurance is exactly 800 rubles . Therefore, a registration certificate is required to obtain insurance.

Is it worth doing this?

Positive aspects of the deal:

  • When the car seller does not have documents due to the fact that they were lost, for example, the buyer may not have to deal with the paperwork independently. He has the right to demand that the seller independently carry out the procedure and pay all state fees for issuing a duplicate.
  • Some sellers prefer to complete the transaction as soon as possible due to the fact that they do not have documents. This fact can be turned to your advantage if you first check the basic information about the car and make sure that it is not stolen.

Disadvantages of buying a car without a title:

  • Since the vehicle must be registered without the main document - a registration certificate, the driver will need to drive the car to the site for inspection. This takes extra time and requires checks. For example, if parts equipped with identification numbers were changed.
  • There is a high chance of encountering scammers. As a result, you can waste your money and end up without a vehicle.

Decide for yourself whether it is worth agreeing to the deal if the seller does not have a title.

How to change a completed PTS?

The said document is changed in the same way as if it had been lost or misplaced. It is enough to write an application for a replacement vehicle title and pay the state fee for such a replacement. The only difference is that if there is no space in the title, you will have to pay the state fee for a replacement, and not for making entries about the new owner. The difference in the price of the state duty is 450 rubles: if making changes will cost you 350 rubles, then replacing the PTS will cost you 800 rubles.

As a result of submitting the application and paying the state fee, you will receive a blank vehicle title marked “duplicate”.

But there is one caveat. Making an entry about the new owner in the title is mandatory when selling a car. Therefore, if the completed PTS is replaced by a new owner, and there is no space in the old PTS, then information about the new owner and his signature can be written in the margins. Nothing wrong with that. By the way, you can continue to put on the margins further when selling the car to subsequent owners, but the MREO may not understand such changes.

What are the risks of conducting transactions of this kind?

Buying a car without a vehicle registration certificate can result in major problems for the buyer. With what? Selling vehicles without a title is common among scammers who can use various sales schemes.

    Selling a credit car. A fairly common practice is when the seller purchased a new car under a car loan agreement, handed over the vehicle’s passport to the bank, since the car is under collateral, and then sells the vehicle at a discount of 5 to 15% compared to the market average.

Moreover, everyone solves the problem with the lack of PTS in their own way. Someone orders a duplicate, someone sells it without documents for the car. It is not always possible to check information on the traffic police databases for collateral.

Where can I go to replace my PTS?

In accordance with the Regulations, the replacement of vehicle passports is carried out by:

  • manufacturers of vehicles if they have not previously been registered with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate;
  • customs authorities, provided that the vehicle was imported across the Russian border after July 1, 1997 and was not previously registered;
  • traffic police department. To replace a vehicle passport if there are no empty lines in it, you should contact any department of the state traffic inspectorate.

Replacing a PTS means issuing a new document with minor differences from the original: the presence of a “Duplicate” stamp, the absence of a complete list of former owners, and the fact that the issuance was carried out by the traffic police department. The duplicate is completely equivalent to the original.

Step-by-step instruction

How can you buy a car without a title? The country formally prohibits the purchase and sale of cars that do not have a vehicle passport. However, despite this, there are legal options for how this can be implemented:

  • If you are selling a credit car, you should simply transfer the car from the old owner who took out the loan to the new one who will repay the debt. As soon as the debt is repaid, the title is re-registered to the buyer.
  • If a car is purchased for further disassembly for spare parts, it can be legally purchased without documents.
  • The buyer receives a general power of attorney to register the car.
  • What to do if you purchased a car without a special document?

    If you nevertheless happen to purchase a car without a title, to register it you will need to have on hand the following package of documents prescribed by Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 605 dated 08/07/2013:

    1. Purchase and sale agreement for a problematic vehicle.
    2. Certificate of acceptance and transfer of the machine.
    3. A receipt indicating that the seller has received cash for the vehicle.
    4. Explanatory, in which you will need to carefully indicate the circumstances due to which the owner does not have a passport for the car. The note is drawn up either by the new owner registering the car with the traffic police, or by the old one.
    5. An explanatory note may also be necessary regarding the circumstances under which the car was purchased.
    6. Other documentation, thanks to which you can establish its “purity”.
    7. STS if available.
    8. A receipt confirming payment of the state fee for registering the vehicle to the new owner. In addition, you will need to pay for the issuance of a duplicate PTS.
    9. An application where the new owner asks to restore the vehicle’s passport.

    After all the papers have been collected, the car buyer goes to the traffic police MREO office located in his area of ​​residence.
    The vehicle registration procedure is regulated by Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 1001 dated November 24, 2008. Since the car will be registered without a vehicle passport, the car owner will be required to provide the car for inspection by traffic police officers. To do this, the vehicle must first be driven to the site for inspection. First of all, identification numbers are verified.

    If all the results of the checks are positive, then taking into account the documents provided by the new owner, a new PTS is issued. In some cases, it may not be issued immediately, but after several additional checks. This reduces the likelihood of a criminal history of the car.

    Now you know what to do if you bought a car without a title.

    Buying a car, which does not come with the main document - a vehicle passport, in some cases becomes a justified and profitable operation. But if the situation is more likely to turn against the buyer, he should carefully check the information about the car he likes.

    In this case, he will take less risk. But you will have to prepare mentally and financially for the preparation of the missing document and the subsequent registration of the movable property.

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    Documents required for purchase

    Purchasing a car always involves completing a large amount of documentation. Purchasing at a car dealership involves providing paperwork from both the dealer and the buyer.

    Documents from the car dealership

    When buying a car, it is best to contact official dealers of a particular brand. However, if you choose a car not from the “officials,” then be sure to check the reliability of the car dealership where you will make the purchase. First, search on the Internet, on forums or on social networks for real reviews of car owners who purchased cars from this seller. In addition, during your visit to the salon, do not hesitate to ask for documents that must be present from a reliable dealer:

    • document confirming the status of a legal entity;
    • license to carry out trading activities;
    • official cooperation agreement with the manufacturing company as an intermediary.

    If the manager is not ready to provide the specified papers at your request, then it is best to opt for another car dealership.

    If everything is in order with the documents and the buyer has no complaints about the car itself, you can proceed to the transaction. The car dealership employees will prepare all the necessary papers. The list of documents that the dealer must provide to the buyer includes:

    Procedure for drawing up a purchase and sale agreement

    Representatives of the dealer are involved in drawing up the purchase and sale agreement on a standard form. The car owner is only required to read the finished document, paying attention to each point, and certify it with his signature. If any items specified in the document are unacceptable to the buyer, he has the right to refuse to sign the contract.

    The purchase and sale agreement is drawn up in three copies:

    • for dealer;
    • for the vehicle owner;
    • for the traffic police (this copy will need to be given to the traffic police when registering the car).

    After signing the contract, the client can transfer the money to the seller and pick up his car with a full set of documents for it.

    List of documents for replacing PTS

    When applying for a new passport for a car, the current owner will only need to fill out an application and present an identity card (civil passport). The application will be checked by the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate for compliance of the specified data with the existing vehicle registration database. And then a new document will be issued, subject to successful verification.

    In a situation where a new owner of a car applies for a duplicate, along with the application it is necessary to provide:

    • a car purchase and sale agreement as the basis for the emergence of ownership rights;
    • citizen's passport;
    • PTS that requires replacement due to the lack of free lines to make an entry about the new owner;
    • vehicle registration certificate transferred by the previous owner at the time of the transaction;
    • OSAGO policy;
    • receipt of payment of the state duty (can be attached at the discretion of the applicant; the registering authority receives information about the payment automatically).

    The regulations allow 30 calendar days from the date of submission of the full set of documents for consideration of the application.

    PTS when buying a car in the showroom

    A vehicle passport (PTS) is the main document of the car, without which it will not be possible to register the purchased car with the traffic police. However, when purchasing a car at a car dealership, the client may encounter the problem of lack of title. Recently, the practice of handing over a passport a few days after purchase has become increasingly common.

    For what reasons may there be no PTS?

    There may be no PTS in the dealer's showroom for several reasons:

    1. The document is located in the central office of the dealer and is sent to the region after payment for the cost of the car.
    2. Car dealerships take vehicles for sale without purchasing them . In this case, the passport remains with the manufacturer until full payment is made.
    3. Dealers can purchase cars from the manufacturer using credit funds . Then the PTS will remain in the bank until the loan is repaid.

    Is it possible to pick up a car without a title?

    If the title for the vehicle being purchased is not available at the dealership, the dealer can give the buyer a copy of the passport. However, it is not an official document and is not accepted by the traffic police when registering a car. Thus, it is possible to pick up a car from a dealership without a passport, but the owner takes full responsibility for complying with the requirements for timely registration of the car.

    According to Russian law, a motorist must register the purchased car with the traffic police within 10 days. If this cannot be done for any reason, you will have to pay a fine of 1,500 rubles.

    Operating an unregistered car is illegal, so if the car owner is stopped on the road by a traffic police officer, checking the documents will again lead to fines.

    Where and when is PTS issued?

    As a rule, the vehicle passport is delivered by courier to the car dealership within 3-5 days from the date of purchase. As soon as the title is in the hands of the dealer, the salon manager contacts the car owner and invites him to come to sign the car acceptance certificate and receive a full set of documents.

    Don’t be surprised if the vehicle’s passport already lists several owners. The first of them will be the manufacturer, the second may be the dealer who bought the car for himself. So, according to the document, the buyer will be the second or even third owner, but in reality he is still considered the first owner.

    It is also important to take into account that if the car was produced abroad, the PTS will be issued by the customs authority when passing control and import into the territory of the Russian Federation.

    Once the vehicle’s passport is in the hands of the car owner, the purchase of the car can be considered completed. However, in order not to languish while waiting for the document, it is recommended to ask the manager in advance about the availability of a title and choose for yourself the car whose document is available directly at the car dealership.

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    Where to go if there is no room for owners in the PTS?

    Institutions involved in replacing PTS are reflected in paragraph 10 of paragraph 1 of the Regulations on vehicle passports. The regulatory legal act states that duplicates of PTS are provided by:

    1. Companies and institutions acting as manufacturers, if the machine has not previously been registered.
    2. Customs authorities, if a previously unregistered vehicle is imported into the territory of the Russian Federation after July 1, 1997. The right to provide a title for a car with an electric motor arose in the above organization after August 7, 2008.
    3. State traffic inspectorate units. The organization provides vehicle passports in all other cases. If there is no space left in the PTS, you must contact the traffic police.

    The passport provided will be a duplicate. This information is entered in the special notes section. Additionally, information about the old PTS is indicated. The series, number and date of issue of the original are recorded here. If a passport replacement has already been carried out previously, data about it is also entered.

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