Tire Restudding: Secrets of Increasing Traction and Safety on Snowy Roads

The winter season means not only fabulous snow-covered landscapes, but also increased difficulties on the roads. To ensure safety and confident driving, car owners are advised to pay attention to the procedure for re-studding tires. In this article we will tell you how to properly add studs to make your car more stable on winter roads.

1. What is Doshipovka and Why Is It Important:

  • Definition of Re-studding: Tire re-studding is the process of adding studs to tires to improve their grip on the road surface.

  • Importance on Winter Roads: Spikes help overcome icy and snowy roads, increasing driver safety.

2. Preparation and Tools:

  • Stud Selection: Use specific vehicle studs that meet the legal requirements of your region.

  • Tools: For additional tenoning you will need a tenoning hammer, tenons, pliers and marking paint.

3. Stages of tire re-studding:

  • Cleaning Tires: Thoroughly clean the tires of dirt and dust to ensure that the studs are securely attached.

  • Choosing Stud Locations: Distribute stud locations evenly throughout the tire, concentrating them in areas with maximum road contact.

  • Inserting Studs: Using a stud hammer and pliers, insert studs into selected locations on the tire tread.

  • Fixing the Spikes: If necessary, secure the spikes additionally using special marking paint.

4. Rules and Recommendations:

  • Compliance with Laws: Make sure that studding complies with the laws in your region as it may be prohibited in some places.

  • Pressure control: After re-studding, monitor the tire pressure, adjusting it in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

5. Advantages of Spike and Importance of Precautions:

  • Improved Traction: The stud significantly improves traction, providing more efficient movement.

  • Safety on Snowy Roads: Studs help prevent slipping and maintain vehicle control on snow and ice.

Tire refilling is an important step in preparing your vehicle for winter conditions. By following the correct technique and complying with legal regulations, you can improve your driving safety in difficult winter conditions and enjoy confidence on the roads.

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