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Domestic traffic regulations allow the use of several hundred road signs, differing in their purpose, requirements, place of application, shape and color scheme used. This article describes traffic signs with explanations, of which there are 8 categories, united by their functionality and external distinctive features.

"Working hours" sign (hammers)

Thus, sign 8. Thank you very much for the nice article.. Kick, the first four paragraphs are simply about nothing, water is water. And what is Saturday, Sunday - the name is not written necessarily. Mail is required. Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve legal issues, but each case is unique. If you want to find out how to solve your particular problem, please use the online consultant form on the right or call the numbers provided on the website.

It's fast and free! Currently this forum is viewed by: gggjjj, Kostya and guests: 3. Red star, hammers, Monday-Saturday, etc. They are constantly introducing some new designations, just have time to track the information and remember it. Fortunately, there is the Internet. And never again. Judging by the image, entry to this section of the road will be prohibited only on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays, that is, holidays prescribed in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

On the remaining days of the week, of which, by the way, there are much more, the ban on entry to the specified section of the road from this direction does not apply. On weekdays, parking here is not allowed. Reversible parking lots have appeared.

An acquaintance took a ride around the center of Moscow City Circle and this is what he wrote: Look at the red star above the parking sign! If it is located together with a pedestrian sign, you cannot park your car on either Saturday or Sunday! Only people will find out about this after the evacuation. Before my amazed eyes, 7 cars were taken away from Dmitrovsky lane.

Just tough! If the asterisk is under the P sign and there is no pedestrian sign, then on the contrary, parking is only on weekends, but not on weekdays! Tip Top Can you still figure it out without knowing the new symbols? Previous topic Next topic. Kolosok Witch Well, and a garland of signs. This is how, perhaps, a man left his car in the parking lot overnight, and in the morning the weekend came, that is, the time for the pedestrian zone Kolosok: See You'll go crazy while you solve this puzzle Especially when you drive past it at FOX speed: or is it just about pussy and gingerbread ?

However, the existing ban, judging by the sign, applies exclusively to weekdays. Effect of sign 8. And if, for example, the day of the week is Saturday, but officially it is a working day due to a postponement, to be combined with some kind of holiday, is there a hole in the law?

In Moscow, starting tomorrow, lanes dedicated to public transport will become available to other cars. True, travel through them will only be allowed on weekends and holidays.

New signs are already being installed on the highways. Drivers were given a day off. Now on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays you can drive into the lane intended for public transport. The three-lane Leningradka in this place will provide drivers with one more lane to maneuver this weekend, and those who do not comply with discipline and still enter the public transport lane will have another excuse: “Commander, I forgot what day it is today.” weeks."

But in certain cases, on weekends it is still allowed to move along it. What are these cases and who is allowed? Let's talk about everything in order! On roads with a lane for fixed-route vehicles, marked with signs 5. Where did this myth come from? Review of new road signs this year.

Warning signs inform drivers that they are approaching a dangerous section of the road, driving along which requires taking measures appropriate to the situation. Designation of a railway crossing not equipped with a barrier: 1. Rounding of a road of small radius or with limited visibility: 1. Section of the road with dangerous turns: Section of the road that has unevenness on the roadway, undulations, potholes, uneven junctions with bridges, etc.

A section of road where gravel, crushed stone and the like can be thrown out from under the wheels of vehicles. A section of road near a children's institution, school, health camp, etc., on the roadway of which children may appear.

A tunnel in which there is no artificial lighting, or a tunnel in which the visibility of the entrance portal is limited. It’s not a matter of 5. Well, they were only invented in ’71. Let people get used to it. The plans and the order for destruction hung in your planning office, on Alpha Centauri, for 50 Earth years. The rules of this article, as follows from its wording, are of a general nature, apply to transactions of both citizens and legal entities, moreover, carried out both personally and through a representative.

It is enough to work in the region for 40 years for men and 35 years for women. Based on the attached decision - Statement from the Coffee Business Plan with. Every child has the right to count on care and guardianship.

She was deprived of parental rights, but was required by law to pay child support. The period for consideration of a claim is set at 10 ten calendar days. In particular, the same refrigerator will not be touched, since the family needs to store food somewhere, but the TV and computer may be confiscated. Assigning numbering to residential premises. Thank you very much for your work. Paid the debts of the heir. Benefits for transport registered in the name of a citizen are determined by regional authorities.

This is a fairly large amount, which is difficult to cover without even saving water. As a rule, after the dissolution of a marriage, children live with their mothers. We are preparing paperwork for deductions for treatment. It depends on what information you need. The device records the data that the sensors read and prints it on paper in the form of a curved line.

According to the norms of current Russian legislation, the employee must be informed about this at least two months in advance. Proceeds from the sale of fixed assets are operating income and are subject to credit to the profit and loss account.

At the same time, the legislator does not establish additional restrictions on the timing of processing deductions for purchased property. On some holidays, trade in this category of goods is completely prohibited. In the type of application section we indicate the place of residence or stay. So it became interesting in which cities what they provide in the dairy kitchen for babies from 0 to 6 months and for babies from 6 months.

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There are two options for verifying electricity metering devices: laboratory and at the location where the metering device is installed. To do this, you need to obtain evidence and call the police. Alternative options for addressing the problem of cars on the lawn are public organizations that can actively conduct their main activities in the Internet space. Select the required service company from the list that appears and click on the provided banner.

What does the hammer sign mean?

However, the existing ban, judging by the sign, applies exclusively to weekdays. Thus, sign 8. Effect of sign 8. And if, for example, the day of the week is Saturday, but officially it is a working day due to the transfer, for combining with some holiday, is there a hole in the law?

Thus, sign 8. Thank you very much for the nice article.. Kick, the first four paragraphs are simply about nothing, water is water. And what is Saturday, Sunday - the name is not written necessarily. Dear readers!

8.5.2 "Working days"

It’s not a matter of 5. Well, they were only invented in ’71. Let people get used to it. The plans and the order for destruction hung in your planning office, on Alpha Centauri, for 50 Earth years. If you didn’t bother to ask, then that’s your problem.” You are asking the wrong question, McGurk. Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve legal issues, but each case is unique. If you want to find out how to solve your particular problem, please use the online consultant form on the right or call the numbers provided on the website.

Traffic sign hammers

Thus, sign 8. Thank you very much for the nice article.. Kick, the first four paragraphs are simply about nothing, water is water. What is Saturday and Sunday is not written

Register Login. Mail replies. Questions - leaders I bought a car for another person with a license. Malfunctions of vases 1 rate.

What does the traffic hammer sign mean?

Thus, sign 8. Thank you very much for the nice article.. Kick, the first four paragraphs are simply about nothing, water is water. And what is Saturday, Sunday - the name is not written necessarily.


If a citizen cannot pay on time for valid reasons related to difficult financial conditions, etc. Which family is considered large. A citizen who informs creditors, as well as other persons, about his other place of residence bears the risk of the consequences caused by this. According to this legislative act, the duration of (additional) leave in these cases is 6-12 days.

A person pays only as much as the car costs, plus commissions (about 10 thousand rubles).

Road sign hammer means

That is, during the refinancing procedure, a consumer loan is issued. In addition to direct pension payments, citizens who have completed their working career upon reaching the appropriate age are entitled to the following benefits and privileges: Benefits for pensioners in the Leningrad region in 2019. Before patrolling, he must report to the military commandant to receive instructions and documents. Gentlemen, everything is very good.

The procedure for issuing permission to use land or a land plot that is in state or municipal ownership. Federal Law No. 18. In addition to the fact that they have similar names and look similar, they are issued by the same body - the tax office.

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8.5.1 “Saturdays, Sundays and holidays”

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A package of documents for assigning status.

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Thus, it is required by an external customer. Federal Law of November 27, 2010

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When is it legal to drive in a dedicated lane?

In large cities of the country, the problem of automobile traffic is acute. During rush hour, traffic on the roadway literally freezes in place. And only public transport partially avoids this fate by moving along dedicated bus lanes.

There are often drivers on the roads who ignore the regulations and travel together with public transport vehicles. This is done more often on weekends, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Also confusing is the sign known as crossed hammers. Many motorists are confident that it allows driving in a dedicated lane on weekends. In this article, we will figure out in what cases you can travel on a bus line, based on current traffic regulations.

A dedicated lane is a trap for the driver

Who is allowed and who is not allowed to move along the dedicated lane (lane for route vehicles) is discussed in detail in paragraph 18.2. Traffic rules. We read: “on roads with a lane for fixed-route vehicles, marked with signs 5.11.1, 5.13.1, 5.13.2, 5.14, the movement and stopping of other vehicles is prohibited (with the exception of school buses and vehicles used as passenger taxis, as well as cyclists - if the lane for route vehicles is located on the right) on this lane.” That’s right: as confirmed by the Moscow Department of Transport, on some lanes, in order to ensure road safety, traffic is prohibited, and on weekends too. Seven days a week, “dedicated offices” work at the following addresses (a “brick” hangs over some of them):

Where did it all start?

The Soviet Union did not think about such a large number of cars on the streets of our cities in the future. Just like they didn’t think about it in any other country in the mid-20th century. The streets were built narrow, pedestrian, and the area around the houses was not equipped with parking. Therefore, cities with historical centers and buildings dating from the first half of the twentieth century are particularly affected by increased traffic.

The situation is complicated by the introduction of bus lanes. The roads have become even narrower. Drivers are forced to stand in traffic jams for hours. This gives rise to traffic violations and leads to fines.

Whether it’s good or bad, the allocated band exists in our physical objective world, which means it needs to be accepted and understood in what legal way to get out of the current situation.

Who is allowed to enter the lane?

To understand when driving in a dedicated lane is allowed, let's start from the beginning. Let's look at the traffic rules, turn to paragraph 18.2. It states that other vehicles are prohibited from traveling on the public transport road.

However, every rule has an exception. Here is a list of vehicles that move freely along the bus line:

  • route transport: buses or trolleybuses;
  • school buses;
  • taxis and minibuses;
  • cyclists.

At the same time, the last three groups can use the bus only if it is not marked with a “brick” sign.
If this sign still hangs above the dedicated lane, then only buses are allowed to travel on it. Also, vehicles of this category can only drive along the line with the letter “A” if it is in the same direction as their movement. The rules do not provide for the appearance of other vehicles on the minibus line, even if it is a car sharing, two-wheeler or intercity bus. In general, this category includes any buses that are not designed to transport children attending school. It is worth saying a few words about taxis. A taxi is considered to be a car that has the appropriate attributes: taximeter, checkers, white or yellow color. In Moscow, taxi drivers generally must drive vehicles with special yellow license plates. Therefore, Uber drivers and private owners are fined on the same basis as ordinary motorists.

Camera on the A-strip on Vernadsky

By the way, the camera's range of action is schematically indicated on the maps. But realistically, at what distance does she fine? If a car is parked in the A-lane, what happens? The map shows a camera on Michurisnka near my house. I’ve never seen it, but even if it’s there, there’s always a bunch of parked cars standing near the ABC of Taste. How does the camera react to them?

I also go there very often. I didn’t come from this particular camera, but I didn’t seem to violate anything there. The situation is more fun - I receive all the fines for one car without exception. On the second - not a single one. A week ago I tested a camera on Leninsky after Gagarin which is in the center. There are 3 fines for one car, and again zero for the other. In short, it looks like not all the cars in their database are full.

26 Jun 2021 glavurist 1429

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When can other vehicles use the bus lane?

Every driver will have questions regarding lane changes, intersections and stops on the bus line. What to do in a situation when you need to turn right, but the public transport lane is in the way. Or if circumstances force you to stop on this section of the road.

Let's look at both situations.

Turning across a lane, changing lanes

The bus zone is separated from the main roadway in two ways:

  1. Continuous stripe marking. In this case, switching to a dedicated line is prohibited.
  2. Intermittent stripe. You can cross the line and enter the minibus lane.

That is, if turning right is only allowed from the bus line, which is marked with continuous markings, then according to the traffic rules you are not allowed to turn right. This also applies to bicycle holders and taxi drivers if a “no entry” sign is mounted above the road.

Also, modern means of fixation detect even the slightest deviation beyond the solid line. Of course, if there is an obstacle in front of you and a maneuver is required, you will appeal your fine. But it’s better to keep your distance and not go beyond the marking line.

Stopping in a dedicated lane

The solution follows from the previous rule. If you cannot cross a solid line, then you are not allowed to stop on a designated road.

However, if the highlighting line is dotted, then you can enter the lane. When crossing intermittent markings, you must make sure that your vehicle will not interfere with the movement of public vehicles. Only in this case, stop within the bus zone. Of course, you should also take into account the area of ​​the “no stopping” or “no parking” signs.

Let us clarify that if the line is still solid, under no circumstances stop in the second lane of the road. This is also prohibited and may cause an accident.

Bus lanes no longer accessible to motorists on Saturdays

It was prohibited to travel to some dedicated lanes in Moscow on Saturday. Moreover, this was a surprise for drivers, which they are actively discussing on social networks. The Blue Buckets society on Facebook reported, in particular, that if you drive along Prospekt Mira from Rizhskaya to the VDNKh aqueduct, you will notice that the “hammers” have been replaced with a sign reading “Monday-Saturday.” At the same time, after Yauza, the same “hammers” are hanging under the bricks, the author of the message notes. In general, motorists have the right to travel to the “separate lane” on weekends and holidays. Coordinator of the Blue Buckets movement Sergei Stoyanov discussed the topic with Kommersant FM presenter Anna Kazakova.

- The authorities are still warning. That is, now the media publishes information about changes in traffic, signs, etc. On the other hand, it is somewhat unclear, because the driver must always follow the signs. And for those drivers who do not follow publications in the media and constantly drive along the same roads, they are already accustomed to the same “hammers” hanging there, indicating that on non-working days they can drive on these lanes. They, of course, will find themselves in an unpleasant situation, and they will have to pay these fines later.

Is it possible to travel on weekends?

Sometimes driving in a dedicated lane is actually allowed. So, you can move along it on weekends if there is a sign with two crossed hammers above the strip. It is found in two versions: the usual one with two hammers and the same hammers with time under them. The time in this case indicates when it is forbidden to stand in the bus zone.

If you drive a car in Moscow, you have probably seen such a sign. Perhaps they even secretly scolded those who brazenly drive in the traffic lane. Until now, not all motorists know how this sign works and what it means. Essentially, it prohibits traffic on the public transport lane on weekdays and allows it on weekends.

But even with this sign there are some nuances of moving along the line for route vehicles:

  • If there is a “no entry” sign above the area of ​​route vehicles along with hammers, then you cannot change lanes there, even on weekends. This is due to the fact that the “brick” has priority over other signs. This feature also applies to the taxi category;
  • Sometimes workdays are officially moved to weekends due to holidays. This means that on such days the public transport lane is not available to you. In order not to get confused and not get fined, always check the official holiday calendar from the Russian government. Every year the number and dates of holidays change. This is a really serious problem for drivers. There are many days off in our country, but there are even more people who work outside the standard five-day week;
  • If you see the treasured hammers, do not rush to change lanes: first, take a look at the marking line separating you from the designated area. If it is solid, then by crossing it you will break the rule, although moving along the “marked road” is allowed. This is the paradox.

Also, permission to travel on the bus is shown by several more signs. A sign with the days of the week separated by a dash, for example “Monday–Friday”. Such a sign prescribes a ban on entry under it during the specified days. Its version contains the day of the week and time - “Tuesday 8.00-20.00”. This means that it is prohibited to drive under the sign at the specified time on the specified day.

In addition, signs numbered 8.5.1, 8.5.4 or 8.5.5 also indicate that driving on the transport line is prohibited. The first one indicates a ban on any day. The second and third are the ban on entry on weekends.

Please note that in these traffic rules there are no clauses allowing entry into a dedicated lane under “hammers”. This sign has no authorizing force from a legal point of view. However, you will not be given a fine in this situation, so feel free to avoid traffic jams on the weekend.

Dedicated lanes for public transport (only specifics and discussion)

I advise you to re-read the traffic rules. It clearly states that: 1) Driving in lanes marked with signs and similar ones is prohibited at all times and everywhere (except when changing lanes for an exit or exit). We hang strip “bricks” for those who are slow-witted. 2) White signs with “hammers”, “red suns” or indicating the time/days of the week indicate the duration of the sign. Ergo, at times not indicated on the additional sign, the sign is not valid, i.e. It’s as if he doesn’t exist.

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Comrade, don’t trust the headlines of “hot news” on the Internet. If they write “Shock! Sensation! They are allowed to drive on allocated lanes!”, then this doesn’t mean anything. There are traffic rules in the status of practically a federal law - and you have to drive according to them (because then you will be fined precisely according to the traffic rules and the Code of Administrative Offenses, and not according to the hot news).

Fines for violations of regulations

If for some reason you drive into a bus lane or cross a solid marking, you will be fined for violating traffic rules. Of course, if you get caught by a security camera or traffic police officers.

Let's take a more specific look at the prices for fines for driving in a dedicated lane.

Departure to the public transport zone of passing traffic:

  • in Moscow – 3,000 rubles, regions – 1,500 rubles.

Entering the oncoming road for minibuses:

  • 5,000 rubles or withdrawal of driving license for up to 0.5 years, relapse – deprivation of a driver’s license for up to 1 year or 5,000 rubles.

At the same time, you can pay the fine with a 50% discount according to the 2021 resolution. This can be done if you pay the debt within the first 20 days after the fine was received.

In large cities, travel on bus lines is more often recorded using cameras. Thus, for traveling on a dedicated line on one street, several fines may be issued at once, recorded in different places. At the same time, there is no way to challenge them if everything is marked according to the law.

In other cases, if you do not agree with the fine, feel free to challenge the punishment. Often workers make incorrect markings and the public transport lane is located incorrectly. At the same time, it is literally impossible to drive through the area without breaking the rule. There are many examples where the authorities actually made mistakes when marking separate transport zones.

Dedicated lane for public transport

  • The public transport lane is directed towards the main flow of vehicles. These roads resemble one-way roads, but they are not one-way roads. Driving into the oncoming lane of public transport, even in the absence of markings, will lead to the revocation of your driver's license.
  • Along with a dedicated lane on the road, there are several passing lanes for other vehicles.

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The driver may (but must not) enter the public transport lane when entering a road with a dedicated lane or when stopping at the right edge of the roadway to pick up and unload passengers. At the same time, there should be no interference for trolleybuses and buses, and there should also be a broken marking line on the road.


A separate lane for route vehicles still remains a controversial issue that raises questions. There are no statistics on how much such innovation has improved our lives and relieved traffic, especially automobile traffic. However, the government in any case needs to streamline the situation with roads and cars in big cities, so they use such exotic solutions.

Perhaps this is a reason to switch to public transport, but even buses sometimes get stuck in traffic jams. In cities where there is a metro network, this can save time spent in traffic jams, energy and, most importantly, money.

No matter how you feel about this idea, you should not break the rules and drive in the bus lane, forcing people who cannot afford personal vehicles to wait only for you.

Traffic regulations on road signs

A road sign is a standardized image or inscription placed on a technical road safety device located near a public road. They are installed to inform drivers and other road users about the approach or location of road infrastructure, changes in driving mode, or transmission of other important information.

Installation Rules

All standard sizes of road signs and the rules for their installation are regulated by the current national standards GOST R 52289-2004 and GOST R 52290-2004. For new signs developed in recent years, additional GOST R 58398-2019 has been adopted.

The standards are selective regarding the location of signage. Some of them are installed in advance, others - directly in front of the object or zone of change of driving mode.

The location relative to the road surface may also vary. For example, traffic lane signs are placed above the road. Most of the others are located on the right side of the road relative to vehicle traffic.

When placing signs of various types on one support, the following gradation should be used: priority signs are placed first, then warning signs, then prescriptive and special instructions, then prohibitory signs. Information and service signs, which are located in the rightmost or lower position, are of least importance.

Categories of road signs

In Russia, as in other countries that have adopted the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic Signs, all road signs are divided into 8 categories according to classification.


The purpose of warning signs is to inform the driver that they are approaching an area that may pose a danger to the vehicle, other road users or pedestrians. The driver must take into account the information and take measures to improve traffic safety. For example, slow down, be prepared to come to a complete stop, or look more closely at the roadside. It is impossible to violate the requirements of such signs - they only inform drivers and do not prohibit them from performing any maneuver.


Prohibition signs inform about the complete prohibition of any maneuver - overtaking, stopping, turning, turning around, passing, etc. Violation of the requirements of these signs is a violation of traffic rules and is punishable by a fine. This group also includes signs that cancel a previously imposed ban.

Signs of this group are installed before an intersection or crossroads, and, if necessary, no further than 25 m in populated areas and no more than 50 m outside them. The prohibition ends after the corresponding sign or intersection.

Priority signs

They are used to determine the order of passage of intersections not regulated by traffic lights, crossroads and sections of the road with insufficient width of the road surface. Among them are the classic signs “Give way”, “Main road”, etc.


Prescriptive ones indicate that it is mandatory to perform some maneuver - turn or move straight. Failure to comply with the order is considered a traffic violation and is punishable by a fine.

Bicycle and pedestrian paths are also marked with similar signs. You can continue in this direction only by bicycle or on foot.

Typically, mandatory signs are in the shape of a circle with a blue background color. The exception is “Direction of movement of vehicles with dangerous goods”, which have the shape of a rectangle.

Signs of special regulations

They regulate the entry or cancellation of special driving modes. In terms of their meaning, they combine the functions of permitting and information signs, simultaneously informing traffic participants about the introduction of a special mode of movement and indicating permission for any action. This group includes signs indicating a highway, pedestrian crossing, public transport stops, residential, bicycle and pedestrian zones, the beginning and end of a populated area, etc.


Information signs notify traffic participants about the location of populated areas, as well as the introduction of mandatory or recommended traffic modes. With signs of this type, drivers and pedestrians are informed about the location of pedestrian crossings, the location of streets, cities and rural settlements, stops, rivers, museums, hotels, etc.

Service marks

Service signs play an informational role only and do not carry any instructions for road users. Their function is to inform drivers or pedestrians about the location of service facilities - hospitals, gas stations, telephones, car washes, service stations, rest areas, etc.

Additional information signs (plates)

Used together with the main sign. The purpose of the signs is to limit the action or clarify the main road sign. Signs may also contain additional information important to road users.

The signs are made in the form of a white rectangle, sometimes a square. Images or inscriptions on plates are applied in black. In the vast majority of cases, additional information signs are located under the main sign. In order not to overload the driver with information, no more than two signs are allowed to be used simultaneously along with the main sign.

Road signs - traffic rules 2021 and their designations

It is prohibited to drive without stopping in front of the stop line, and if there is none, in front of the edge of the roadway being crossed. The driver must give way to vehicles moving along the intersection, and if there is a sign 8.13 - on the main road. Sign 2.5 can be installed in front of a railway crossing or quarantine post. In these cases, the driver must stop in front of the stop line, and if there is no stop line, in front of the sign.

The coverage area of ​​signs 3.16, 3.20, 3.22, 3.24, 3.26-3.30 extends from the place where the sign is installed to the nearest intersection behind it, and in populated areas, in the absence of an intersection, to the end of the populated area. The effect of the signs is not interrupted at exit points from areas adjacent to the road and at intersections (junctions) with field, forest and other secondary roads, in front of which the corresponding signs are not installed.

Table of signs

PriorityRegulate the order of passage of intersections, crossroads and other dangerous placesCan have any shape, red or black edging is used“Give way”, “Main road”, “Driving without stopping is prohibited”
WarningWarning about approaching a dangerous section of the roadWhite triangle with a red border, with the exception of turn signs and in the area of ​​railway crossings"Steep Descent", "Steep Ascent", "Slippery Road", "Wild Animals", "Road Works", "Children"
ProhibitingProhibit the execution of a certain maneuver, also indicate the cancellation of the prohibitionCircle shape, with a red border - a ban, with a black border - the ban is lifted“Entry prohibited”, “Overtaking prohibited” “Weight limit”, “Turning prohibited”, “Parking prohibited”, “End of all restrictions zone”
PrescriptivePrescribed to perform a specific maneuverUsually a blue circle, there are rectangular options“Driving straight”, “Circular traffic”, “Pedestrian path”
Special requirementsSet or cancel driving modesWhite, blue or green rectangles"Motorway", "End of motorway", "Tram stop", "Humve", "End of pedestrian area"
InformationThey inform about populated areas and other objects, as well as about established speed limits.Rectangular or square, with blue, white or yellow fill“Object name”, “Underground pedestrian crossing”, “Dead end”, “Distance indicator”, “Stop line”
Service marksWarns about the location of service objectsBlue rectangle with a white square inscribed in it“Telephone”, “Hospital”, “Police”, “Hotel”, “DPS post”, “Station”, “Gas station”
Additional informationClarify information for other signs, and also provide additional information for road usersThey have the form of a plate with a white background, on which text or a drawing is printed in black.“Blind pedestrians”, “Tow truck in operation”, “Action time”, “Area of ​​action”, “Distance to object”

New signs

In 2021, a new national standard GOST R 58398-2019 was adopted, which, among other things, introduced new experimental road signs. Now drivers have to get used to new signs, for example, a ban on entering the intersection in the event of a traffic jam, duplicating the “waffle” markings. There will also be new signs indicating dedicated lines for public transport, new lane designations, etc.

Not only drivers, but also pedestrians will have to get used to the new signs. Thus, signs 5.19.3d and 5.19.4d indicate diagonal pedestrian crossings.

The minimum possible size of signs will also change. Now they can have a size of no more than 40 by 40 cm, and in some cases - no more than 35 by 35 cm. The reduced signs will not block the view of drivers and will be used on non-high-speed routes and in areas of historical urban development.

Gavel sign on a bus lane

The next article in the “Traffic Signs” series will look at several new additional information signs. Let me remind you that these signs are special plates that are installed together with road signs of other groups and are intended to clarify their characteristics.

Let's look at the last point in a little more detail. On Russian roads there are roundabouts, in front of which there are signs regulating the directions of traffic along the lanes. It is understood, for example, that a driver entering in the right lane must leave the intersection to the right, one entering in the left lane must exit left, etc.

How to test yourself for knowledge of signs

Driving school students must know all traffic signs in order to pass the exam. However, even experienced drivers must remember the main road signs. Many are quite rare, for example, the sign “Low-flying aircraft” can only be found in airport areas. Similarly, “Falling stones” or “Wild animals” will cause harm to a driver who does not travel outside the city.

Therefore, even drivers with extensive experience would do well to test themselves on their knowledge of various types of road signs, specific signs and the consequences that will result from failure to comply with their requirements. You can do this using the latest online tickets on the topic of road signs valid in 2021.

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The most interesting question is what to do with non-Russian speaking drivers? Foreigners are allowed to drive on our roads. And if the Russian-language signs with the names of objects are of an informational nature, then in this case the Russian-language sign has a prohibitive meaning...

“got used to it” Don’t forget the main thing: the car is a source of increased danger and the driver must be vigilant! The road situation changes every second, and when we get behind the wheel we must monitor all the changes around us. Or is it not? Why are we trying to blame anyone but ourselves? You need to look at the road!

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