New Disabled Badge: what it looks like, where and how to get it

Just ten years ago there were very few cars with the “Disabled” sign on Russian roads. But the introduction of paid parking, the emergence of benefits for certain categories of citizens (in particular for the disabled), as well as separate parking spaces, led to the appearance of many cars with a characteristic distinctive sign - a wheelchair on a yellow background. The paradox of the situation was that there was not a single single document in the country regulating the appearance of the “Disabled” sign on a car, except for the indication in the Road Traffic Rules that vehicles driven by disabled people of groups I and II, transporting such disabled people or disabled children, an identification sign “Disabled” may be installed. You could buy it in any store.

The first law that addressed this topic appeared in 2011. Article 12.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses was supplemented with clause 4.1, which prescribed a fine of 5,000 rubles for illegal installation. Liability was introduced, but no explanation was given as to how to legally install and use the sign. Only in February 2016, amendments to the traffic rules were adopted, obliging disabled drivers or persons transporting people with disabilities to carry certificates confirming their physical condition.

Finally, on September 4, 2021, Order of the Ministry of Labor No. 443n came into force, approving the “Procedure for issuing the identification badge “Disabled” for individual use.” Previously, on June 14, by a government resolution, this department was given the opportunity to exercise powers in this matter, since even the drafter of such a “Procedure” had not been determined by law before.

Let's look at how the country's more than eight million officially registered disabled people can now obtain a car placard that confirms their status and provides certain benefits.

Who can use such a sign?

This is the most incomprehensible and controversial point of the entire “Order”. In order to understand all the ambiguous and unclear points, it is better to quote it in full:

“This Procedure determines the rules for issuing the identification badge “Disabled” for individual use, confirming the right to free parking for vehicles driven by disabled people of groups I, II, as well as disabled people of group III in the manner established by the Government of the Russian Federation, and vehicles carrying such disabled people and (or) disabled children.”

What does "individual use" mean? An individual is always one person. It is unlikely that the rule-makers had in mind the fact that a disabled person should be alone in the car. After all, quite often people with disabilities cannot move unaccompanied, even if they drive a car themselves. And “Order” also has no right to reject the right to commercial use, since every person can use his property as he pleases within the framework of the law. The owner can also earn money using his property, which is a car. So that's the wording.

What about free parking?

The addition about the use of “confirming the right to free parking” also raises questions. After all, it essentially limits the benefits of the “Disabled” sign to paid parking only. According to the Traffic Rules, a disabled person’s car can pass under signs 3.2 (Traffic is prohibited), 3.3 (Motor vehicles are prohibited) and stop in the coverage area of ​​signs 3.28 (Parking is prohibited), 3.29/30 (Parking is prohibited on odd/even days of the month) . Since traffic regulations have greater force than the “Order” approved by the department, this restriction - only for paid parking - looks absolutely meaningless.

In addition to the right to park for free, there are also special spaces for disabled people that ordinary motorists cannot use. For parking in a specially designated slot for disabled people, you can get a fine of 5,000 rubles or then have to look for a towed car.

Who has the right to a sign, parking and parking for a disabled person in a car in 2021?

The applicant is not required to own a vehicle to obtain the badge. It is provided to a specific person, not a car.

Even if a disabled person is transported by strangers in their car, he has the right to enter information about this car in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Then the carrier acquires all the benefits provided to the owners of the “disabled” sign. Even if it's a taxi.

The main difference of the new sticker is the indication of personal information on it. On the reverse side, the data of the disabled person is written down - full name, date of birth, assigned group, date of issue of the plate. And on the front side there is an individual number of the sign and its validity period. Using this data, it is easy to determine whether the sticker is real or fake.

In addition, citizens with hearing impairments or deaf mutes can receive a “Deaf Driver” sign. This is a round yellow sign with three black dots, 4 cm in diameter, located in the center.

The “Disabled Person” sticker itself looks like a yellow square with a black schematic image of a person in a wheelchair in the middle. The sides of the plate are 15 cm.

Among those who are entitled to an identification mark on their car, the following categories of the population are distinguished:

  • drivers who transport sick people;
  • citizens with 1st, 2nd and 3rd disability groups;
  • parents raising disabled children.

People with health problems need to know what a disabled person's sign on their car does. With such a sticker, the driver has an advantage in using parking spaces in specially designated parking areas.

In addition, in each parking lot, 10% of the spaces must be allocated to citizens with disabilities . Such areas are usually indicated by signs and appropriate markings. Moreover, even in paid parking lots there must be at least one free space for a disabled person.

Also, drivers of cars with this sign may not obey some prohibitory signs:

  1. No parking.
  2. Parking on odd or even days is not permitted.
  3. Movement Prohibition.

The last sign can only be ignored by people with groups 1 and 2 and disabled children. As for those who carry passengers with disabilities, this privilege applies to their cars during a direct trip with the patient.

Despite changes in the rules for using the road symbol, if your car already has an old sticker, it is not necessary to replace it with a new one. The main thing is to always have documents with you confirming your right to benefits.

In the case of the first registration of a disability group, the person will immediately be explained where to obtain a new type of disabled person sign. Now only the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise (MSE), and not the State Traffic Inspectorate or the MFC, is responsible for issuing the plate. It is important to consider that a citizen may not necessarily own personal transport.

How to get a badge?

To obtain a badge, you need to contact the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise , which also issues basic certificates of disability. This may be a branch (you need to go there first), the main bureau (if problems arose in the first instance - a refusal was received or additional examinations are required) and, most importantly, the Federal Bureau (issuing signs in particularly difficult cases of establishing disability). The badge can be obtained both at the place of primary registration and at the place of stay.

The main document is an application for obtaining a badge . In addition to the application itself, it must indicate the full name of the disabled person, residential address and insurance policy number. You will also need to provide an identity document and a certificate of disability . An application and the same package of documents can be submitted on behalf of the legal representative of a disabled person.

But you will have to wait a month for the sign to be issued from the date of registration of the application. It is not clear why it takes so long: in Moscow, a preferential parking permit is issued in 10 days, and the bureau that itself issued the disability certificate does not need to check its authenticity. Perhaps these 30 days will be spent on making the sign itself. Receiving the finished sign will only take a day.

If the sign is lost or has become unusable, you can get a duplicate by submitting the same package of documents. When changing the region of stay in a new place, a disabled person will have to receive a new badge according to the same rules. The procedure does not provide for any fee for issuing a “Disabled Person” badge.

New disabled person sign from September 4, 2021

Hello, in this article we will try to answer the question: “New sign for disabled person from September 4, 2021.” You can also consult with lawyers online for free directly on the website.

In addition, cars of disabled people of all groups may be parked within the coverage area of ​​the parking prohibited signs.

And I was faced with the fact that I had to completely re-register, roughly speaking, this is an invalid permit. It’s incredibly inconvenient that it needs to be registered specifically for a car, because I can really take a child in any car, and the fact that a particular car can park under a sign for a disabled person is inconvenient.

In 2021, the rules for issuing the “Disabled” badge are no longer in force. Instead of the sign, information about the cars of disabled drivers and about cars that transport disabled people and disabled children is placed by the Pension Fund in the federal register of disabled people.

Access to the federal register is provided to all traffic police officers who are authorized to fine violators.

Which disability groups can drive a vehicle?

It is assumed that traffic police officers will have access to the register, who will be able to identify and fine violators. The fine for parking in disabled spaces is 5,000 rubles. Plus, the car can be sent by tow truck to the impound lot, for which you will also have to fork out, this is several thousand more.

Certain prohibiting traffic signs do not apply to vehicles driven by disabled people or carrying disabled children.

The signs are issued at the medical and social examination bureau at the place of residence of the disabled person or child with disabilities. There are about ten such Bureaux in the Kaliningrad region.

Until the end of 2021, the graphic designation “disabled” was issued in accordance with traffic regulations, which provided for the circulation of two types of stickers: a standard designation and a “deaf driver” sign.

Their widespread uncontrolled distribution has entailed the need to revise the legal framework on this issue.

The “Disabled” sign on cars has been converted into electronic form

Nothing will happen. The current legislation for 2021 does not provide for a penalty for loss. In this case, the bereaved person should contact the ITU Bureau for a duplicate of the “Disabled Person” sign. Then, in the corner of the new sign, replacing the lost one, the signature “Duplicate” is placed, and the old one is declared invalid.

In exchange for the “disabled person” badge, it is enough to enter data into the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, but the “disabled person” badge itself must be purchased independently.

Not all categories of persons recognized as disabled have the right to install. If disability group 1 or 2 is registered, the person can install the appropriate sign on the car. Persons transporting disabled people and parents of children with disabilities also have this right.

Therefore, recently amendments have been introduced to the traffic rules regulating the procedure for obtaining a disabled person’s sign for a car.

In many regions, fines for illegal parking in spaces for disabled people are issued automatically, that is, they are recorded by cameras. At the same time, the cameras do not know how to find the “Disabled” sign under the car window, so they simply read its registration number from the car and check it against the database.

In the Russian Federation, the type of sign in question is not issued by traffic police officers. This means that a person has the opportunity to purchase a sticker for a car or make it themselves. Stickers are available for free sale; they can be purchased at any auto store; they can also be sold in supermarkets and other retail outlets.

To obtain a special sign, you must collect a package of documents, which includes:

  1. Application requesting a sign.
  2. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, international passport or other document identifying the applicant.
  3. Certificate of disability (issued by ITU after passing a special medical commission).
  4. Vehicle registration certificate (if available).

A disability sign can be installed on their car both by disabled people of groups I, II or III driving a vehicle, and by citizens transporting disabled people of all groups and disabled children in their own cars. In this case, the sign is not installed on the car on a permanent basis, but only for the time that the person in whose name it was issued is in it.

Signs not applicable to disabled people

There are special parking spaces for people with disabilities near supermarkets and hospitals. Only cars with a “Disabled” sign can park there.

Vehicles with the “Disabled” designation affixed can also enjoy a number of benefits when parking. We are talking about places that are marked with similar symbols.

Cancellation of an illegal fine should not be difficult, but you will have to spend time on this procedure.

By the way, legally, persons with disabilities have the right to park even in those places that are paid. Such a sign cannot be installed at the request of a motorist who does not have a license for it.

Cancellation of an illegal fine should not be difficult, but you will have to spend time on this procedure.

Now, in order to receive parking benefits, you need to issue an electronic permit. Traffic police officers will check the availability of benefits only using the Federal Register of Persons with Disabilities.

Is it necessary to get a disability sign for a car in 2021?

From July 1, you will no longer need to provide a disability certificate to receive payments and government services. Now the necessary information will be requested by authorized bodies through interdepartmental electronic interaction, as well as from the Federal Register of Disabled Persons. According to a similar scheme, from March 1, absentee re-examination of disability is being temporarily carried out for the duration of the pandemic.

In Russia, new rules for issuing a “Disabled” badge for cars will come into force on September 4. The sticker will be issued at the bureau of medical and social examination. “Klops” found out where and how to get a special sticker and how much it will cost.

This order was developed on August 24, 2021 and came into force on September 4 of the same year. The regulatory act appeared against the backdrop of changes in the Federal Law “On Social Protection of Disabled Persons,” which also underwent changes.

Free stopping at places for the disabled, which are required by law to be equipped near shopping centers and other public institutions and, as a rule, are located closest to the entrance to the building.

The new requirements for obtaining the “Disabled Person” badge and the conditions for its use are much more convenient than those that were in effect previously. Previously, special rules were assigned to the specific car that a disabled person drives.

The basic provisions for permission to operate a machine state that the plate must be located on the glass located at the front or rear. There is no specific location where the sign should be located.

Some unscrupulous motorists have started installing similar badges on their cars and taking advantage of benefits against the rules. In 2021, you do not have to present a medical certificate confirming health problems to traffic police inspectors.

It can also be installed on vehicles that transport people with disabilities.

However, in the second case, you will have to re-submit the package of documents, since the first copy will be considered outdated. On average, it takes 30 days to check all documents and produce a sign.

At the end of 2021, changes were made to the rules for providing parking in disabled spaces.

In addition, in 2021, the driver of a car with a “Disabled Person” sign is required to carry documents confirming the disability of the driver or passenger. Traffic regulations require such documents to be presented to a traffic police officer for verification.

The Ministry of Labor of Russia will issue and issue this sign at the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise. It will no longer be available for free sale.

A number of adopted resolutions not only established a special procedure for obtaining a special sign, but also removed them from free sale. The main legal document that introduced significant changes was Order No. 443-nn of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation. Once accepted, the sticker is assigned not to the car, but to the person.

According to the new rules for installing an identification mark in 2021, it is now issued not for a car, but for a specific citizen with a disability.

The sign is a yellow plate with a figure of a man in a wheelchair in the center. People with critical hearing loss use a yellow round sign with three circles that, when connected, create a triangle.

Traffic regulations for disabled people contain some “benefits” that you can take advantage of without fear of traffic police fines. The traffic rules establish special requirements for vehicles driven by disabled people (regardless of the disability group). In addition, benefits apply to vehicles transporting disabled people and disabled children.

The badge appeared in September 2021, it is personalized, and in order to receive it, you had to collect a package of documents and stand in line. As explained in the Ministry of Labor, now instead of the “Disabled Person” sign there will be an entry in the Federal Register of Disabled Persons about the vehicle used.

In this case, the person can simply carry it with him and hang it on any car that transports it. The order, of course, takes into account the subtlety when the “Disabled Person” sign can be equipped not only with a car belonging to this person, but also with any car transporting a disabled person (clause 1 of the document). This is especially true, for example, for disabled children.

People with health problems need to know what a disabled person's sign on their car does. With such a sticker, the driver has an advantage in using parking spaces in specially designated parking areas.

According to the traffic rules, persons with disabilities have every right to drive a vehicle, provided they do not have a disease that would prevent safe driving.

We went to the store, came back and went home, there are no questions here. If an acquaintance just dropped him off or gave a ride somewhere to a disabled person, then the disabled person took the signs with him, and the acquaintance left.”

How does an issued sign differ from one purchased in a store?

Just as before, the sign will comply with the accepted GOST standards: size 15x15 cm, yellow background color, black symbol. But now on the front side of the plate the following will appear: the owner’s data (entered by hand or in print), the badge number, the expiration date of the disability (then the badge will expire; if the expiration date is not specified, the badge is valid indefinitely) and the region of issue. On the back will be placed: the full name of the disabled person, date of birth, certificate number, validity period, disability group and date of issue of the badge.

Advantages of the new sign

One of the advantages of the adopted “Order” is that the “Disabled” sign is not tied to a specific car. Now the sign is valid when a person with disabilities is inside the car. Thus, the owner can use any vehicle for transportation, including a taxi. You just need to place the signs under the front and rear windows of the vehicle. The same applies to persons transporting disabled people or disabled children.

But we must not forget that if there is no disabled person in the car, the signs must be removed. Otherwise, you face the same punishment for illegal use. An invalid sign will not protect against all fines and sanctions that apply to ordinary cars for violating traffic rules.

Do you need to rush to receive it?

On the one hand, it is better not to hesitate. After all, the adopted “Order” is a legal method required by the Administrative Code. But, in any case, from September 4, all disabled drivers will be violators for at least a month - and this is the period during which they are required to issue a new sign - even if they submit an application and all other necessary documents on the day the new “Procedure” comes into effect.

On the other hand, the current “Procedure” is a completely separate document, not related to GOSTs, traffic rules, or the same Code of Administrative Offenses, since these laws do not contain references to the Order of the Ministry of Labor, which means that the mandatory execution of this document remains unclear. And the benefits for paid parking in different cities, as well as the rules for obtaining them, vary.

An obvious advantage of the adopted “Procedure for obtaining “Disabled” signs” is the elimination from the streets of those unscrupulous car owners who often resorted to buying a fake disability certificate and, hiding behind yellow signs, violated traffic rules. But there is also a minus: real disabled people will have to make an effort to get these signs. They will once again have to undergo a certain and not entirely simple procedure in order to make their life easier.

New disabled person sign from September 4, 2021 how to attach

Hello, in this article we will try to answer the question: “How to attach the new disabled person sign from September 4, 2021.” You can also consult with lawyers online for free directly on the website.

To obtain a special sign, you must collect a package of documents, which includes:

  1. Application requesting a sign.
  2. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, international passport or other document identifying the applicant.
  3. Certificate of disability (issued by ITU after passing a special medical commission).
  4. Vehicle registration certificate (if available).

Since the law does not establish a sample for an application for a plate, it is drawn up in any form. The document must indicate the name of the organization, as well as the applicant’s data (full name, passport details, registration address, etc.)

How to correctly install the “Disabled” sign on a car from 2021

The law establishes not only the appearance, which was slightly changed in 2021, but also the size of the plate. It is a yellow square, 150x150 mm in size, on the front side of which, in addition to a schematically depicted person in a wheelchair, is written:

  1. Issue code.
  2. Validity period (may be indefinite).
  3. Individual number.

Drivers with disabilities due to their health status have a number of privileges on the road, as do the persons who transport them. In most cases, cars with a sign are not affected by road signs such as:

  1. Parking is prohibited, both in general and only on even or odd dates.
  2. Movement Prohibition.

This is due to the fact that such signs are usually installed along with signs extending their effect to people with disabilities.

On the territory of Ukraine, you don’t need to do anything to obtain a special sign. The plates are not personalized, without a personal number and are sold in the public domain. However, as in the Russian Federation, traffic police officers have the right to request a certificate confirming that the driver or his passenger has a disability.

If it is not available, and there are no visible signs of health problems, then the individual will be charged with the unreasonable use of a “disabled person” car sticker. Such a violation is punishable from 1020 to 1700 UAH, which in rubles is equal to 2701 and 4510, respectively.

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