What to do if you lost your car insurance? Step-by-step instruction

A car insurance policy is a guarantee that you will not have to pay for the repair of someone else’s car in the event of an accident (compulsory motor insurance) or restore your own car (CASCO). OSAGO insurance is mandatory for every motorist; CASCO insurance is voluntary.

The insurance policy is included in the mandatory package of documents, which must be kept with the driver at all times while driving. It's no surprise that sometimes insurance gets lost. What to do if you lost your car insurance? Where to go and how to quickly restore this important document?

Is it possible to drive without a policy if you have lost it?

In real life, unplanned events often occur; failure to preserve documents is one of them. Anything can happen. You left the insurance in a public place without the possibility of return, got caught in the rain, which caused the paper to deteriorate or, conversely, faded after being in the sun. If the insurance is lost or damaged, there is little pleasure, but first of all you need to inform the traffic police and the insurance company about the loss, and then figure out how to restore it and what to do.

It often happens that you notice a loss at the last moment: when you need to go to work or when stopped by a traffic police officer. Is this a familiar story? The question immediately arises: is it possible to drive a car for some time without a policy? It is forbidden . Insurance is mandatory for every car owner. In theory, you can drive, but this is only until the first stop by the traffic police. Don’t forget that there is always a danger of getting into an accident. Then, if you do not have a policy and it is established that you are at fault, you will have to cover the costs of the other driver. It's up to you to decide whether to take risks or not. But we still recommend using a taxi or public transport to get to the insurance company and solve the problem.

Driving without insurance

The absence of a CASCO policy with you is not a problem: this document is important for you and the insurance company, and is absolutely necessary in the event of an insured event (an accident or other situations of damage to your car).

But with the compulsory MTPL insurance policy, things are much more serious - it must always be with you, and is presented upon the first request of the traffic police inspector. If you do not have insurance, you will receive a fine of 500 rubles (Article 12.3 of the Code of Administrative Offences); if it is expired, you will have to pay 800 rubles.

The only positive point in this situation: the traffic police officer does not have the right to apply other types of punishment to you. After a protocol has been drawn up and a fine has been issued, you can move on. But it is important to understand that the next traffic police post may fine you again.

Therefore, if you notice that you do not have MTPL insurance, it is better to park your car in the yard and start restoring the lost document!

When they already stopped

If you are stopped by traffic police and it turns out that your MTPL policy is lost, you will face a fine, so you need to think in advance about how to restore it.

As a standard, 800 rubles are charged for the absence of a document. In a lighter version, you will be asked to pay 500 rubles: such a fine is provided for a policy forgotten at home. The good news is that they don’t take away your license, tow your car, or remove license plates for this. In addition, if you stop again, there are no additional sanctions, the same 800 rubles.

It is also important to distinguish when the policy is lost or damaged, and when it is expired or does not exist at all. In the first case, traffic police officers can enter your insurance number into the database and, under favorable circumstances, release you without a fine. In the second, you will have to give the money.

What is the risk of losing an MTPL policy?

Traffic police officers who discover that a car owner does not have an insurance policy have the right to fine him.
More details about sanctions are described in the “Regulatory framework” section. The fine for lack of insurance is small, but it is better to avoid it by obtaining a duplicate document from the insurance company (insurance company). Until 2014, drivers who left without the proper package of documents were subject to more stringent sanctions:

  1. Sending the car to a impound lot until the circumstances are clarified. While the traffic police officer checked the driver’s insurance against the database and also issued a fine, it was impossible to use the car.
  2. Removal of license plates. Traffic police officers had the right to temporarily remove state signs from a car to prevent a motorist from driving without insurance. After paying the fine and presenting a valid duplicate of the MTPL license plates were returned.

In 2014, these measures were canceled, and car owners can continue driving even without insurance.

Much more serious consequences will arise if a car owner who has lost insurance gets into an accident. If by the time the policy is lost, its term will already expire, and at the time of the accident it will completely expire, then the insurance company will not be obliged to pay compensation to the victim. You will have to pay the costs of repairing a car, including someone else’s, and restoring yourself and your loved ones in medical institutions. Costs can reach several million rubles.

However, such consequences will arise only if the policy is not only lost, but also expired. The loss of a paper duplicate of the MTPL is not grounds for termination of the contract, therefore, in most cases, the loss of the document does not lead to financial problems after an accident.

How to restore your MTPL insurance policy?

Now let's look at the procedure when you have to get a new policy. There is no need to purchase a new one, because last time you were included in a special unified database of insurers. No additional financial resources are required.

First of all, you should go to the insurance company where it was issued to you. To restore a lost MTPL insurance policy, you need the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Driver's license
  • Vehicle ownership document
  • Receipt for payment of the policy (if available)

You also need to write an application to have your car license reinstated. In a week you will be able to receive a duplicate of your MTPL insurance policy.

You can apply for policy restoration here.

Procedure for reinstating your insurance policy

Loss of an MTPL policy is a common occurrence.

The reasons may be different : a banal loss due to absent-mindedness, theft of documents, and so on. Very often, after selling a car, the car owner forgets the OGAGO policy and goes to the company to terminate the insurance contract. But without a document in hand, this is impossible, so the manager makes a duplicate of the policy, and only then carries out the termination procedure. Restoring a lost document takes two minutes if the policy is printed from an electronic database, but in five minutes it can be issued manually.

Digital copy

Today, many motorists use an electronic copy of insurance rather than a traditional one. This is convenient - you can buy it online and restore it more easily. However, the owner of the car is required to have a printout of it with him.

The convenience is that it is impossible to lose insurance purchased online. All data is saved in the database. If a printout of your MTPL policy is lost, it’s easy to restore it. All you need to do is log in to your personal account on the insurance company’s website. You can also print a new form there. We remind you that all drivers are required to have it with them.

There may be situations when everything happens exactly the opposite. There is an electronic policy, but its paper version has disappeared. Here you need to contact your insurance company with a printed document and ask to issue a policy, previously drawn up on a strict reporting form.

Normative base

It does not matter how the policy was lost: damaged, stolen or forgotten somewhere - driving a vehicle without compulsory motor liability insurance is unacceptable. In particular, the absence of a document with oneself is recognized as an administrative offense and is regulated by separate provisions of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

Additionally, the regulations of the procedure are reflected in clause 2.1.1 of the Road Traffic Rules of the Russian Federation, according to which the driver is required to carry the insurance policy with him and provide it to the traffic police inspector upon request.

The insurance company refuses to reinstate the policy

You did everything right, but insurers refuse to reinstate your policy. Unfortunately, such moments also happen in a driver’s life. What to do in such cases?

To begin with, contact directly the official who refuses to restore it. He must write a written notice detailing the reasons for his refusal. After this, you need to act in accordance with what he answered.

As a last resort, contact the Russian Union of Auto Insurers. They will tell you how to act in such situations.

Email address for receiving scanned copies of complaints and requests: .

RSA information center telephone numbers:

  • (495) 641-27-85 – for residents of Moscow and the Moscow region,
  • 8-800-200-22-75 – for residents of other regions of the Russian Federation.

Necessary documents when reinstating an MTPL policy

As in every legal procedure, when restoring an MTPL policy, the applicant needs to have with him a certain list of documents, namely:

  • application for the restoration of compulsory motor liability insurance;
  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation - from the owner of the vehicle;
  • driver's license;
  • passport of the technical device.

These positions will be sufficient to successfully achieve the goal of obtaining a duplicate of the MTPL.


In some situations, additional documents may be required: a registration certificate or a diagnostic card.

I forgot where I took out insurance

We have already found out that it is important to resolve all issues with insurers. But this knowledge can be broken by a not so rare problem: the car owner simply forgot where he took out the policy. This mainly applies to older people; they simply might not remember the name of the company. This is easy to solve. You need to go to the website of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers. There, enter the VIN number and registration plate of the car. The system will immediately provide information about which company issued the document to you. After this, you can contact her to reinstate the policy. If the policy was issued through an electronic broker, then you just need to go to your personal account, everything is saved there.

As you can see, it is possible to restore a lost vehicle license. However, the procedure requires time and effort, which not everyone has. The lack of insurance in the event of an accident can even provoke endless walking through the authorities with evidence of one’s innocence. To prevent this from happening, renew your policy on time and always keep a copy with you. Having an electronic copy makes life much easier; it can be restored much faster.

Good luck on the roads!

Car insurance restoration

If the insurance is not expired, that is, it is valid, but the document itself is not in hand, then it can be restored quickly and with minimal financial costs. To begin with, of course, you should thoroughly search for it in places where you have been since the last time you saw the policy - it is possible that it will be found, and the problem will disappear by itself.

If the search does not produce results, you will have to obtain a duplicate of the insurance contract. Based on the current Rules on OSAGO, you can receive a copy of the policy free of charge, and an unlimited number of times. To do this, you need to contact your insurance company for a duplicate, and if you issued an electronic version of the policy, you can simply go to the insurer’s website in your personal account and print a copy of the document yourself.

If you need to contact an insurance company, you will need to collect a package of documents:

  • passport;
  • driver license;
  • documents for the car (STS, PTS).

The insurer may additionally request a diagnostic card and a receipt for payment of the insurance premium for the original policy. These two documents are not always required, since a competent insurance company has all the necessary information on your insurance contract in its database.

You should contact the central office of your insurer with a package of documents, where you will additionally have to fill out a statement about the loss of the original insurance. This concludes your participation! The company's employees should issue you a duplicate of the insurance within 24 hours, although this is usually done faster - you just need to extract your contract from the database and print it again.

Important! A renewed insurance policy is not a new contract. It will contain the same validity periods and conditions as the lost document.

How to get new insurance

A duplicate of the compulsory medical insurance policy is issued when it was stolen, lost or became unusable, became dilapidated (torn, text faded, some parts were lost or the card with electronic media was damaged, etc.).

So, in order to renew your compulsory medical insurance policy, you need to contact the company’s office and fill out an application. You can also print out the form at home if you have Internet access.

You must go to the website of the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund of your city or region of residence. It contains information about all medical insurance companies operating in the region. You can choose any of them.

Remember: no one, including the clinic, can insist on taking out insurance from a particular company.

An application form is available on the website. You need to print it out and fill it out by hand, trying to write legibly and using a black or blue pen. After submitting an application and the necessary package of documents to the office, the lost policy is canceled immediately.

Before receiving a permanent policy, a temporary one is issued. The time frame for producing a permanent compulsory health insurance policy is discussed individually and can take the company’s specialists from two weeks to three months. They can report their readiness via the Internet. The paper version of the policy (blue) is unlimited.

If your compulsory medical insurance card was stolen, the recovery procedure will be different. You are required to file a report with the police.

If a case is opened regarding the theft, you will have to wait until the end of the investigation. You will be able to use medical care only with a temporary certificate, which will have to be renewed every month.

You should not contact the police when only the policy is stolen. As a rule, a criminal case is initiated based on the theft of valuables and important documents.

If you are worried that an attacker may be using your insurance, immediately contact your insurer and start the process of issuing a new card.

Then the old data about your contract will be automatically deleted from the database.

  • Policyholder's passport;
  • Personal insurance account number (SNILS);
  • Registration or temporary registration.

Foreigners will additionally need a residence permit. In addition, you will need to write an application for the issuance of a duplicate policy according to the established template. As a rule, this procedure is performed in the office, but you can write such an application yourself (a sample is posted on the websites of regional social insurance funds).

How to independently calculate your KBM

To independently calculate your coefficient, use the KBM table.

Driver classKBMClass depending on the number of insurance compensations during the validity period of the insurance policy
0 compensation1 compensation2 compensations3 compensations4 compensations

Upon initial conclusion of an insurance contract, the driver is assigned class 3 with a coefficient equal to one, which means 100% of the cost of insurance.

With annual accident-free driving, the class will increase and the coefficient will decrease, this means that the discount will be 5% larger .

That is, with an 8th class driver, the accident-free rate will be 0.75, and the discount is equal to 25%.

Expert opinion

Valery Volkov

Insurance expert

Buy eOSAGO through RSA

In the event of insured events and payments, the driver’s class may be reduced or even reset to zero. The more such situations arise, the higher the likelihood that the insurance policy will overpay the driver.

As an example, let’s take a driver with class 12, his discount on the policy is 45%, his CBM is 0.55. But at the end of the year it so happened that he received insurance payments three times, which means that his BMI is again 1, i.e. the cost of his policy at the next registration will be 100%. If there were 4 such payments, then when the policy is issued in the future, the BMR would be 2.45, which means that the cost would be almost 2.5 times higher.

Important! The maximum possible class is 13, the most profitable CBM is 0.5, the maximum discount for such a CBM is 50%.

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You can see detailed instructions on how to register for electronic compulsory motor liability insurance in this article.

You can also pre-calculate the cost of compulsory motor liability insurance using an online calculator.

OSAGO online calculator

Restoring the MTPL policy when changing your last name

The MTPL policy must contain only up-to-date information that corresponds to all valid documents - this primarily applies to the passport and driver’s license of the persons listed in the insurance certificate.

Obviously, if one of the positions containing a citizen’s personal data has been changed, this should also be reflected in the insurance. For the most part, this is true for women who, after getting married, decided to change their last name.

For your information

Since 2014, driving a car with a license with false information is strictly prohibited.

In this case, the policy restoration procedure is identical to the standard one:

  1. Collect documents and write an application (sample).
  2. Visit an insurance company.
  3. Wait for the application to be reviewed.
  4. Get a policy.

After receiving an application from the policyholder to change the surname, the insurer makes adjustments to the documents and the automated information system.

In this case, at the user’s request, either a new document or an old one is issued with clarification of the new data on the back of the policy in the column “Special notes”.

Instructions for filling out a letter to the Central Bank

  • applications for refund of overpayment.
  • Enter your data into the template columns
  • Sign and date.
  • Copy the current MTPL policy and attach it to this letter.
  • Also attach a copy of your driver's license on both sides.
  • All together must be folded into an envelope and sent to the Central Bank at the address indicated at the top of the template on the right.
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