Without a certificate - not disabled: about new amendments to traffic rules

In 2021, the rules for issuing the “Disabled” badge are no longer in force. Instead of the sign, information about the cars of disabled drivers and about cars that transport disabled people and disabled children is placed by the Pension Fund in the federal register of disabled people. Access to the federal register is provided to all traffic police officers who are authorized to fine violators. The fine for parking in a disabled parking space is 5,000 rubles.

However, clause 8 of RF PP No. 1090 states that an information sign must be installed on a vehicle in which a person with disabilities travels. Therefore, a disability sign must be placed on the vehicle. The Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation also provides for liability for the absence of the sign of Art. 12.4 and 12.5

The new rules apply in 2021. Thanks to them, the circle of individuals who have the right to apply for leaving a car with a disabled sign has expanded. Plus, the procedure for issuing a “disabled person” badge has changed. In 2021, the number of entities through which you can apply for a parking permit has changed. In exchange for the “disabled person” badge, it is enough to enter data into the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, but the “disabled person” badge itself must be purchased independently. Let’s look at what the new changes are, how interested parties can apply for a “disabled person” badge, and what benefits it provides in 2021.

Who can get a disability sign for a car in 2021?

Instead of the “Disabled” nameplate, in 2021 an entry is made in the Federal Register of Disabled Drivers about the car used. Disabled persons or their legal representatives must submit an application to the Pension Fund for inclusion of the vehicle in the register. This procedure can be done through:

  • State Services Portal.
  • Multifunctional.
  • “Personal account” in the federal state information system “Federal Register of Disabled Persons”.

You just need to purchase the sign yourself.

At the end of 2021, changes were made to the rules for providing parking in disabled spaces. Previously, you could park:

  • Persons who have been assigned disability group I, II or III.
  • Disabled children.

In accordance with Government Decree No. 1414 in 2021, citizens assigned to group III acquired the right to be able to park in spaces for disabled people.

Information about the cars of disabled drivers can be submitted to the Pension Fund by both disabled people of groups I, II or III driving a vehicle, and citizens who transport disabled people of all groups and disabled children in their own cars.

Changes in 2021

New disabled vehicle placards placed under the windshield must be registered beginning September 4, 2021. On this day, Order No. 443-N “On the procedure for issuing the identification badge “disabled person” for individual use” came into force. After the information appeared in the media, owners of ordinary signs had a misunderstanding about what to do now, and whether the old models will be relevant.

The innovations affected the appearance of the car sign. Now on its front side there will be an identification number of the plate and its validity period. It must correspond to the expiration date of the disability certificate. If it is issued for an indefinite period, a corresponding entry will be made on the plate. On the back there is personal personalized information about the copyright holder.

Attention! Be sure to always carry your title documents with you, because any traffic police officer can ask for them for verification.

Regarding the mandatory requirement to obtain the “disabled person” nameplates installed in the vehicle, the following can be said:

  1. The sale of standard car badges in stores is not prohibited.
  2. The traffic rules do not stipulate that only a personal plate with an identification number should be used.

Therefore, until a ban is introduced on the sale of “disabled person” car signs in auto supply stores and changes are made to the traffic rules, both versions of the sign will have legal force. Motorists in the “disabled” category will not need to change their regular badge to an individual one in the near future.

Normative base

Until the end of 2021, the graphic designation “disabled” was issued in accordance with traffic regulations, which provided for the circulation of two types of stickers: a standard designation and a “deaf driver” sign. Their widespread uncontrolled distribution has entailed the need to revise the legal framework on this issue. In 2021 it includes:

  • RF PP No. 1414 (dated November 24, 2018) introduces a number of changes to Council of Ministers Resolution No. 1090 (dated October 23, 1993). They touched, first of all, on traffic rules. We clarified the details regarding the sign.
  • Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation N 724n. The document approved a new procedure for issuing a disability badge in 2021.
  • RF PP No. 1090 (dated October 23, 1993) – clause 8 of the Basic Provisions for the admission of a vehicle to operation requires the installation of a sign.
  • Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 181 (dated November 24, 1995) provides the opportunity for people with disabilities to issue a special sign on their car as a measure of social security.
  • RF PP No. 95 (dated February 20, 2006) establishes the rules for assigning a disability group to an individual.
  • RF PP No. 674 (dated July 16, 2016) regulates the procedure for maintaining the register of disabled people, in which all entries regarding the signs provided on cars for this category of citizens are made.

Punishments provided for violations related to the illegal or incorrect establishment of a disability sign are recorded in the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. Art. is dedicated to them. 12.4 and 12.5.

What's happened?

So, we are talking about two important changes in legislation:

  1. the procedure for issuing the Disabled person badge for the relevant categories of citizens - 1st, 2nd and 3rd disability groups,
  2. relevant changes in traffic regulations.

Changes in issuance - which disabled people are entitled to a badge?

The first innovation occurred in the form of the publication and entry into force of Order of the Ministry of Labor No. 443N, regulating the procedure for issuing the sign, as well as who is entitled to it. This legal act answered the question of whether the sign is for disabled people of group 3.

In short, this identification plate for the car has become personalized - if previously it could be bought at any stall or auto store, the Order for 2021 prescribes that it is personalized - issued to this category of citizens solely on the basis of a disability certificate.

This is what the new sign looks like, which can be obtained from the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise (MSE) from September 4, 2021:

But the main thing that has changed is that the Disabled Badge is now issued to 3 groups of these persons.

Changes in traffic rules

As we have already indicated above, they were brought into line with the new issuance procedure... But inaccuracies and shortcomings in the Rules still remained. The most important of the shortcomings is that the most important point has changed - the 8 Basic Provisions, which prescribe what this badge should look like. From it, only the distribution to groups 1 and 2 was excluded and cosmetic changes were made.

Specifically, the current definition in the traffic rules as of today, May 25, 2021, is contained in the following form:

8. The following identification marks must be installed on vehicles:

  • Disabled person - in the form of a yellow square with a side of 150 mm and a black image of the symbol of road sign 8.17 - in front or behind motor vehicles driven by disabled people, transporting them, including disabled children.

Meanwhile, the medical examination office issues a white sign; it is not square at all. But, most importantly, it is given in one copy, so it can only be hung from the back or front. On November 24, 2018, the traffic rules were also changed in this regard - instead of the obligation to place a sign both in front and behind the car, it became possible to install it either in front or behind.

This is what it looks like according to the Traffic Rules:

As you can see, the images of the signs according to the new Order of the Ministry of Labor and the Traffic Regulations differ significantly, but the main flaw: in theory, according to the Traffic Regulations, you are required to install a sign on your car in the old variation, and according to the new Order - a new one with personal data. At the same time, in practice, the traffic police often also require a new form, issued by the ITU.

What benefits does the “disabled” badge provide?

The presence of a “disabled person” sign provides the car owner with some relaxations when applying traffic rules. It gives the right to use parking spaces reserved for disabled people in public parking lots. In total, such places should be at least 10% of the total number, and citizens who do not have the necessary identification images on their cars should not occupy them.

Also, these categories are given the legal right to use separate parking lots that provide services only to persons with disabilities. There is no charge for them.

Cars included in the register of drivers with disabilities have the right to ignore the signs “traffic prohibited” (traffic regulations clauses 3.2-3.3) and “stopping prohibited” (traffic regulations clauses 3.28-3.30). Also, these vehicles are allowed to travel under prohibitory signs indicating “allowed only for disabled people.”

It should be taken into account that the volume of permits obtained depends on the disability group. Thus, travel under signs 3.28, 3.29 and 3.30 is allowed for citizens with I, II, III disability groups. And only persons with groups I and II, as well as carriers of disabled children, have the right to travel under signs 3.2 and 3.3.

Who can use such a sign?

This is the most incomprehensible and controversial point of the entire “Order”. In order to understand all the ambiguous and unclear points, it is better to quote it in full:

“This Procedure determines the rules for issuing the identification badge “Disabled” for individual use, confirming the right to free parking for vehicles driven by disabled people of groups I, II, as well as disabled people of group III in the manner established by the Government of the Russian Federation, and vehicles carrying such disabled people and (or) disabled children.”

What does "individual use" mean? An individual is always one person. It is unlikely that the rule-makers had in mind the fact that a disabled person should be alone in the car. After all, quite often people with disabilities cannot move unaccompanied, even if they drive a car themselves. And “Order” also has no right to reject the right to commercial use, since every person can use his property as he pleases within the framework of the law. The owner can also earn money using his property, which is a car. So that's the wording.

Where can I get a disability sign for a car in 2021?

In 2021, the “disabled person” nameplate is not issued by employees of the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise (ITU). Instead of the sign, information about the cars of disabled drivers and about cars that transport disabled people and disabled children will be placed by the Pension Fund in the federal register of disabled people. Access to the federal register is provided to all traffic police officers who are authorized to fine violators. The fine for parking in a disabled parking space is 5,000 rubles.

In accordance with clause 5 of Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation N 724n, disabled people or their legal representatives must submit an application to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to enter the vehicle into the federal register. You can do this procedure through:

  • State Services Portal
  • Multifunctional
  • “Personal account” in the federal state information system “Federal Register of Disabled Persons”.

Is it possible to hang a sign for a group 3 disabled person?

Yes. The latest change in the form of a new Order of the Ministry of Labor provides for the issuance of a special badge for group 3 disabled people. And the updated traffic rules stipulate that group 3 can also park in spaces for people with disabilities. But we will talk about privileges later, but for now we will again talk about the shortcomings of the legislation.

The order of the Ministry of Labor on the procedure for issuing such a badge directly states that it is issued for categories 1 and 2, but for the third - “in the manner established by the Government of the Russian Federation.” That is, as we see, not all representatives of the 3rd group of disabled people can receive a sign for a car, but only those who comply with a certain order. This procedure is not regulated anywhere as of May 25, 2021, and you will not find it in any legal acts.

In practice, in 2021, the ITU bureau issues a badge to all representatives of disability group 3 who apply.

Required documents to receive

To issue a disability badge in 2021, a citizen must fill out an application at State Services, the rest of the data will be confirmed automatically. If the application is submitted through the MFC, it is necessary to provide employees with a number of documents:

  • Application for receipt. Compiled in any form.
  • Identity document. In addition to a general passport, you can use a foreign passport, residence permit, refugee certificate, etc.
  • Vehicle registration certificate (if available).

Application for a disability badge

A unified application form for obtaining a disability badge has not yet been developed. Therefore, it is compiled simply in any form in accordance with clause 6 of Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation N 724n and includes the following information:

  • last name, first name, patronymic (if any) of the disabled person (disabled child);
  • name, series and number of the identity document of the disabled person (disabled child), date and place of issue of the specified document;
  • date and place of birth of the disabled person (disabled child);
  • insurance number of the individual personal account of a disabled person (disabled child);
  • last name, first name, patronymic (if any) of the representative;
  • name, series and number of the representative’s identity document, date and place of issue of the specified document;
  • a document confirming the authority of the representative;
  • state registration number of the vehicle;
  • make and (or) model (commercial name) of the vehicle (if they were assigned by the vehicle manufacturer).

The application is made in writing with a simple ballpoint pen. It is acceptable to print on a computer.

How to get a disability sign for a car through the MFC?

The procedure for applying to the MFC to obtain a disability sign for a car in 2021 is simple:

  1. First of all, the interested party needs to collect the required package of documents.
  2. Draw up a power of attorney for the person representing the interests of the disabled person and have it certified by a notary, provided that there are no official guardians or trustees.
  3. Select a branch of the MFC (you can contact any branch).
  4. Draw up an application requesting a sign and submit it to the MFC. If a citizen does not dare to write a document at home on his own, you can contact the employees of the multifunctional center, they will provide writing samples and help.
  5. The application is being registered.
  6. In accordance with clause 9 of the Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation N 724n. In 2021, the placement of information about the car is carried out by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation based on the results of an automatic verification of the information specified in the application within a period not exceeding 15 minutes from the moment of registration of the application.

Sample "disabled" sign in 2021

Changes in the rules for issuing a disability badge led to changes in its appearance. The sign itself looks similar to the one that was issued before 2021, but now it does not require any markings:

  • It is a yellow square with sides 15 cm long.
  • In the center there is a black image (indicated in RF PP No. 1090 Appendix 1 clause 8 subclause 8.17).

Until 2021, the sign looked like this. On the front side of the disability sign there were the following designations:

  • Identification details, which consists of the serial number under which it is registered in the issue journal; numbers of the ITU bureau that provided the mark; code of the subject of the Russian Federation where the issuance took place; year in which the number was provided.
  • The date when the sign expires.

The following information was recorded on the reverse side:

  • Recipient's name. Entered in the nominative case. The absence of a middle name is allowed if it is not indicated in the passport or birth certificate (for a disabled child).
  • Recipient's date of birth.
  • Series and number of the ITU conclusion on assignment of a disability group, plus the assigned disability group or the designation “disabled child.”
  • Duration of the conclusion.
  • Date of grant of the mark.

The specified information was entered by hand with a pen with black or blue ink or entered using a printing device. The information was certified by the head of the ITU bureau or another authorized employee and the seal of the organization.

If for some reason the sign was damaged or lost, you could obtain a duplicate from the office at your place of residence. A new disability badge was issued based on entries made in the issuance journal after submitting a statement about the cause of loss or damage. In such a situation, on the back of the “disabled person” sign itself, a corresponding note is made in the corner indicating the date the duplicate was provided.

Along with the registration, an ITU act was once again drawn up, which included information about the re-issuance and the reason for the act.

Sign design rules

If back in 2021 the car symbol “disabled” could simply be printed from a computer or bought in a store, now it has a number of differences that will be difficult to fake. Although at the moment both versions of the sign - the old and the new - give the same rights to free parking and benefits, but this will soon change.

The law clearly states who can use this right and how to obtain an updated badge and how it is attached to the car. Fraudsters who use signs illegally will be strictly monitored. If the driver cannot provide supporting documents, he will be fined at least 5,000 rubles.

Order of the Ministry of Labor on the disabled sign

Order No. 443N, issued on July 4, 2021, on the procedure for issuing updated car license plates, was registered by Minister M. Topilin with the Ministry of Justice on August 24 under number 51985. The essence of the document is as follows:

  1. The legislative document determines the procedure for registering applications for the issuance of name plates.
  2. It indicates the persons who have the right to permanently or temporarily enjoy the benefits provided to the owners of the corresponding plate.
  3. It describes in detail where you can get a sticker, how to fill out the application correctly and what documents are required to submit it.
  4. The division of powers of each of the divisions of the ITU Bureau is determined.
  5. There are clear deadlines within which the bureau’s specialists must produce and issue the requested papers to the applicant - 30 days.
  6. The method for generating the identifier is deciphered:
  • The first is the serial number, which must correspond to the number in the registration log (for example, 240);
  • the second number is the number of the regional department of the ITU bureau (for example, take “9”);
  • the third part is the abbreviation of the branch that issued the sign (ESGB - main bureau, ESFB - federal) We will assume that the plate was made by the Federal Bureau of Moscow;
  • the fourth digit is the code of the region, territory or district;
  • After that, a separator is placed and the year of issue of the document is indicated.

To summarize, we have formed the following serial number - 240.9.ESFB.77/2018.

  1. There are explanations that the validity period of the car sign will correspond to the period of validity of the disability certificate.
  2. It is determined what personal information is required to be indicated on the back of the emblem.
  3. The method of entering data into the plate form is indicated - by hand or on a computer.
  4. Persons responsible for the preparation and signing of documents are appointed - the heads of each branch of the ITU bureau.
  5. The procedure for the actions of employees authorized to issue badges for the category of persons with disabilities is prescribed.
  6. If the updated sticker is damaged or lost, then at the written request of the copyright holder, which must indicate under what circumstances the car sign was lost and the place of issue, a duplicate document may be issued. In its upper right corner the corresponding mark and the date of transfer of the plate to the applicant are affixed. Based on the accepted application, a new medical and social examination act is drawn up and the serial number entry in the journal is updated on the provision of a duplicate of the emblem to its copyright holder. A lost copy is invalid and loses its legal force.
  7. It is clarified that if the actual place of residence of the individual (a disabled child together with his legal representatives) is changed and an application for the issuance of a “disabled person” car sign is submitted to the ITU office located in the city where the applicant arrived, to the unit to which the person was previously assigned, within an electronic request is sent within five days. If it is not possible to use electronic document management, it is sent by post in compliance with all the norms and rules established by the government of the Russian Federation regarding the safety of personal data of citizens. His task is to establish the legality of writing the application and clarify whether the certificate confirming the right of its owner to receive certain benefits is currently relevant.
  8. It is explained that after the next examination and the determination of the disability group, the sticker must be reissued.
  9. The methods of attaching the “disabled person” badge to clearly visible elements of a car transporting people of this privileged category of the population are explained.
  10. The fines for illegally installing yellow signs with the image of a wheelchair user are being established. Penalties may be imposed on motorists who occupy parking spaces designated for the disabled. In addition to the monetary encumbrance, personal vehicles may be towed. And the owner will have to make additional expenses - to pay for the services of a tow truck and impound lot.

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Who can install

The rules for using the “disabled person” sign of government decree No. 1990 say that this privilege can be used by:

  • Disabled people of I and II disability groups, in some cases 3rd (if they have the appropriate document);
  • drivers transporting disabled people (including those working in a taxi company);
  • the closest relatives of disabled children during their transportation.

Amendments to the legislative act say that if a person in need does not have his own vehicle or cannot drive a car, then the sign can be attached to any vehicle that transports the person. And a vehicle driver who helps his compatriot can temporarily take advantage of his benefits. In any other situation, the legality of using parking for such citizens or parking under a prohibiting sign will be in question.

Required documents

To receive the updated emblem, you need to download a special application form in pdf format from the official website of the ITU Bureau (medical and social examination) in Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, Togliatti, Ryazan, Simferopol and any other regional representative office and print it. It must contain the following information:

  • Name of the authority to which the application is submitted.
  • Full name of the citizen or disabled child.
  • SNILS number.
  • Residence address and registration.
  • Series and number of the identity card of a person with disabilities - passport or birth certificate.
  • Data on the need for sign language interpretation or sign language interpretation services.
  • Full name of the legal representative of the disabled child.
  • Preferred method of notification about the day of the examination (email, mobile phone, postal address).
  • The purpose of the application is to obtain an individual “disabled person” badge.
  • Date of document creation.
  • Signature of the applicant (signed by the disabled person himself or his legal representative).

To register a “disabled person” identification badge, you must additionally provide with your application:

  1. Passport (for citizens over 14 years old) or birth certificate.
  2. A certificate certifying the fact of disability.

Attention! It is possible to provide copies of documents if they are properly certified.

Where to get it?

Attention! Previously, it was possible to obtain a “disabled person” badge for a car by submitting a request to the MFC, but as of September 4, 2021, this opportunity has been abolished.

To obtain a “disabled person” badge, you must apply to the ITU regional bureaus according to your registration or place of actual residence, since the powers of each department of the government structure are strictly delimited. They are divided as follows:

  • Regional branches are authorized to issue individual plates to categories of citizens in need in standard situations.
  • The main bureau is intended to appeal decisions made by employees of regional branches and to conduct additional medical examinations.
  • The Federal Bureau is located in Moscow and, in addition to performing standard functions, is engaged in the following:
  1. deals with citizens' complaints regarding decisions made by the main bureau;
  2. considers complex cases of assignment of disability and establishment of a certain category.

You can apply for an emblem and register an application at any regional office of the ITU Bureau located in the city where the citizen lives. If the category was assigned in another subject of the Federation, then the car sign is issued on the basis of a currently valid document, even if issued by a medical institution in another region.

Attention! The “disabled person” badge is issued absolutely free of charge.

If the plate is faded, damaged or lost, will they be allowed to get it again? The answer is unequivocal - yes. But in this case, you need to submit a second application with a complete package of documents. An outdated copy must be replaced, and if lost, a duplicate will be issued. If a person has arrived for permanent residence in another regional entity, the procedure must be completed again and a copy of the plate must be received again.

Attention! The “disabled person” emblem is made in duplicate to be placed in front and behind the vehicle.

Dates of issue

Many concerned citizens are concerned about how long it will take to produce a sign designed to identify a wheelchair user. From the moment of submitting the application until you receive a plate with an identification number, at least a month passes. The period is not short, compared to the fact that a standard badge can be purchased at any point of sale of auto goods within a couple of minutes.

Rules for installing a “disabled person” sign

The car owner can choose to place the sign in front or behind the car. The most convenient way is to fix it on the glass. With this choice, you should stop at the back, otherwise the act falls under the violation specified in Art. 12.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation and entails a fine of 500 rubles.

If the car windows are tinted, it is permissible to hang the sign outside, having previously laminated it. In this case, there are no restrictions, so installation on the body of a vehicle is permissible.

For how long is a disability badge issued and does it need to be renewed?

In 2021, information about transport is entered into the Pension Fund for the entire period while the conclusion on assignment of a disability group is valid. Those. if, for a person with group I, this period is not limited, then the information is entered indefinitely. Provided that a disabled person needs to undergo re-examination after a certain period of time, the period of entered information has limitations. It is established within the time frame for which a disability group is assigned. If it is one year, then the sign will be provided only for a year, if for three, then it will be issued within that time frame. Typically, this provision applies to persons with disability group III. After passing three commissions that confirm the loss of functionality, a permanent certificate is provided. In this case, the validity period of the “disabled person” sign also becomes indefinite.

After passing a medical commission and receiving confirmation of your disabled status, you must independently or with the help of a legal representative submit an application to the Pension Fund to enter information. Those. The entire procedure will have to be repeated; the validity of the car plates will not be extended.

As for children, in most cases, they are assigned disability until they reach adulthood, and then they must undergo a medical commission and establish an adult group. For them, the “disabled person” badge is issued for the period until they turn 18 years of age, and then - for what period of time the disabled group will be assigned.

What is different about the individual “Disabled” sign?

The main difference between an individual sign is that it contains additional information .

On the front side are indicated:

  • Sign number.
  • Validity period of the sign.

On the reverse side the information of the owner of the badge is indicated (full name, date of birth, information about the disability group, date of issue of the badge).

Note. If, when using an individual sign, you do not want unauthorized persons to gain access to personal data , then place a sheet of paper under the back of the sign. It would be enough.

What happens if the sign is installed by someone who is not disabled?

Using the graphic designation “disabled person” without legal grounds is an administrative offense. The punishment for it follows Art. 12.4 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation:

  • For individuals – a fine of 5 thousand rubles. with the removal of the sign.
  • For officials found responsible for the operation of a vehicle - a fine of 20 thousand rubles.
  • For organizations - penalties of up to 500 thousand rubles.

Punishment in the form of a fine will follow even if the car actually periodically transports a disabled person, but went out onto the street without him. In such situations, the sign must be removed. Otherwise, a fine of 5 thousand rubles will be imposed. (Article 12.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, part 4.1). If we are talking about leaving a car in a parking lot for the disabled with an illegally placed sign, then the car may also be sent to an impound lot, for the use of which money will also be withheld from the owner.

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