“The paper forms will be destroyed.” From November 1, the PTS became electronic
Contents How does an electronic PTS differ from a paper one? What are the advantages of introducing an EPTS? Is it necessary?
Fine for driving under a brick
In what cases can you drive under a “No Entry” sign?
Features of a fine for driving under a “brick” in 2021 What the sign looks like. "No entry"
How long do you have to stand in front of a STOP sign to avoid getting a fine from a camera?
What does the sign look like? Dear readers! The article talks about typical ways to resolve legal issues, but
What does a car license plate mean?
Do you urgently need to find out the owner of the car? How to check who a car is registered to?
What does a car license plate mean? The number assigned to each car is not a simple combination of numbers.
How to find a receipt by order number and print it
Where to find out the number of the resolution It is necessary to know its number, since through it you can get acquainted
vin code
Check vehicle equipment by VIN
Vin car number Vin number, or rather identification number, is a unique code that is assigned to everyone
Category Be on a driver's license: what is it?
What does a new driver's license look like? Appearance. The first Russian licenses were yellow-pink, of two types:
Checking a car by body number
How to find out the STS number by the state sign and VIN code of the car and why check the history of the car?
About 94% of sellers try to hide facts from the car's history. Subsequently, this threatens the buyer with the acquisition
When intoxicated at less than 0.3 ppm, a person behaves normally.
Determination of ethyl alcohol level, quantitatively (blood, urine)
Alcohol calculator for drivers is a service that helps determine the blood alcohol level in
Parking ban: how to understand the signs and what will happen if you break them
Traffic rules (hereinafter referred to as traffic rules) clearly describe where the zone begins and ends
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