How to apply additional markings to the body or frame of a car: new law from January 1, 2021
Good afternoon, dear reader. A new law should come into force on January 1, 2021
Transport tax in 2021 – abolition or increase?
Commentary from the State Duma The State Duma made a proposal to abolish the transport tax. Deputy Andrey Baryshev,
At what age can you ride a scooter or moped?
At what age is a child allowed to ride a moped and scooter? Today's teenagers are very lucky.
How to apply tint to a car
What is needed to tint a car and how to do it correctly
If you master the technique and follow all the rules, you can start tinting your car yourself. IN
Theoretical exam on knowledge of traffic rules
Exam in the traffic police
In Moscow there are 8 MREO traffic police departments where the exam for obtaining a driver's license is taken. I'll try in detail
Accounting, Our help
Forensic examination of a vehicle
So, you have already looked at this or that car, paid money for it and now
What does an electronic OSAGO policy look like in 2021?
Features of the electronic OSAGO policy The electronic policy differs from the paper one primarily in that
When and how to decipher a fine by decree number
The reason for imposing a fine on the driver and collecting funds can be absolutely any non-compliance
Causing harm to health in an accident
Punishment for causing grievous bodily harm in an accident
Russia is one of the world leaders in the number of injured and killed in road accidents.
And yet, who should be responsible for fines from security cameras?
How can you avoid paying fines from traffic police cameras? How to avoid paying fines when you come
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