What documents are needed for a tachograph driver card in the Russian Federation in 2021

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One of the columns in the list of numerous services of multifunctional centers operating in Moscow and other cities of Russia is the issuance of cards to drivers of certain types of transport. Since this document is aimed at identifying the owner, the design takes into account the need for joint use with a tachograph. Access to this opportunity, which allows you to save time and nerves lost in queues, has been available since 2015. MFC opens.

What types of cards are there?

What is a tachograph? And this is nothing more than a document that includes all the important information about the driver of such types of vehicles as a bus, minibus, trolleybus and even a heavy truck. In addition, using this map it is possible to obtain comprehensive information regarding driving style, speed limit, and the number of kilometers traveled. But since transport in Russia is equipped with different types of devices, you should count on the following types of cards:

  • Driver's license, which provides access to the vehicle itself and its operation;
  • An option that provides control by the management of the enterprise, aimed at tracking the traffic schedule and other information;
  • A control chart aimed at solving the problems of regulatory authorities, including the traffic police;
  • An analogue for workshops, answering questions about calibration, installation and adjustment of equipment.

This document is issued exclusively to private individuals whose residence time in the Russian Federation is at least 185 days per year. In addition, the following requirements are imposed on the recipient of the tachograph card:

  • Availability of a driver's license that provides the right to drive a vehicle of the specified category;
  • Age standards.

What documents need to be provided

Since many citizens choose to solve these problems through the department of the MFC and State Services, they will need not only to make an appointment, but also to prepare the following documents:

  • Passport, which must contain a registration mark;
  • Driver's license;
  • An application drawn up in accordance with the template established by the MFC;
  • SNILS policy;
  • Receipt for the relevant payment;
  • TIN certificate;
  • One black and white photograph measuring 3.5 by 4.5 cm;
  • A certificate from the place of employment containing the enterprise’s request for the issuance of this document.

The applicant must bring with him the originals of all specified documents.
All necessary copies will be made by MFC employees during the reception. If something is wrong with the photograph, the interested person is allowed to replace it with another that meets the requirements. Documents submitted for the purpose of obtaining a driver card for a tachograph will definitely be checked by the Center’s specialists. In the absence of any claims to the papers, the applicant is given a receipt for their receipt, which will necessarily indicate the date of receipt of the document of interest (upon its readiness). Upon presentation of this very receipt, as well as the passport of the interested person, the requested plastic card will be issued. As for the nuances of the operation of the specified tachograph card, the driver does not need to try to understand their intricacies. It will be enough for him to just cope with the simplest operations, for which it is not at all difficult to find instructions with videos on the Internet.

How to use a CHIP card



A digital tachograph is an on-board recorder that records vehicle movement parameters and drivers’ work and rest schedules into the internal digital memory of the device and onto the Driver Card for the tachograph.

To start using the Digital Tachograph, you need to study the operating instructions for the tachograph, as well as familiarize yourself with the work and rest schedule of drivers.

Procedure for using a digital tachograph

1) At the beginning of the work shift, the driver MUST insert the individual driver card for the tachograph into the corresponding “First” slot of the digital tachograph. The card must be inserted “Chip on top” (similar to a bank card when using an ATM).

When you insert a driver card, your full name is displayed on the tachograph display. card owner, if this does not happen, the card may not be inserted completely. It is necessary to check whether the card is installed correctly; when inserted, a characteristic sound (click) of the card reader lock is usually heard.

If the tachograph does not read the card or issues it back, you must contact a service center or tachograph workshop to identify the causes of the malfunction. The reason may be either a malfunction of the driver card itself (failure) or a malfunction of the tachograph itself.

2) After inserting the driver card into the tachograph, on the tachograph display it is necessary to enter data about where the Driver was before the start of the work shift, whether he was resting - “Rest mode” or was busy with another job - “Work mode”.

3) Next, after entering all the data, the driver starts driving. Unlike an analog tachograph, on a digital tachograph, driver activity modes do not need to be set manually. Since the digital tachograph records drivers’ work and rest schedules automatically.

There may be exceptions in older digital tachographs, in which the rest mode “Crib icon” must be set manually by pressing the corresponding button.

4) At the beginning of the movement, the tachograph automatically registers the Driving mode - “Steering wheel icon”.

5) After stopping the vehicle, the driver, going on vacation, must check the current mode of his activity, displayed on the tachograph display. After turning off the vehicle ignition, the tachograph will automatically switch to rest mode, or the driver switches to this mode manually by pressing the corresponding key.

6) At the end of the work shift, the driver must remove his card by pressing the appropriate button depending on the tachograph model.

If I don’t have a Driver card for a tachograph, what should I do?

If not, it is better to order a driver card; we repeat, the presence of a card when using a digital tachograph is mandatory in accordance with current EU legislation; its absence is tantamount to a malfunction of the device itself.

But, there may be cases where a driver card for a tachograph is missing, for example: breakdown, loss, getting a new job, etc. What to do in this case?

Driving a vehicle equipped with a digital tachograph without a driver card is not allowed.

If the tachograph card is lost, the driver at the end of each work shift must print out the data recorded by the tachograph, and then indicate his full name on the back of this printout. and passport details. These actions are mandatory and necessary to identify data on the driver’s work and rest schedule.

When carrying out control by the inspector, the driver is required to provide these signed printouts.

Should I have tachograph paper with me?

Let us repeat once again, one of the prerequisites for using a digital tachograph is the ability to print vehicle movement parameters recorded in the tachograph’s memory.

Thus, the driver MUST have at least three rolls of thermal paper with him. A possible amount of which will be required when the inspector monitors data on the operation of the tachograph, violations of work and rest schedules by the driver over the last 28 days along the route.

The inspector has the right to require the driver to print tachograph data about his activities over the last 28 days.

What happens if I drive with someone else’s driver card?

It does not make any sense, since the digital tachograph records all actions related to its operation in the internal memory of the device.

Detecting the presence of manipulations using various cards is not very difficult, and possible sanctions for such actions, including deprivation of the right to operate a vehicle and sending it to a impound lot, make this method of deception ineffective and very costly.

Production time and service price

Waiting for the release of the corresponding plastic will not take more than 15 working days.
True, you will also have to take into account the delivery time from the MFC to the issuing organization and back. This will take 2 to 3 days. The cost of producing this card can vary greatly. The fact is that the following circumstances are of decisive importance here:

  • which company is performing the work on the application;
  • type of card ordered.

If, as an example, we consider a Russian-style form that includes a CIPF block, then we should expect a cost of 2,100 to 2,500 rubles. Manufacturing plastic with the AETR module forces the driver or company applying for the card to pay from 3,100 to 4,000 rubles. MFC does not charge money for its services.

How to use the tachograph

Where to get a driver card for a tachograph
So, once you are in the driver’s seat, you need to install the card in the tachograph. The card itself (in most cases) is inserted with the contact pads of the chip facing up.

Next, enter the PIN code; if it is entered incorrectly more than three times, the individual driver card will be blocked until the PUK code is entered correctly, i.e. generally similar to a cell phone SIM card. The need to enter the code is due to protection against possible use of the card by another person (for example, in the event of its theft).

Video - instructions for drivers on how to work with a tachograph:

After successfully entering the code, the driver’s information (full name) will be displayed on the device display. It is necessary to make sure that the device recognizes the card, because The display of driver data confirms successful card identification.

If recognition does not occur, then several options are possible:

  • The card is inserted incorrectly (it should be clearly fixed, with a characteristic click);
  • The card is faulty;
  • The tachograph is faulty.

In case of malfunction, you must contact the appropriate organization within seven days.

Then you need to select the driver operating mode. This is either a rest or work mode. Most often, the tachograph independently sets the current modes, but you need to make sure that they are correct.

After which you can begin to perform your duties - further fixation is carried out by the device independently.

It is worth noting that when the engine is running, the tachograph records the “work” mode (in the case when the engine is running and the driver is resting, it is necessary to set the mode manually), and when the engine is switched off, it is resting. Current modes are displayed on the device screen

When the vehicle starts moving, the device will record this event and display it on the screen.

Completion of a work shift is accomplished by withdrawing your driver's card. To do this, you need to press the corresponding key on the device (or a combination of keys), and the device will “give” the card.

As can be seen from the description, there is nothing complicated in using a tachograph; you just need to be careful and strictly follow the instructions. But on the road you can’t do without these qualities either.

Video - how to use the Shtrikh tachograph:

Card recovery options

In cases where the plastic carrier is lost, the MFC is ready to undertake its restoration.
The interested party will only need to submit a corresponding application within a week from the moment the card was stolen. It will take the same amount of time to restore it as in the case of initial registration: 15 working days + 2-3 days for shipping. Well, if real circumstances do not allow you to arrive at your destination in a timely manner and begin the procedure for restoring the plastic, then the motorist has every right to drive a vehicle across the territory of the Russian Federation without this plastic for as long as 15 days. True, there is such a condition: all this time, print out information from the tachograph every day.

Fine for not having a tachograph

In the absence of a special driver's card, as well as the tachograph itself, there are quite serious penalties prescribed in Art. 11.23 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. So, today the amount of these penalties corresponds to:

  • from 1 to 3 thousand rubles for drivers;
  • from 5 to 10 thousand for employees who released a vehicle without the necessary counting equipment for a trip;
  • from 15 to 30 thousand for the owners of the company themselves, where such a serious violation was recorded.

It is noteworthy that you will have to pay a fine not only for the absence of a tachograph on board the car, but also if it is found to be faulty or improperly used.

The exception is force majeure situations when a breakdown of the tachograph or loss of the card occurred directly during the trip, as a result of which the driver will be given an additional 15 days to eliminate the problem with mandatory parallel recording of data on the back of the device tape, which is carried out manually.

Rights and obligations of the cardholder

Everyone knows that testimony from a tachograph can play an important role in court or in defending one’s own interests during proceedings with traffic police officers. Precisely because the owner of such a certificate (both European and Russian) is provided with certain rights and obligations. This list includes:

  • The task of strict compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation and the requirements of the Eurozone;
  • Regular use of the card and its presentation to traffic police officers or police;
  • Each driver has only one tach card;
  • The need to replace plastic in cases of personal data changes;
  • The right to use exclusively your card, installed before the trip in the left slot of the tachograph.

The increased level of vehicle safety demonstrates how useful a device such as a tachograph is. This fact is justified by the following circumstances:

  • Elimination of unauthorized travel on official transport;
  • Traffic schedule optimization;
  • Removing obstacles in crossing the borders of the Russian Federation and moving around European countries.

Precisely because there are no questions regarding fines due to the lack of such an information carrier, which are imposed on both the drivers themselves and the owners of vehicles.

Why are people refusing to receive a tachometer card?

Refusals to issue a tach card are quite rare, but possible. And this happens for the following reasons:

  • The applicant’s presence within the Russian Federation is less than 185 days a year;
  • Lack of application from the company owning the vehicle for which the appropriate plastic is required;
  • Concealing the fact of having another tachograph card;
  • Unpaid services for registration of plastic media (one hundred percent prepayment is required);
  • Age discrepancy;
  • Not a complete set of documents required to be presented to the MFC.

If the reason for the refusal is the last point, then the interested party will only need to deliver the specified papers and re-apply for this important plastic.
Thanks to obtaining this driver card using the MFC, it is possible to easily bypass the obstacle course in the form of a lot of hassle, lost time and nerve cells that are not restored. And in no case should you rely on the promises of companies that are random on the market for such services. The operating system of many of them leaves much to be desired. A completely different matter is the MFC, where there is an established system of work, and employees are responsible and armed with practical experience in solving the most complex problems.

List of documents for obtaining a driver card for a tachograph

Documents for the production of a driver card for a tachograph for various devices of this type (with a CIPF unit and a European standard) will be listed in the relevant sections.

The card is issued only to a workshop that is authorized to perform this operation. A list of these organizations can be found on the official portal of the FBU Rosavtotrans.

To start receiving this media, you need to provide this workshop with a package of documents that are needed to issue a particular card.

This can be done in one of three ways:

  • go with a package of documents to the workshop in person, in Moscow or another city in Russia;
  • send these papers by mail or courier;
  • send a set of documents electronically to the organization’s mailbox.

With CIPF block

To issue a card intended for installation in a tachograph equipped with a CIPF unit, you need to provide a number of documents to the organization performing this type of work.

First of all, this is a statement, the form of which can be found on the websites of these organizations.

At the top of this statement there is a direct request to perform one of three actions, namely, issue, replace, or update the card. The required action must be emphasized. Next comes a form with fields.

They must include the following information:

  • the number of the card that the driver previously owned (if we are talking about updating or replacing it), the CIPF card number always begins with the combination of letters RUD;
  • Full Name;
  • citizenship (Russian or other);
  • the name of the transport organization in which the driver works, if there are not enough cells to enter it completely, individual words in such a name can be abbreviated;
  • the address where the transport organization is located;
  • SNILS of the driver (insurance number of his account);
  • Date of Birth;
  • passport details;
  • driver's license details, including number, date of issue, issuing organization and state where it occurred;
  • date of application;
  • signature inside a special frame.

The form must be filled out by hand in legible handwriting. A black and white photo of 3.5x4.5 cm format must be pasted into the application. An application for the issuance (replacement) of a driver card is possible.

Along with the application with a photo, you must provide or send to the workshop the following package of documents:

  • a copy of a general passport or other document confirming the identity of the applicant;
  • copy of driver's license;
  • a request to provide a carrier to their employee from the transport organization in which the applicant works as a driver for hire, in this document it is necessary to provide the name of the organization and its postal address;
  • a copy of the applicant’s SNILS;
  • taxpayer identification number (TIN) assigned to the driver;
  • if the document is being replaced, then it is also required to attach a certificate indicating its theft or loss.

All documents included in this list must be certified by the seal of the organization in which the driver works.

Likewise, they must be certified by the signature of the responsible employee of this enterprise.

All the above documents will arrive at the workshop; you need to pay for the procedure for producing a tachograph card with a cryptographic information protection unit.

For the fine for not having a driver card for a tachograph, see the article: fine for not having a tachograph. If you want to know which fire extinguisher should be in your car according to the rules, read here.

A receipt for payment made through the bank must be sent to the workshop. After this, the organization will begin manufacturing the media.

European standard (ETR)

To obtain cards for a European-style AETR tachograph (without cryptographic information protection), you need to collect a package of documents that is largely similar to what is required to obtain a cryptographic information security device for a tachograph.

In this case, it is also necessary to draw up a statement, the sample of which is similar to that described in the previous section. This application also requires a photograph of a similar 3.5x4.5 format.

You are required to provide a package of documents, which includes:

  • a copy of the document that identifies the driver (passport);
  • a copy of the driver's license;
  • a copy of the applicant's insurance certificate (SNILS).

As you can see, this list is shorter; a couple of items from the list of papers that are required to obtain a CIPF card are missing from it.

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