What documents are needed to purchase an MTPL policy?

Russian drivers have been familiar with car insurance for a long time. An insurance policy is included in the list of mandatory documents that every driver must have with him. There is a fine for not having insurance. But this is not the only incentive for car insurance. After all, insurance is of great practical importance, serving as protection against many troubles.
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  • OSAGO insurance policy - what is it and what is it for?

    Compulsory motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) is designed to protect drivers who are involved in an accident and at the same time are its culprits from compensation for damage to the injured party. Car insurance is a multi-purpose tool that, on the one hand, provides financial guarantees to injured participants in road accidents and, on the other hand, should, in theory, contribute to greater discipline among drivers on the roads. In Russian realities, the first task is usually observed, but, unfortunately, a real increase in discipline on the roads has not yet been observed.

    The effect of compulsory motor liability insurance applies exclusively to the injured party, be it a vehicle or a pedestrian. The victim or victims, if there are several of them, receive compensation for the damage caused. For example, as a result of an accident, the culprit of which was the owner of the MTPL policy, not one car was damaged, but several. In this case, the owners of all affected vehicles will receive compensation. Naturally, depending on the damage received. The limit of compensation payments under compulsory motor liability insurance in Russia is 400 thousand rubles for compensation of material damage and half a million rubles if treatment is required for victims of an accident. However, such payments will not be shared among everyone. Each of them will be able to receive the compensation due to him within these limits, even if the total amount of compensation payments exceeds them several times.

    The presence of compulsory motor liability insurance is required by law for all Russian drivers. The absence of an MTPL insurance policy leads to an administrative fine of 800 rubles (Part 2 of Article 12.37 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation).

    OSAGO insurance is mandatory

    The validity of the MTPL insurance policy has nothing to do with moral damage that may be received by the injured party. But she has the right to demand his compensation.

    What other types of car insurance are there?

    CASCO is voluntary vehicle insurance. CASCO provides maximum protection of the interests of the car owner. The payment will be made to the owner of the insured vehicle (beneficiary) regardless of whose fault the accident occurred. CASCO also involves car insurance against almost any trouble, from accidental damage to the windshield to theft. But a significant disadvantage of CASCO is its huge cost when compared with MTPL. In most cases, CASCO is purchased by owners of expensive cars and those drivers who operate cars purchased on credit. In the latter case, this will not be the whim of the car owner, but the requirement of the bank, since until the loan is fully repaid, the car continues to remain his property.

    DSAGO is almost identical to MTPL, but is a voluntary type of insurance. In fact, this is compulsory motor liability insurance with an increased sum insured. The payment will be made if the compensation under compulsory motor liability insurance is insufficient.

    The green card is identical to MTPL, but is designed to be valid outside the Russian Federation. Today, 46 countries of the world, and in particular all the CIS countries, are parties to the international agreement “Green Card”. None of the types of car insurance operating on the territory of the Russian Federation can protect the car owner from unforeseen situations outside its borders. A green card is mandatory insurance for Russian car owners when they drive their cars abroad.

    OSAGO does not protect the car owner from theft and damage to his car

    Validity period of OSAGO

    The compulsory civil liability insurance policy is valid for a maximum of 12 months. Before the expiration of the current document, you should contact the insurance company and apply for new insurance.

    When concluding an MTPL agreement, you can stipulate a period of use of the vehicle of three months. But you should know that during the period for which the car is not covered by insurance, you cannot operate it, since this will be a gross violation of the Traffic Rules with a corresponding administrative fine for it. If you still need to leave, you should notify the insurance company and make changes to the insurance contract by paying the appropriate part of the premium.

    If the car owner does not plan to drive the car for a certain period, for example, in winter (which is quite typical for many drivers, especially the older generation), then it is not necessary to take out insurance during this time. Let's say a car owner from Omsk annually puts his car in the garage for storage in early November and leaves the next time in the new year after the snow melts. And this usually happens in early April. In this case, it makes sense for him to save money and not pay for insurance coverage for his car from the beginning of November to the end of March. And this is five months, so the savings will be significant.

    What do you need to take out an MTPL policy?

    To apply for an MTPL policy, an ordinary citizen, individual entrepreneur or legal entity will need to do the following:

    1. Select an insurance company.
    2. Collect all the documents necessary to issue an MTPL policy.
    3. Arrive at the office of the insurance company.
    4. Submit documents to the insurer.
    5. Get vehicle insurance.

    It is worth noting that during the registration of an MTPL policy, the insurance company will offer the client various additional services. In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to all the papers, and only after that sign them.

    Where and how can you get an MTPL insurance policy?

    To obtain a motor vehicle license (as drivers call it among themselves), you need to contact an insurance company. In 2021, you can purchase MTPL insurance in three ways:

    • by visiting the office of the insurance company in person;
    • by obtaining insurance from its representative outside the office;
    • by applying for an insurance policy online.

    A trip to the office of the insurance company will take some time, but it will help you verify its integrity and sign the contract in comfortable conditions. The policy is drawn up in the presence of the insured and certified by his signature, the signature of the insurance agent and the wet seal of the insurance company.

    If the car owner does not particularly want to waste time traveling to the office, then he can meet with a company representative at a time and place convenient for him. This is especially true in situations where, from year to year, insurance contracts are concluded with the same insurance company and with the same agent. In practice this happens often.

    The MTPL policy is issued in all companies on uniform forms

    In the modern world, everything is done quickly, including auto insurance. You can apply for it online without leaving your home, as they say, in a few clicks. This service became available to Russian car owners relatively recently. All you have to do is choose the insurance company you like, go to its website and fill out this document. Online insurance has both its pros and cons. A particularly unpleasant surprise for the insured person will be system failures of the computer program, as a result of which it will not be possible to draw up a contract. But under favorable circumstances, online insurance saves the car owner’s time. In this case, you can pay for insurance with a bank card. The car owner receives a letter with an attached file, which contains an insurance contract and an electronic version of the policy. It should be downloaded and subsequently printed. You must take the printout with you. Traffic police officers check the authenticity of the electronic MTPL policy using the RSA (Russian Union of Motor Insurers) database.

    The MTPL insurance policy may not begin its validity from the date of issue. It can be issued in advance, and the start date of insurance coverage for the vehicle can be set by agreement with the insurance company. For example, you can conclude a car insurance contract on July 10, and the agreed start date for the insurance will be on August 1. Until this date, your existing insurance will remain in effect. The main thing is not to operate the vehicle without it.

    Insurance brokers offer online services from several companies at once, from which you can choose the most profitable

    What is required to apply for a strass OSAGO policy?

    The insured must take some documents with him when applying for compulsory motor liability insurance. The fact is that OSAGO policies come in two types:

    • unlimited, in which the number of persons allowed to manage is not limited;
    • limited, indicating specific drivers allowed to drive.

    Limited insurance is cheaper and is used by the majority of Russian car owners. For example, in an ordinary Russian family, five potential drivers are usually quite enough.

    Unlimited insurance is generally purchased by those who use their vehicles for commercial purposes. An example would be a taxi service, where a company-owned vehicle can be driven by any person who has a driver’s license of the required category. Responsibility for permission to drive a vehicle lies entirely with the owner of the car or his authorized person (in the case of a general power of attorney).

    Therefore, the list of documents for registration of compulsory motor liability insurance will be slightly different for each of its types. For individuals insuring their vehicles, you will need:

    • identification document (usually a civil passport);
    • if the applicant is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, then a document will be required that confirms his right to legal residence in the country;
    • PTS of the car that is insured;
    • a valid diagnostic card;
    • driver's licenses (or copies thereof) of all persons whose details are included in the limited insurance contract. When concluding an unlimited type of motor vehicle license, it is naturally not necessary to provide the driver’s licenses of other persons; one car owner’s license is enough.

    Payment for insurance occurs immediately upon conclusion of the contract. As a rule, it is paid in cash.

    If the insurance policy is issued directly at the office of the insurance company, then photocopies are made of all documents. If insurance is taken out from an insurance agent outside the office, then in this case it is advisable to prepare copies in advance.

    The list of documents for compulsory motor liability insurance is minimal

    When applying online, all data is entered into the electronic application. In this case, we are talking about the series, passport number, date of issue, place of registration, driver’s license numbers with the date of issue and the name of the registration authority, MOT coupon number, and so on. When filling out an electronic application, you should carefully monitor the correctness of the data entered into it. Receipt of an electronic insurance policy occurs after confirmation of payment for this service.

    When compulsory motor liability insurance is issued for vehicles owned by legal entities, the package of documents will be slightly different. In particular, it includes:

    • application for auto insurance on behalf of the management of an organization or enterprise;
    • power of attorney to represent the interests of a legal entity. It must be original and certified with the wet seal of the enterprise and signed by authorized persons;
    • civil passport of a representative of a legal entity or other document proving his identity;
    • a copy of the state registration certificate of an enterprise or organization;
    • diagnostic card.

    When initially registering an insurance contract, you can only submit copies of the driver’s licenses of persons included in the limited MTPL insurance policy. All other documents must be submitted in originals, with the exception of a copy of the certificate of state registration of a legal entity.

    When it comes to issuing an insurance policy for a vehicle that has been in use for a long time and is not insured for the first time, then an additional document will be the previous motor vehicle license issued for this car. But its presence is not mandatory. When concluding an MTPL agreement for a subsequent period with the same insurer, the policyholder may not submit original documents unless changes have been made to them.

    What will the car owner receive after signing the insurance contract?

    The insurance company representative is obliged to hand over to the car owner or his representative:

    • MTPL policy, which serves as a contract;
    • insurance rules;
    • two road accident notification forms;
    • list of insurer representatives in the regions.

    One copy of the insurance contract remains with the insurer and is entered into the unified RSA database, which can subsequently be used to verify its authenticity.

    Video: OSAGO in 2021 and its cost

    Can a person who is not the owner of the vehicle apply for compulsory motor liability insurance?

    Some Russian drivers mistakenly believe that only its owner can take out insurance for a car. But that's not true. Any person who can submit the necessary documents to the insurer has the right to conclude an insurance contract. There are two fields in the auto insurance policy:

    • policyholder - a person who insures the car and must pay a fee for concluding the contract;
    • owner of the vehicle, his presence is not required during registration.

    It can be one person or different people.

    If it is necessary to make changes to the insurance contract, this can be done by the person who insured the car, and not necessarily its owner. For example, if it is necessary to add several more drivers to the car insurance policy, only the person who entered into the agreement, but not the car owner, should deal with this issue. When drawing up an insurance contract not for the owner of the vehicle, the list of documents will be almost the same, but documentary evidence of the right to drive will be required.

    If the owner of the vehicle is a legal entity, then a priori the person authorized to carry out such actions with the appropriate power of attorney will be involved in issuing an insurance policy.

    The traffic police have the right to check the presence of compulsory motor liability insurance

    Results of 2021 in OSAGO

    The main events of 2021 for compulsory motor insurance and its policyholders. The European protocol has become more convenient

    Participants in minor accidents can now more confidently file an accident on their own and not worry about whether there will be enough insurance coverage for repairs. From June 1, 2021, the payment limit under the European protocol (registration of an accident without the participation of traffic police officers) increased from 50 thousand rubles. up to 100 thousand rubles. In addition, a European protocol can now be issued even if there is disagreement about who is at fault for an accident - but only if the circumstances of the accident are recorded using a special mobile application or GLONASS devices (although insurers still recommend agreeing who is right and who is wrong “on the shore”). For Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the unlimited Euro protocol continues to operate - up to 400 thousand rubles. also subject to recording the circumstances of the accident.

    OSAGO ceases to be unprofitable: scammers are losing the battle

    2018 reversed the long-term trend of increasing MTPL unprofitability—for the first time in several years, it began to decline. In a number of regions, the situation remains tense, but in general throughout the country the crisis in compulsory motor liability insurance is subsiding - according to the Central Bank, the combined loss ratio of compulsory motor liability insurance (loss ratio plus expenses) at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2021 amounted to 79.2% against 119.9% ​​a year earlier (ratio above 100% means loss).

    There are several explanations for this: firstly, the in-kind compensation introduced in 2021 has worked, which limits the ability of car lawyers to enrich themselves through markups on court payments. And secondly (and most importantly), the fight against fraud in the regions has begun to bear fruit. Insurers have created more than 60 interdepartmental working groups to combat insurance fraudsters and unscrupulous auto lawyers in the regions. These groups involve representatives of companies, insurance unions, the Bank of Russia, law enforcement agencies - the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, and administrations of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Dozens of meetings were held. Such a “landing” is recognized as an effective tool for combating fraud, as was noted by representatives of the Central Bank.

    Half of the auto insurance policies began to be purchased on the Internet

    Sales of electronic MTPL have been growing rapidly since the beginning of 2021, when e-MTPL became mandatory for all motor vehicle insurers. In 2018, the share of electronic sales has stabilized at 50% since the middle of the year. As of December 23, Russians bought 18.959 million electronic MTPL policies, their number approximately equal to paper ones. This suggests that with the advent of the electronic service, as well as with the reduction in the unprofitability of compulsory motor liability insurance, it was largely possible to solve the problem of the availability of policies in problem regions. The cessation of the rapid growth of e-OSAGO and the stabilization of the share of electronic sales shows that, in general, the demand for the service has reached its saturation: the majority of buyers choose an electronic policy because of its convenience, and a small part choose to buy a compulsory policy as the only possible option.

    The Central Bank launched the liberalization of compulsory motor liability insurance

    In the spring of 2021, the main intrigue of several years was resolved - the Bank of Russia unveiled a plan for specific steps to liberalize the compulsory motor liability insurance tariff, the goal of which is to move from an equalized payment system for compulsory motor liability insurance to an individual one, that is, a more fair one. Such a global change in the entire compulsory car insurance system will be smooth. The first stage does not change the existing pricing system in compulsory motor insurance: the Central Bank, within the framework of its powers, only plans to expand the range of base tariff rates and clarify the system of coefficients by age and length of service. At the second stage, the system for calculating the price of the policy will change: it is proposed that the price will not depend on the region of residence of the car owner and the power of the car, and insurers will have more freedom in setting prices for each specific driver. At the third stage, the timing and parameters of which have not yet been determined, the price of compulsory motor liability insurance should become completely individual, and good drivers will not overpay for insurance due to the risks that reckless drivers create in the compulsory motor liability insurance economy.

    It was planned that the first stage of the reform would start in the summer, then the Central Bank decided to postpone the first steps, discussing the reform at public hearings. Parliamentary hearings on the reform were held in the State Duma on September 13, in the Federation Council on September 24, and the reform was additionally discussed on November 7 at a joint meeting of the State Duma committees on transport and construction and the financial market. The hearings were attended by representatives of insurers, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, experts, representatives of motorist movements and the scientific community. During the hearings, various proposals were made, but the majority of participants supported the idea of ​​​​individualizing the MTPL tariff.

    On November 30, the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia approved the instruction to expand the tariff corridor, and on December 7, it sent the document for registration to the Ministry of Justice. The agency must register the directive within 30 days, and 10 days after official publication it will come into force. This day - it is planned that this will happen in January - will become the official date for the start of liberalization of the compulsory motor insurance market in Russia.

    How to choose the right insurance company

    A lot depends on the choice of insurance company. The insurance market in the Russian Federation, and throughout the CIS, is quite dynamic, new companies constantly appear on it, while others, on the contrary, disappear. In general, the number of operating insurance companies is steadily decreasing. Therefore, the situation when a contract is concluded with an existing insurance company, which may become bankrupt in just a few months, is quite typical. In most cases, insured drivers do not know about the bankruptcy of their company, because it is unlikely that anyone will specifically monitor the insurance market and monitor the financial stability of their insurer. In the event that an insurance company is declared bankrupt and has lost its license for the corresponding type of activity, all obligations for compensation payments are assumed by the Union of Automobile Insurers. He has a special reserve fund, filled with funds from insurance company premiums. But in such a situation, as practice shows, payments can be received over a longer period than directly from the insurer.

    There are many factors to consider when choosing a reliable insurance company. Firstly, it is advisable to refer to the official rating of Russian insurers, for which it is enough to type the corresponding search query on the Internet. But in practice, many ratings are created artificially, so, to be honest, the official rating does not inspire 100% confidence among Russian drivers. Secondly, you can refer to the national rating of insurance companies, which can be found on the Internet. Here the information is more plausible, but we should not forget that many reviews are bought for money, so the information in this case may also be biased. When conducting monitoring, it is advisable to find out who the founders of the insurance company are, familiarize yourself with its financial indicators over the past few years, as well as the percentage of insurance payments for incidents. The last parameter is very important. After all, not all insurance companies always pay compensation to victims of road accidents.

    The national rating of insurance companies is compiled based on customer reviews

    If for the first time the question arises about choosing an insurance company, then it is advisable to pay a visit to its representative office and ask to see a valid license for carrying out auto insurance, and familiarize yourself with the information about the percentage of insurance payments. If you have friends or relatives who insured their cars with this company, it wouldn’t hurt to find out their opinion. It will be especially useful to read the reviews of people who used the services of this insurer after being involved in road accidents. In this case, you should look for answers to three questions:

    • whether compensation payments were made and in what volume;
    • how quickly compensation was received;
    • what is the service of the insurance company and how much its employees took part in providing legal and financial assistance to the injured persons.

    It is believed that any insurance company that positions itself as reliable must operate stably on the Russian market for at least a decade. If during this time, having survived several economic crises, the insurer remains afloat and continues to fulfill its obligations, then such a company can be trusted.

    The insurance market in almost all CIS countries can hardly be called transparent. For example, the Russian Union of Auto Insurers today includes more than fifty insurance companies, and another 6 have observer status. But as an example, we can say that during the economic crisis of 2009 alone, RSA lost 36 of its members, whose licenses were revoked, and the companies themselves were declared bankrupt. In such an unfavorable situation, the Union's reserve fund experienced a huge financial burden, since it had to fulfill all obligations for compensation payments to bankrupt companies. Therefore, the issue of financial stability of insurers should be taken more than seriously. Also today in the insurance market there are many fly-by-night companies created for certain commercial projects. Sometimes they can attract customers with promotions, dumping and expanded options for insurance contracts. But in practice, such companies disappear from the auto insurance market after a year or two. And all their obligations automatically fall on the shoulders of the same RSA. Russian car owners may encounter fake insurance contracts, of which there are many wandering around the country today. This could be a fake document printed in an underground printing house. It is very difficult to distinguish a fake from an original with the naked eye, especially when the original is not in your hands. Some become victims of deception, purchasing fictitious auto insurance policies, and some drivers do this deliberately, paying at best 40 percent of the cost of compulsory motor insurance. If a person is involved in a traffic accident and has a fictitious insurance policy, which he purchased, knowing that it was invalid, then in this case he is clearly a violator of the law. In addition to a fine for lack of compulsory motor insurance, he may be charged with using false documents.

    In addition to ratings, there are also anti-ratings of insurance companies

    What documents will be issued after registration of compulsory motor liability insurance?

    After issuing an MTPL policy, the citizen must have documents in his hands, such as:

    • personal documents (passport or certificate of registration of an enterprise with government authorities, as well as a driver’s license);
    • the original MTPL policy (the paper must bear the signatures of the policyholder and the insurer, the seal of the insurance organization, as well as a state-issued sign;
    • a “portfolio” of MTPL rules, which must be familiarized with;
    • a couple of copies of the traffic accident notice;
    • payment receipt issued by the insurer.

    After the documents are issued, you must check that they are filled out correctly without leaving the cash register. The fact is that cases often arise when a representative of the insurance company could make a mistake while filling out the paperwork.

    We recommend the article: Accounting power of attorney: classification and methods of filling out.

    How long does it take to get insurance after purchasing a car?

    No more than 10 days are given to obtain a compulsory motor vehicle license from the date of concluding a contract of sale, exchange or re-registration of a vehicle. The new owner has the right to drive for 10 days without an MTPL insurance policy. Then he must enter into his own MTPL contract or, in agreement with the previous policyholder, enter himself into the current policy as an admitted driver.

    When you purchase a new car at a car dealership, you can also take out an insurance contract at the same time. Moreover, the vast majority of car dealerships always have representative offices of insurance companies. But the legal requirement for 10 days of driving without a motor vehicle license still continues to apply, so it is not necessary to take out insurance right away. The exception is when a car is purchased on credit. In this situation, the bank requires registration of a full CASCO insurance immediately after the purchase.

    Calculation of the cost of an MTPL policy in 2021: factors and ratios

    The cost of an insurance policy directly depends on whether the driver of the vehicle has been involved in an accident. Road users who have never caused an accident are entitled to a discount. Drivers who caused an accident pay an increased rate for the policy.

    Today, the cost of the policy is also influenced by other factors familiar to car owners:

    • driver experience;
    • his age;
    • territory of primary use of the machine (territorial coefficient);
    • engine power;
    • the period of use of the car during the insurance period under the MTPL contract;
    • the number of persons allowed by the policyholder to drive the car;
    • driver KBM class, etc.

    Is it necessary to purchase additional services when applying for compulsory motor liability insurance?

    It should be noted that in most cases, when purchasing an MTPL insurance policy, car owners are intrusively offered to purchase some additional services. For example, insurance against theft of your own vehicle or its damage during a fire. By law, insurance company employees do not have the right to impose additional services on car owners. Control of the rules of operation in the auto insurance market is assigned to RSA.

    If the auto insurer tries to “motivate” the client by not issuing him an MTPL insurance policy at all, then the policyholder has the right to file a complaint with the Russian Union of Auto Insurers. But for an effective complaint, you must have a strong evidence base. As a last resort, you can purchase additional insurance services in addition to the MTPL policy, but subsequently contact the insurer again and get your money back for them. But this is only possible within five days from the date of conclusion of the insurance contract. And only when the insured person did not apply for compensation payments during this period. The possibility of appealing against illegal actions of insurers also exists when contacting Rospotrebnadzor. In any case, there is always the opportunity to contact another insurance company.

    If the fact of imposing additional services when applying for compulsory motor liability insurance is proven, then large penalties will be imposed on this insurance company, and the insurance agent will also suffer greatly financially.

    Video about the situation with compulsory motor liability insurance in Russia and insurance without additional products

    Features of registration of compulsory motor liability insurance in 2021 2019

    The established procedure for issuing a motor vehicle policy in 2018-2019 involves the implementation of several points. In order not to waste extra time on repeated visits to the insurance company’s office, we recommend sticking to the following plan:

    1. Firstly, choose which insurance company is best to apply for compulsory motor liability insurance;
    2. Collect a package of documents necessary for registration of a motor vehicle license;
    3. Visit the office of the insurance company and submit documents to issue a policy;
    4. Get insurance in hand.

    It should be taken into account that during the process of registration of compulsory motor liability insurance, insurance company employees are interested in selling additional insurance services, which will affect the final cost. In order not to spend extra money, you should carefully check the documents that are given to you to sign.

    After issuing a policy, the car owner must have the following documents on hand:

    • Originals of all personal documents;
    • Insurance policy (original). This document must be signed by both parties, have a special state sign and the seal of the insurance company;
    • Original/copy of receipt confirming receipt of funds for insurance;
    • 2 copies of accident notifications (if these forms are not enough for the entire period of validity of the insurance contract, then you should contact the insurance office to obtain additional ones);
    • OSAGO rules;
    • Insurance memo.

    During the process of applying for a policy, be vigilant and remember that the insurance company employee is obliged to accept your personal data directly from the original documents, and not from the words of the applicant. If, during the conclusion of a contract, you are offered to increase your driving experience or reduce the engine power of your car, you should doubt the company’s correctness.

    Can an insurance company refuse to issue an MTPL policy?

    Russian legislation states that none of the insurance companies that have received a license for motor third party liability insurance has the right to unreasonably refuse to issue a client with this document. The rules for issuing compulsory motor liability insurance are the same for all auto insurers in the Russian Federation.

    But the insurance company may refuse to conclude an insurance contract with the car owner who contacts it in the following cases:

    • lack of communication with RSA to determine bonus-malus;
    • absence of a power of attorney from the representative if the policyholder is a legal entity;
    • lack of necessary documents from the car owner;
    • failure to present a vehicle for inspection if the insurer has requested it.

    When a car owner believes that the insurance company employees denied him the right to obtain a motor vehicle license unreasonably, he can appeal their actions by contacting the Russian Union of Auto Insurers, the prosecutor's office or the Central Bank.

    Sometimes the reasons for refusal can be quite objective. For example, the company’s office simply runs out of policy forms. Of course, this is a staff flaw, but such situations still happen. In this case, of course, there is no point in complaining; just wait a few days, if possible. As a last resort, you can simply contact another insurance company and take out a policy there.

    In case of an accident, you should carefully monitor the preparation of an accident report.

    After an accident, you should contact the insurance company within five days with a claim for compensation and submit your vehicle for inspection. Before contacting the insurer, you cannot begin repairing it. The injured party can receive compensation payment for an insured event within 20 working days from the date of filing an application for an accident with the insurance company. Note: it is the filing of an application, and not the fact of a traffic accident. If the insurance company fails to make payments within the time limits specified by law, it will be forced to pay a 1% penalty for each day of delay. But this is only possible upon filing an official claim with the insurance company or by a court decision, naturally, if the victim applies to it.

    Rules for filling out the OSAGO policy form

    There are no clear rules regulating the filling out of the MTPL policy form, but it is necessary to ensure that the relevant information is indicated in each paragraph.

    Lawyers strongly recommend checking each of the clauses of the completed contract for compliance in order to eliminate the factor of accidental error.

    It should be remembered that the OSAGO form is an official document that must necessarily contain:

    • Signatures of both parties (representative of the insurance company and the car owner);
    • Insurance company stamp;
    • Date of conclusion of the insurance contract.

    You can fill out the form either manually or on a computer. The completed form must not have any corrections. Their presence may lead to the insurance contract being declared invalid.

    Checking the MTPL insurance policy

    Information about all current MTPL policies is entered into a single RSA database. You can check the authenticity of your insurance by contacting a special service on its website. It is enough to enter the series and number of the insurance policy. The answer will be received within a few minutes. This is the most reliable way to check online. There are many commercial sites that provide a similar service. They all work with the same database.

    It is possible to visually check an insurance policy, but the likelihood of an error is high, since fraudsters are improving the technology for falsifying this document from year to year. During a visual inspection, you should check the form for watermarks and compare its contents with the original, which can be found on the Internet or from familiar drivers. It is advisable, even when applying for an insurance policy, to enter its number on the appropriate website and verify its authenticity.

    Today, more and more Russian drivers are purchasing compulsory motor liability insurance consciously, and not obeying the requirements of the law. After all, the vehicle license will become their protection in many force majeure situations. And the procedure for preparing this document is not complicated. That is why the culture of car insurance is increasingly taking root in the minds of domestic car owners.

    Vitaly Sazonov

    Lawyer, author of articles on legal topics. Education: state educational institution of higher professional education "Moscow State Open University".

    How to get insurance online

    Remember what to do step by step:
    1. To register a personal account on the insurer’s website, you must enter your data in a special application form. The data is saved in encrypted form, so this registration is secure.
    2. When the registration procedure is completed, an electronic signature key will be sent to your email or phone to enter your personal account.
    3. Enter your information in the application form for purchasing insurance, which can be found on the policyholder’s website. Why do you need data from your passport, driver’s license, technical passport and diagnostic card?

    IMPORTANT !!! Be sure to check the information entered and the application is filled out correctly.

    1. After submitting the application, the policyholder is given 20 minutes to check your information using electronic databases. Then a confirmation is sent to your personal account if the application is filled out correctly and everything corresponds to the verified databases, and a refusal with recommendations for correcting certain points if there is a typo somewhere or the document does not match. You should check and correct the points indicated in the recommendations and resubmit your application.
    2. Another 20 minutes later, after receiving a positive response, the insurance premium is calculated, the amount of which should be paid by bank payment card, or by the method recommended on the insurer’s website.
    3. After paying the required amount, you will receive a ready-made insurance in your personal account, certified by an electronic signature, which you should simply print and always have with you.

    To avoid encountering scammers, you should check the policyholder’s license through the Bank of Russia website. To do this, you need to find and download the table for “insurance entities” and find the necessary organization there. Another way to check the availability of a license online is to find a directory of participants in the Russian financial market.

    So, for registration of compulsory motor liability insurance in 2018, we will need:

    1. Five-liter bottle of water 2. Laptop 3. A set of printouts from the Consultant-Plus program 4. Mobile Internet for a laptop 5. Photo of a police major from the Internal Affairs Directorate 6. 3 hours of time 7. Other unnecessary documents (DK, STS, VU, Passport)

    Step by step: 1. We go to the head office of the insurance company. Because if we go to a branch, they may even hand us a freshly printed internal piece of paper, in which it will be written that “A” is insured at a different address. Therefore, straight to the head.

    Approximate development of events and failure options:

    1. There is a technical failure in the RSA database, they suggest going to your farm, that is, home, and registering your e-OSAG on your own via the Internet. Answer: we take out a laptop and ask the manager to help fill out a form on their website, since their system does not work. In the end, we naturally get some kind of error (any kind). But this must be done so that the manager no longer offers to issue an e-OSAG on his own.

    2. There was a technical failure in the RSA database, the programmers screwed up, the program will glitch all day, come back in a week. Or we can send a written request to the RSA, although it will take several months to wait for a response. Answer: we take out a memo for policyholders and read: “the rules of professional activity for MTPL insurers, approved by the RSA, taking into account the recommendations of the Bank of Russia, provide for the obligation of the insurance organization to conclude an MTPL agreement on the day the client applies (if the insurer inspects the vehicle - no later than 5 days from day of application)"

    3. They say that in order to issue a policy it is necessary to undergo a vehicle inspection, the inspection itself is by appointment, and the nearest date is 2025 in an abandoned wasteland 55 km from the city. Answer: we get the position of the Bank of Russia, and read “p. 1.7. When concluding a compulsory insurance contract, the insurer has the right to inspect the vehicle. The place for inspection of the vehicle is established by agreement of the parties. If no agreement is reached regarding the place of inspection of the vehicle or if a compulsory insurance contract is drawn up in the form of an electronic document, the insurer will not conduct an inspection of the vehicle.” The motorcycle is at your home, on the 24th floor without an elevator, and you can see the inspector on Monday at 5 am. No problema, let him come, and if he doesn’t want to, then there won’t be an inspection.

    4. Speaking is some kind of technical error, and you have to wait for how long it is unknown, but you can sit on the sofa for now. Answer: you are in no hurry, you have 2 weeks of vacation, and you will come every day from 9 am to 20 pm and entertain one of your managers, so that in a month he will issue 0 (zero) contracts, and the time starts right now and You even have water and food with you for this.

    5. They say that we simply won’t formalize it and that’s it. Answer: Write a refusal to enter into an agreement

    6. They say that we do not refuse you to conclude a contract, it is simply impossible to issue a policy due to the fact that the system cannot calculate the “accident rate”. Answer: the rules for MTPL insurers do not contain any other clauses, except that the contract must be concluded on the day of application, in the absence of an inspection of the vehicle. If you cannot calculate the cost, enter into a framework agreement for services, without cost; we will indicate the cost later in an additional agreement.

    7. No, we will not draw up such an agreement for you. Answer: We take out the application template and say, here in my hands is a statement that I want to conclude an agreement with you, you must sign.

    8. No, we will not sign anything, and we will not accept any statement. Answer: Then I am now calling the police, and in their presence I testify that you refuse to accept a statement from a citizen, this is entered into the protocol, and in their presence, immediately we fill out an application to the prosecutor's office to check the actions of officials in connection with the refusal to accept the application

    9. Call, we have a lot of people who call the police, just pay a fine for a false call. Answer: 1000 rubles. This is No problema, I generally like it when the police come, they will entertain you, and at the same time your visitors. And here we are, “reading the name” of a major from your territorial department of the Internal Affairs Directorate, probably sitting, waiting for someone to call the duty station. Well, should we call the police, or will you straighten your wires under the table so that the answer from the RSA can reach them?

    10. Oh, you know, I straightened the wires here, and everything arrived, here is a receipt for payment, go to the cashier, please.

    Well, somehow I received compulsory motor insurance in 2021)

    All necessary documents on Google disk

    PS I express my gratitude to HSka, Pavel-Le and Mikhail Akimov for the articles, references to legislation and just the attitude.

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