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Studying at the driving school is over, the internal exams at the driving school have been successfully completed, and the most important stage remains - the exams at the traffic police. According to statistics, in Russia about 2 million people try to get their license every year. And 40 percent of them fail to pass the exam the first time. To avoid finding yourself in the place of these 40 percent, carefully read about the rules for passing the traffic police exam in our article and follow the useful tips.

New type of rights

It is planned to introduce a new driver's license in our country soon. The appearance of the plastic document will not change much, but inside it will have an electronic chip. The chip stores all information about the owner. The degree of protection of driver's licenses will also increase. And the size will remain unchanged - 85 by 54 mm.

With the start of issuing rights of a new type, the old ones will remain with the owners until the end of the validity period. The state duty for new licenses will be higher than for old ones and its amount will be 3,000 rubles.

What documents will you need

To pass the traffic police exam, the following documents are required:

    • Application (The form can be taken directly from the traffic police, or filled out through State Services).
    • Passport.
    • Certificate of completion of a state driving school. sample.
    • Medical certificate confirming that there are no contraindications to driving.
    • Receipt for payment of state duty. The state duty for ordinary rights is 2,000 rubles (through State Services - 1,400 rubles) and for new generation rights 3,000 rubles (through State Services - 2,100 rubles).
    • If you are under 18 years of age, you must obtain written, notarized consent from both parents (or guardians) to take the exam at the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

Typically, exams are taken at the traffic police department to which your driving school is assigned. Driving schools submit all necessary documents to the traffic police themselves. But if for some reason you cannot come to the exams at the appointed time, you can pick up the documents and take the exams yourself, at a time convenient for you.

You can sign up to take the exams in two ways: come to the traffic police department in person or sign up through the State Services portal. After checking all the documents, you will be given a date and time for the exams.

How to sign up for exams through State Services:

  1. If you are already registered with State Services, then log into your personal account. And if not, then register first.
  2. Go to Services and select the Driver's license column.
  3. Next, select the column Obtaining a driver's license .
  4. Click the Get service button.
  5. The next step is to select the desired category of rights. All personal data will be filled in automatically. In the Driving school information column, enter the name of your driving school, which is indicated on the certificate of completion. We also enter the certificate number and date of issue (indicated at the bottom of the certificate). The license number may not be specified.
  6. Enter information about the medical certificate. The medical organization's license number is written at the top of your medical certificate.
  7. In the Allowed categories , indicate those categories that are allowed on the medical certificate.
  8. We choose a traffic police department where you can take the exams.
  9. Select a suitable date and time for the exam.
  10. Click the Send

After the application has been accepted for processing (usually about 15 minutes), you will be sent an invoice for payment of the state fee.

State payment receipt You must have the fees with you during the exam.

Rules for passing the traffic police exam in 2021

The main components of the traffic police exam in 2021 have not changed, but some amendments have been made to the regulatory framework governing the rules for passing it:

  • You can now submit an application to take the driving test through the State Services website by filling out an electronic form;
  • the training period has been increased to 190 hours, only with which the applicant will be admitted to the exam;
  • the training program includes safety issues of cargo and passenger transportation;
  • it is permissible to retake the exam or any of its parts after a week’s break;
  • positive grades based on the results of passing any part of the exams are valid for six months;
  • Problematic issues will be resolved by a video recording device, which must be installed in the vehicle in which the exam is being taken;
  • taking and retaking the exam is allowed in any of the traffic police departments, without limiting the applicant to the region of training;
  • if the applicant has passed the license with the right to drive a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission, then he is prohibited from driving a car with a manual transmission;
  • It is planned to make the practical part of the exam more difficult by combining the site and the city. But the bill is still under consideration.

Theoretical exam in the traffic police

By the way, after you have completed your studies at a driving school and received a certificate, you can contact the tax service and receive a tax deduction in the amount of 13 percent of the amount spent on training.

You can take the exams at any traffic police department in the Russian Federation. But this rule does not apply to those who live in the Russian Federation temporarily. Citizens of foreign countries who temporarily reside in the territory of the Russian Federation take exams in the locality at the place of registration.

For example, if a person is registered in Moscow, then any Examination and registration division of the Moscow State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. The full list can be viewed on the traffic police website for each region.

The exams consist of 2 parts – theory and practice. The first thing you have to do is pass the theory exam. If you have memorized the traffic rules, then this will not be difficult to do. According to statistics, more than 50 percent of students pass the theory the first time.

Arrive early for the exam. Anything can happen, it’s better to sit and wait on the spot than to be late and leave with nothing.

The theoretical exam is a computer test. Procedure for passing the theoretical exam:

    • You will need to answer the questions on the exam paper within 20 minutes.
    • The exam paper contains 20 questions.
    • The questions are divided into 4 topics. Each topic has 5 questions. For each question, several answer options are given and only one of them is correct.
    • If you make one mistake while answering the questions, then you are given 5 additional questions from the same topic and 5 minutes of extra time.
    • If you made 2 mistakes, but in different topics, then you are given 10 additional questions and 10 additional minutes of time.
    • If you completed the test within 20 minutes and answered all the questions without errors, then you have passed the theoretical exam.

The theoretical exam is not passed in the following cases: the student made 2 mistakes in one topic, the student made 3 or more errors in different topics, the student did not answer all the questions in the allotted time, the student made at least one mistake when answering additional questions.

After the exam is completed, information about correct and incorrect answers is displayed on the monitor. You can see in which questions mistakes were made.

The results are recorded on the examination sheet. Students who have not passed the theory are not allowed to take the practical exam. For those who do not pass, the errors are explained, and the timing of the re-examination is also specified.

Well, if you passed the theory, then the next exam for you is exercises on the race track.

Useful tips

    • Learn traffic rules, not answers to tickets. The answers will quickly be forgotten, but the rules of the road will not!
    • Before the exam, take an online test on all traffic rules tickets on various websites. This will give you experience and you will feel calmer and more confident during the exam.
    • Read the questions carefully! Get to the heart of the problem. Read each question at least 2 times. Often students give incorrect answers because they simply did not read the question carefully. If you are not sure of the correct answer, then do not waste time on this and skip it, come back later.

How does the theory exam work in the traffic police?

The theoretical exam in the traffic police is taken on a computer using a special program. The number of people allowed into the examination room is equal to the number of computers there.

All questions are presented in the form of tests - one question and several answer options. Only one answer is correct.

There are only 20 questions on the ticket. The questions are divided into 4 thematic blocks, each of which has 5 questions.

You can answer the questions in any order. And the traditional advice is to first answer those questions in which you are confident.

After answering all the questions, all information about correct answers and errors is displayed on the monitor. The examiner records the results on the examination sheet.

Test at the race track

The theory has been passed and it’s time for the next stage - passing the exercises on the racetrack or simply the site. Here, many students, especially women, are already starting to get jittery. But, if you pull yourself together and overcome your fear, consider that you have already passed half of the exam. The second half remains to be completed.

Well, you are called to take an exam. You must present your passport. The examiner will familiarize you with the procedure for taking the exam and fill out the exam sheet.

Advice for women - wear flat shoes to the exam! Choose comfortable and functional clothing that will not interfere with your driving.

Before starting the car, adjust the driver's seat and steering wheel, as well as the rear-view mirrors. A poorly adjusted position will hinder your actions during exercises and sooner or later will lead to an error when passing the exam!

We start the car. Don't forget to buckle up and release the handbrake. We turn on the low beam headlights, thereby showing our readiness to pass the exam. The inspector gives the go-ahead and we can begin.

To successfully pass this exam, you need to correctly complete 5 exercises. 10 minutes are allotted for everything, not counting the time for traveling between exercises. This time is enough for your eyes, so don’t be nervous for nothing!

The following exercises are given at the circuit:

    • Overpass. In another way, this exercise is called “Slide”. Here you need to stop the car with the parking brake on a slope, then move off without rolling away and drive over the overpass.
    • Maneuvering in confined spaces. This includes the 3 elements S-turn, 90 degree turns and tight space turns.
    • Driving and maneuvering in reverse. Entering the box in reverse. Or simply “Garage”. You need to enter and exit the garage correctly.
    • Parallel parking and leaving the parking lot.
    • Driving through an intersection with a traffic light (This exercise is not performed everywhere, but only where racing tracks have the appropriate equipment).

No penalty points will be awarded when taking the exam at a race track. Instead, the number of mistakes made is taken into account. If at least one exercise is not completed, the exam is considered failed.

For those who did not pass the exercises at the race track, the mistakes made and the dates for retaking the exam are explained. Well, those who have passed this exam will face the final part - driving a car in the city.

Driving in the city

After the inspector checks the condition of the car, you will be invited to take an exam. The inspector will introduce you to the procedure and evaluation system for the exam results.

There are an inspector and a student in the car. And if the car belongs to a driving school, then a third person may be present - the instructor of your driving school.

At the inspector's command, get behind the wheel and prepare the car to start driving. Don't forget to adjust the driver's seat and rear view mirrors. After this, we show our passport to the video surveillance system.

If it's raining or snowing outside, be sure to turn on the heated rear window and air conditioning!

We start the engine, fasten the seat belt, turn on the low beam headlights and release the parking brake. We look in the rearview mirrors, assess the situation, turn on the appropriate turn signal and drive off.

As instructed by the inspector, you must perform the following maneuvers:

    • Drive through an unregulated intersection of unequal roads.
    • Drive through a controlled (with traffic light) intersection of equivalent roads.
    • Make a U-turn at and outside the intersection.
    • Change lanes on a road with two or more lanes.
    • Make an overtake.
    • At the request of the inspector, drive at the maximum speed limit.
    • Go through the pedestrian crossing.
    • Drive through a railroad crossing.

For mistakes while driving around the city, the student is awarded penalty points: 5 points for making a gross mistake, 3 points for making a medium mistake, 1 point for making a minor mistake.

The exam is considered passed if the student made no mistakes or scored less than 5 penalty points. If the sum of penalty points is 5 or more, then the exam is not passed.

The exam in the city can last up to 30 minutes. Whether you ride for 30 minutes or less depends on the inspector.

Typical mistakes that students make when driving in the city:

    • The student started moving without the inspector's command.
    • The inspector gave the command to turn at the nearest signalized intersection. The student simply makes a turn at the nearest intersection, although it may be unregulated. Therefore, listen carefully to what the inspector says, since often tasks have a catch.
    • At a controlled intersection, a student makes a U-turn at a pedestrian crossing and, when turning, hits the markings of the pedestrian crossing. Therefore, drive a little further onto the road so as not to hit the markings.
    • The student forgot to turn on the turn signal.
    • The student lined up across the solid line. Typically, examiners give such tasks with a trick when you approach an intersection or pedestrian crossing.

Useful tips on how to pass your driving test in the city

    • First gear is only for getting going! As soon as you drive, engage second gear.
    • On slopes, start moving only with the handbrake.
    • When turning and changing lanes, do not forget to turn on your turn signals.
    • Shift gears in a timely manner. Do not drive in low gears or high revs.
    • Let pedestrians pass even when they are just approaching the zebra crossing.
    • Do not ignore the examiner's instructions, but follow them carefully in accordance with the rules of the road. If the situation on the road forces you to break the rules, warn the examiner, then this will not be considered a violation. If he gives a negative answer, then proceed according to the traffic rules.
    • Each examination machine has 4 video cameras. This was done so that you could prove that the inspector failed you in the exam. Therefore, when the examiner gives you commands, repeat his words to the camera. If controversial situations arise, you will have evidence.
    • According to the new rules, exams can be taken at the place of application. If you are from a big city and have the opportunity to take the exam in a small town, then do not miss this opportunity. It's much easier to pass your driving test in a small town. Usually there are few streets there, there is no large flow of cars, there are practically no traffic lights and multi-lane highways with interchanges.

What tasks will there be while driving in the city?

During the exam in the city, the examiner can choose maneuvers and assign tasks at his own discretion (but within the approved route). Some of the maneuvers can be: - driving through an intersection of equal roads with a traffic light - driving through an intersection of unequal roads without a traffic light - turning right and left - changing lanes on a multi-lane road - overtaking, getting ahead - turning around at an intersection or beyond - passing a pedestrian crossing - passing a railway crossing — driving at the maximum permitted speed in a given area — braking, stopping

Be careful - it happens that the examiner gives a task “with a trick”, which contradicts the traffic rules. For example, start a turn in the wrong place. Do not carry out such tasks, but clearly explain which points of the traffic rules this violates.

Retaking exams

Retaking exams (both theory and practice) is possible no earlier than in a week. And if you fail to pass after three attempts, then you will have to retake it no earlier than in a month. The number of retakes is unlimited.

It may happen that you will be given a retake date only in 2-3 months, or maybe later. This happens if the queue for a retake is too long. And during this time you can forget everything you were taught in driving school. Therefore, it is better to take the documents and take the exam at another traffic police department. But keep in mind that if you take the documents from the traffic police, the exam results will be canceled and you will have to take everything again.

If, after successfully passing the theoretical exam, you for some reason do not pass the driving test within 180 days, then all the results of your exams will be canceled. And you'll have to take it all over again.

Do not try to retake exams ahead of schedule! This can happen, for example, if the inspector did not check the date of the last retake. But when issuing a driver’s license, the retake dates are rechecked. And if an error is found, your results will be canceled and you will have to take all exams again.

Rules for passing the theory exam at the traffic police

The rules for passing the theoretical exam are as follows:

1. The exam is passed if you correctly answer all the main questions within 20 minutes or, if there are errors, answer ALL additional questions within the allotted time.

2. The exam is not passed if - there are 2 errors in ONE thematic block - there are 3 errors in DIFFERENT thematic blocks - there is AT LEAST ONE error in additional questions - you did not have time to answer within the allotted time - 20, 25 or 30 minutes depending on situations with additional questions

After exams

After passing all the exams, all that remains is to get the long-awaited driver's license.

In order to obtain rights you need:

    • Pay the state fee (2,000 rubles for a regular driver’s license and 3,000 rubles for a new generation license).
    • After that, you go to the traffic police and stand in line to receive a license (you can sign up through the terminal) and hand over the documents. You will be photographed on site.

Well, that’s all, the treasured driver’s license is finally in your pocket. But not everyone has the opportunity to get a license immediately after the exams. In this case, you don’t have to worry - you can get your license even in a month, even in 5 years after passing the exams.

What does an internal exam mean and why is it needed?

The internal exam at a driving school is a rehearsal before passing the exam at the traffic police. It is carried out by driving school employees and its results are not transmitted to the traffic police. However, there are no uniform rules for passing the internal exam, i.e. requirements for driver candidates are determined by the driving school itself.

On the one hand, the requirements for a driver candidate may be more stringent than when passing the traffic police exam. On the other hand, there is less pressure on the internal exam, because The exam is taken by a familiar teacher and instructor, not a policeman in uniform.

An internal exam is primarily necessary for driving schools in order to weed out poorly prepared driver candidates. Driving schools can be understood, because if all poorly prepared students were allowed to take the exams, the queues for passing would increase several times. And they are still quite big.

As for the driver candidate himself, passing the internal exam is mandatory , since only after it can he receive a document confirming the completion of training, which is necessary for admission to the traffic police exam in 2021.

Note. From November 5, 2013, the traffic police exam can be passed only after training at a driving school. External driving tests have been cancelled.

How to deal with anxiety

We have a whole article dedicated to how to pass the traffic police exam without worry.

    • Set yourself up for a positive outcome. Even if you don't pass the first time, you still have many more attempts ahead.
    • Talk to the examiner in a friendly manner and do not cheat your license. The inspector is also a person!
    • A lot depends on your preparation for the exam. Therefore, the most important thing is to learn the rules of the road by heart! The better you prepare, the less you will worry about the exam. And the less you worry, the more successfully you will pass it.
    • The night before the exam, do not drink alcoholic beverages, and do not take sedatives in the morning. Since all this will not have the best effect on your attention.
    • Get a good night's sleep the night before the exam.
    • Examine your weaknesses. Maybe you have trouble parking or shifting gears incorrectly. Work hard on your shortcomings a few days before the exam.
    • Drive several times along the exam route where the practical exam will take place. There will definitely be places that are difficult to navigate and you should study them in advance.
    • If you make a mistake while driving, don’t be upset and keep driving. One mistake doesn't mean anything.

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments, you can also ask them through an online consultant or call us at +7.

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Driving school exam deadlines

Exams usually last about two days. That is, the first exam in a driving school is theory, and the next day - the race track and the city.

If you fail, you can try again in 1-2 days. If you successfully passed the theory, but failed the stage, you only retake the circuit.

Typically, the internal exam is scheduled for the morning and takes place on average before lunch. The number of retakes is not limited, but you must pass the internal exam within three years. Otherwise, you will need to complete the training again.

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