Is it necessary to register a motorcycle in winter and how to register this vehicle without one?

Rein for a motorcyclist. the rigors of motorcyclists outrage even violators on four wheels. Previous attempts to rein in the “two-wheelers” did not bring anything drastic, now here is another one... But is it possible to rein in, in principle?
Even violators on four wheels are outraged by the arrogance of motorcyclists. Previous attempts to rein in the “two-wheelers” did not bring anything drastic, now here is another one... But is it possible to rein in, in principle?

Convince with fines!

The leader of the Night Wolves motorcycle club, the Surgeon (Alexander Zaldostanov), made it clear that it is unlikely: the motorcycle is more compact than a car, with better acceleration dynamics, “and it would be stupid not to use these advantages.” The city authorities are not giving up - they are preparing to install “specialized” speed cameras specifically for motorcycles.

The devices are special, the deputy said. Head of the Moscow Traffic Management Center Dmitry Kaluzhsky on the website They will be located at a special angle and will be able to read rear license plates. That is, there will be more people fined, and this lesson will discourage violations.

Motocitizen program coordinator Pavel Soskov suggests a different reaction: owners will begin to deregister motorcycles en masse with the traffic police, ride without license plates, and electronic control devices will simply not be able to identify violators and issue fines. Then traffic police inspectors, Soskov believes, will rush to catch violators, and races around the city will begin, which will not lead to good things.

Chasing a motorcyclist.

Fine for driving without state signs from 2021

In 2021, a number of changes were adopted regarding traffic rules. Certain adjustments were also made to the procedure for issuing license plates, according to which now this will be managed not only by the State Traffic Inspectorate, but also by certified car dealerships. In addition, drivers will no longer be able to use the car before it is registered, as was previously the case with a 10-day period for registration.

Driving without a front or rear number plate

What about fines? As it turned out, in this regard, officials did not provide for any relaxation or increase, which means that all violators driving onto public roads without registration numbers will have to pay a fine of 5 thousand rubles, regardless of what it is. of them will be missing: front, rear or both at once (Resolution of the Plenum of the RF Armed Forces of February 9, 2012).

It is noteworthy that a similar punishment is provided for drivers who drive license plates covered with foreign objects. And even if we are talking about fallen leaves or dirt from puddles, it is worth taking care to clean the symbols of state signs as much as possible, and let’s not even talk about the paper that malicious parking evaders love to use.

In the event of a repeated violation, the inspector reserves the right to deprive the driver of his license, however, this procedure does not take place on the spot, but through the court. Moreover, during this time the violator will be given the opportunity to challenge the decision of the State Traffic Inspectorate, but in this case he will have to provide compelling reasons in order to partially justify himself and get off with just a fine.

Driving when you lose your sign

Since no concessions are provided for drivers of cars with lost or stolen license plates, it is definitely not worth driving such vehicles (except before the first meeting with the inspector). And here a counter question arises, because what if the theft or loss occurred not in the parking lot under the house, but in some other place?

Of course, the simplest solution is to call a tow truck, but this is an additional expense, and a considerable one, and not every locality has such a service. An alternative to this solution may be to obtain the appropriate certificate of theft or loss from the nearest traffic police department, the presence of which will allow you to get to your home or parking lot. However, full operation of the vehicle with such license plates is unacceptable.

Driving without license plates will not work even if the car was severely damaged in an accident, as a result of which the fixation of state signs on its body, or rather, technical attachment, became impossible. Of course, you can take a chance by citing a temporary violation of the installation standard, but there is a high probability that the inspector is unlikely to understand this driving problem.

Rein for a motorcyclist

On all evenings, hundreds of two-wheelers gather on this “balcony”, on Friday so many that there is not enough space. With license plates there is a little more than without them. This is not a local feature: there are a lot of “encrypted” motorcycles and scooters (subject to registration) not only in the capital. Why and why? The question was asked to one of those on Smotrovaya whose motorcycle was registered, with a number.


  1. You can drive without license plates for the first 10 days after purchasing a new car or clearing customs.
  2. For driving without registration, a car is fined 500-800 rubles, without license plates - 5,000 rubles.
  3. If the numbers are unreadable, the fine will be 500 rubles; if they are in the wrong place, modified or foreign - 5,000 rubles or deprivation of rights.
  4. You can pay the fine in the first 70 days, of which 20 days are a discount. The easiest way to do this is through “Traffic Police Fines”.

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Rein for a motorcyclist

No numbers, no comments.
No numbers, no comments.

— Personally, I registered it out of naivety - this is my first motorcycle. Now I’m going to change it and won’t register the next one. How why? Few people understand this, but on motorcycles it is simply impossible not to exceed the speed limit. And what, for every jerk you get a fine?.. In addition, it happens that, through the fault of the car driver, you scratch his car - when you drive between the rows, and he deliberately swerves in your direction to scare you. Then wait for hours until a fair inspector arrives and makes you guilty?.. And if you leave without a number, no one will look for you.

In what cases is driving a vehicle without registration permitted?

A registration certificate is a document that confirms the right to drive a car or motorcycle. The car owner receives it in his hands after the procedure for registering the vehicle has been carried out. According to the requirements of traffic regulations in force in the Russian Federation, a person driving a car is required to carry a vehicle registration certificate along with a list of other required documents. If, at the first request of a traffic police officer, the driver is not able to show the registration document, a fine will follow for driving without a vehicle, as provided for in the relevant article of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

With all this, there are some exceptions, due to which driving without a vehicle registration certificate will not entail a fine. So, driving a car without STS is allowed in the following cases:

  1. Within 10 days from the date of purchase of the vehicle and execution of the relevant documents. Before the end of this period, it is necessary for the new owner of the car to register it. If he does not register the vehicle, the traffic police officer has every right to resort to sanctions.
  2. Before the expiration of temporary “transit” license plates. According to the rules, a vehicle with transit numbers assigned to it is allowed to be driven without a registration certificate. The period for which such numbers are issued, as a rule, does not exceed 20 days, after which the vehicle must be registered.

But all of the above does not mean that you can drive a vehicle without documents. While the STS is not available, the driver is required to carry a PTS with him, which must be presented to a traffic police officer if necessary. In all other cases that are not provided for by the current traffic rules, a car owner who drives a vehicle without the appropriate documents will face an appropriate penalty in the form of a monetary penalty and/or placing the vehicle in a special parking lot.

Everyone on dedicated time!

The traffic police of the Russian Federation told us that the problem of high-speed recklessness of “two-wheelers” has been around for a long time (at least for the last 30 years, since the premiere of the film “Pokrovsky Gates,” the hero of which exclaimed about a motorcyclist: “Catching up with Savransky is a utopia!”). Employees of regional road service departments visit motorcycle clubs and conduct explanatory work. Now, with the installation of speed recorders, the results of the fight against “bullet gunners” should improve.

Let's assume. And those who move between the rows of cars, let them drive like that? Or has experience (not only ours, but the world’s) led to the conclusion that it is pointless to fight this? Indeed, in the minds of anyone who has “sniffed gunpowder” behind a horned steering wheel, no matter how much you forbid it, it is still “stupid not to use” the dimensional and dynamic advantages of a motorcycle. Then the next step is to introduce the appropriate clause into the traffic rules, dividing the responsibilities of drivers of both motorcycles and cars.

And at the same time, legitimize in the rules the ability to travel on wide dedicated lanes for public transport - so that there is less dangerous maneuvering and leaking between the rows. A corresponding experiment conducted in Moscow showed the feasibility of such a movement; it can be expected that the right of motorcyclists to ride on allocated roads will be secured. But this should be a law not only in Moscow, because the allocated areas were outlined not only in the capital.

Other people's license plates

Other people's license plates are also classified as fake. For example, you have not yet had time to register your new car and for the trip you attached the license plates from your old car to it, or you “borrowed the plates from a friend. They did this so as not to attract the attention of traffic police officers.

In this situation, both your old license plates and the plates from a friend’s car will be considered fake.

For the average driver, the responsibility for using counterfeit signs is as follows:

  • for installing signs - a fine of 2,500 rubles;
  • for a further trip - deprivation of rights from 6 months to 1 year.

The sanctions are quite severe, so before you put someone else’s license plates on your car, think very carefully: do you need these problems?

Traffic blindness

But again, if the motorcycle does not have a license plate, the all-seeing eye of the registrar will not detect the offender. The traffic police told us about the topic “without a license plate,” and educational work is also underway. And not without result: a relapse of conscience occurred. At the end of May, 15 guys from Ulan-Ude in a single impulse “came out of hiding” - they came to the MREO to register their motorcycles.

Still, this is a separate precedent. It is impossible to estimate the general result of the educational activities of police officers throughout the country: stat. There is no data on the increase or decrease in illegally driven motorcycles (because there cannot be). According to our observations, illegal immigrants are multiplying in proportion to the growth of the all-Russian fleet of motor vehicles. That is, in absolute terms, there are more of them on the roads.

Riding without a helmet

An important attribute of a motorcyclist is a helmet. It provides protection and reduces the risk of injury in an accident. Its presence is mandatory in accordance with paragraph 2.1.2 of the Traffic Regulations:

The driver of a manual vehicle is obliged, when driving a vehicle equipped with seat belts, to be fastened and not to carry passengers who are not wearing seat belts. When driving a motorcycle, wear a fastened motorcycle helmet and do not carry passengers without a fastened motorcycle helmet.

And the lack of protection on the bike driver is regulated by Article 12.6 of the Code of Administrative Offences:

Driving a vehicle by a driver who is not wearing a seat belt, transporting passengers not wearing seat belts if the design of the vehicle provides for seat belts, as well as driving a motorcycle or moped or transporting passengers on a motorcycle without motorcycle helmets or wearing unfastened motorcycle helmets shall entail the imposition of... a fine in the amount of one thousand rubles .

Punishment will follow not only for the lack of protection on the driver, but also if it is not on the passenger. An important point is that the helmet must not only be put on the head, but also fastened correctly. A dangling harness is a reason to fine a motorcyclist 1,000 rubles. The helmet must also match the size of your head.

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Prosecutors, judges, deputies and diplomats again need not be afraid of traffic cops

Rein for a motorcyclist

The equipment cannot catch motorcycles without license plates - this is the job of traffic inspectors in the flesh. However, says Viktor Pokhmelkin, chairman of the Russian Motorists Movement, traffic inspectors have not “noticed” them for a long time. Yes, many of us are witnesses to these attacks of “blindness”. And the police, unlike the rest of us, have no idea where and how to find and punish moto-fuckers. Will it be the same in future? We asked a question to an employee of the Main Directorate of Road Traffic Safety of the Russian Federation. Answer: there was no social order for the capture of motorcycles without license plates.

Traveling with a passenger

The rules for transporting a passenger on a motorcycle apply not only to the presence of both helmets that are well secured on their heads. There is another nuance reflected in Resolution No. 333:

Transportation of people on a motorcycle must be carried out by a driver who has a driver’s license for the right to drive a vehicle of category “A” or ... “A1” for 2 or more years, transportation of people on a moped must be carried out by a driver who has a driver’s license for the right to drive a vehicle of any category or subcategory for 2 or more years.

It is assumed that only a motorcyclist with at least 2 years of driving experience will be able to ensure the safety of the passenger and not threaten other road users.

If a self-confident driver who recently received a license is stopped while transporting people, he will be fined. Such a violation falls under Article 12.23 of the Code and is punishable by payment of 500 rubles.

There are also important features regarding the transportation of passengers:

  • Children under 12 years of age must not be seated in the back seat of a motorcycle. This is regulated by clause 22.9 of the traffic rules.
  • It is prohibited to carry extra passengers. This means there should be as many of them as there are seats. The rule is written in paragraph 22.8 of the traffic rules.

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From July 1, any person driving is a priori found guilty

The driver will also receive punishment for these violations in accordance with Article 12.23. You will have to pay 500 rubles, and the amount does not depend on the number of passengers. If there is 1 seat behind the driver, and 3 people managed to sit there (that is, 2 extra), the fine will not increase.

Rein for a motorcyclist

Not far from Smotrovaya: judging by the working emergency lights on the roadway, there has been an accident.
Passat and motorcycle got into contact. It's nice to see the culprit and the victim talking peacefully, but what's next? The arriving traffic inspector will demand to see the MTPL insurance policies, but since the motorcycle does not have a registration number, the motorcycle owner does not have insurance... Most likely, the traffic police were not called, they came to a mutually beneficial solution. But what if the culprit of the collision turned out to be the “numberless” one who runs away? Not far from Smotrovaya: judging by the working emergency lights on the roadway, there has been an accident. Passat and motorcycle got into contact. It's nice to see the culprit and the victim talking peacefully, but what's next? The arriving traffic inspector will demand to see the MTPL insurance policies, but since the motorcycle does not have a registration number, the motorcycle owner does not have insurance... Most likely, the traffic police were not called, they came to a mutually beneficial solution. But what if the culprit of the collision turned out to be the “numberless” one who runs away?

Restoration of license plates

The state registration plate may be lost not due to the driver’s fault, but due to bad weather conditions or worn fasteners. On bad roads, the number may simply bounce off and get lost. However, license plates must be restored, otherwise liability in the form of fines is inevitable.

To avoid such problems:

  1. Contact the nearest traffic police station and write a statement explaining the reason. If you detect the loss of your sign in a timely manner and contact the traffic police, you will avoid a fine; based on the application, you will be able to freely get home, but nothing more.
  2. Try to find old license plates. If this is not possible, do not delay restoration. You have been given 10 days. After the expiration of the period, you can only drive with license plates, or not drive at all until they are completely restored.
  3. It is not difficult to attach a sign yourself in accordance with GOST, the main thing is that it is located on the axis of symmetry of the car, and a standard set of tools is at hand
  4. Call a tow truck if you can’t fix the plates yourself.

It happens that a registration plate is stolen to commit illegal actions. In this case, it is advisable to re-register the car, or write a statement to the police, describing the place and time of the theft.

Your number will be put on the wanted list, but you will still have to receive new signs:

  1. When filing a report of theft, take a notification coupon and keep it.
  2. Pay the state fee of 2000 rubles. and for issuing a certificate - 500 rubles.
  3. When issuing new signs or replacing those that have become unusable, you will need to pay another 1,500 rubles.
  4. Provide documents to the traffic police for the restoration of signs:
      Application for loss of license plate.
  5. Passport.
  6. Passport for the vehicle.
  7. Registration certificate for the vehicle.
  8. Insurance.
  9. License plate if only one number is stolen: front or rear.
  10. Receipt for payment of state duty.

To restore license plates, it is not necessary to provide an inspection tool.

Often, attackers rent numbers for the purpose of their subsequent resale to you, that is, for the purpose of ransom. Don't follow their lead. Contact the traffic police and record this fact. If you know your offenders, most likely the employees will quickly find the numbers and return them to you, no restoration will be required.

If the numbers are lost, it’s better to first look for them well, drive through the places you visited the day before.

If you couldn’t find the license plates, don’t hesitate, you have 10 days to restore new signs, otherwise the fines for each subsequent violation will increase, up to and including deprivation of your license.

It’s unlikely that anyone wants to have problems with traffic police officers and the laws. Driving without a license plate, as well as driving without a license, is a serious violation that leads to fines and the taking of the car owner under control as a persistent offender. Follow the traffic rules; driving is always more pleasant when there are no problems with the law, isn’t it?

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They are tramps due to immaturity

Or with motorcyclists it needs to be completely different. As the unforgettable Savva Ignatyich from “Pokrovsky Gates” would say, “a spitstikhel is one thing, and a bolshtikhel is quite another.” Depending on the material. The material here is unusual. In the “two-wheeled” community there is a high concentration of people who are desperate by nature, with high self-esteem and a highly developed ego (that’s why they chose the “egoist transport”). Public opinion and formalized frameworks of behavior mean little to them. The highest value is the motorcycle and everything connected with it, and the inevitable side of life (work, society, sometimes family) must “serve” the opportunity to enjoy this value. The admonitions “you must comply” are hard on the soul, even under the gun of thousands of cameras. Rather, they cause a backlash.

Proof of this is the photograph from nature with which we opened the material: it is clear that this is not even shocking, but a mockery, a challenge to public opinion and the order called traffic rules. (Photo has not been processed in Photoshop.)

One of the oldest organizers of the domestic motorcycle movement, Nikolai Ignatiev, an honorary member of the HD motorcycle club, said this about the numberless ones:

— Everyone who rides motorcycles is, by definition, decent guys. But some are immature. One of our own needs to explain: you are doing something that does not command respect. If you don’t want to hang up your number, drive through forests and abandoned quarries. There you can. If you use the roads and their infrastructure, which cost money, follow the road rules and pay the tax.

In fact, the reaction to one’s own words is not at all the same as to the “work done” by teachers in uniform, even over a glass of tea. It is unlikely that respected motorcycle veterans will refuse if they are offered to “fix the brains” of the unenlightened... This method of “brainwashing” is not a panacea, but one can hope for an effect. And look for other tools for fine work with the consciousness of “two-wheeled people”.

What threatens a minor motorcycle driver?

A motorcycle driver under 18 years of age can legally operate it in two cases:

  • If the engine volume of his vehicle is less than 125 cm3. The driver himself must be 16 years old.
  • If he is studying for a category A license and drives under the patronage of an instructor at the race track. But the motorcyclist will receive the driving document only upon reaching the age of majority.

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The traffic police are confused about fines

When a traffic police officer stops a teenager driving a bike with an engine capacity above 125 cm3, this is a violation of Article 12.7 of the Administrative Code:

  • If a minor operates a motorcycle without permission, he or his parents will have to pay a fine of 5,000 rubles. up to 15,000 rub. There is no question of the teenager driving further after drawing up the report. The motorcycle will be confiscated and sent to the impound lot.
  • If an adult owner of a vehicle entrusts the steering wheel to a minor, he will also pay a fine, but at 30,000 rubles. Request for payment from the driver of 5,000 - 15,000 rubles. while being preserved. And the owner of the motorcycle will also be charged a fine of 800 rubles. for violation of insurance conditions. After all, the name of a minor to whom he entrusted management cannot be included in the policy.

Rein for a motorcyclist

PS . To the attention of motorcyclists who are drawn to irony and sarcasm: joke skillfully!

Two grammatical errors were made in the two-word text placed on the mock license plate (pictured). The second word should be separated by a comma, since it acts as an interjection. After an interjection expressing a feeling, an exclamation point is placed.

Another mistake. For imitation of a license plate, you can be slapped with a fine of 5 thousand rubles. or deprive of a driver’s license for up to three months (clause 12.2. of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation). If, of course, you have rights.

On a motorcycle: without license plates and without a king in your head

Frame for motorcycle number

All motorcyclists must know that driving a vehicle, including a motorcycle, without license plates is a violation of the rules and is punishable. This could be a fine, a ban on driving for some time, or even the loss of your driver's license.

Therefore, when purchasing a motorcycle, you need to remember that you will also need a frame for the motorcycle number. And yet, the standards of Russian license plates do not coincide with European, Japanese and American standards. Therefore, certain frameworks are needed.

Special frames that are suitable for Russian standard numbers are very easy to attach. They have holes that exactly fit the mounting holes found on motorcycle license plates.

There are several holes on the frame. This allows you to mount it on motorcycles of any model. The material from which the frames are made is elastic, impact-resistant plastic. The frame fastening is very reliable, so you will not be afraid of losing it while driving. Frames are also made of metal in the form of folding products. Choose the option that suits you best.

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